Perhaps, it is difficult to meet a person who would be indifferent to chocolate. Someone who likes bitter, someone white, someone milk. But we all can't imagine our life without this sweet. But what if the chocolate had us in the night? Predicts whether that vision of a sweet life, or the interpretation is just the opposite? Offer is to understand what dream of chocolate. For this we will resort to the help of some of the most accurate and respected collections of the interpretation of night dreams.Dream interpretation: what does chocolate dream about?

Dreamer Gustav Miller

First of all lets find out what dreaming about chocolate, based on the interpretation of the famous American psychologist and spirituality. So, according to Gustave Miller, if you dreamed last night this sweetness, in real life, you are well able to provide the people who depend on you. If you had candy, you will be lucky with partners in work and colleagues. Stale or somehow tainted the sweetness foretells sickness and all sorts of frustration. Drink hot chocolate to prosperity, which will replace the short streak.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

Now let's see what the opinion on the chocolate of the founder of psychoanalysis, whose name is known today, perhaps, everyone. So, Sigmund Freud believed that if you dream you are treated to someone this sweetness, you are very skillful and tender in bed, you can be proud of in this regard. Drink hot chocolate – it is not necessary to take into the account the failures in intimacy. It is likely that the problem lies in a bad mood of your partner, caused by, for example, problems at work. Burns hot chocolate – to meet the man that will literally amaze you with its temperament.

A dream book from A to Z: what do you dream about chocolate?

Eating chocolate in a dream – to poor health during the coming days. It may make sense not to go to work and stay at home. Buy chocolate indicates a possible risk of losing a considerable amount of money. Treat with nuts is considered a sign of satiety in love and wanting to find a new partner for an intimate relationship. If you dream you are presented with a big box of chocolates, then it is possible that your dreams are unrealistic – they are not destined to be realized. The melted treat promises a Frank admission, which can result in tears.

Wizard of the White Magician

What a dream to eat chocolate, according to information from this collection? So, such a vision suggests that in reality you aspire to an easier life. You sure work hard, but do not receive decent remuneration. You think people don't appreciate you, and it's depressing. If you dream that you are cooking chocolate, then you love to do something extraordinary, unusual. This not only impresses the imagination of others, but often causes a feeling of envy. But you this situation only spurs and feel the spice of life. What dreams chocolate that you treat someone? This vision predicts that in real life you will try to placate a man with the expectation that after some time to reap the benefits for yourself. However, it is likely that your intentions will be revealed and you will eventually fail. But if in the dream a chocolate treat, then already you are treated as a source of benefits. Especially high risk of such developments in the first three days after the vision.

Collection of tips received in a dream

Large universal dream book

Why does white chocolate dream? This collection claims that such a vision symbolizes the beginning of a white band in your life. The time of troubles and failures is behind us, you have done a great job and now you just have to enjoy the results of your work. But chocolate with nuts indicates your irrepressible love. You aspire to carnal pleasures and you are not attracted by traditional monogamous relationships. Zephyr in chocolate promises a dreamer to improve his financial situation in the very near future. This will happen in large part thanks to your business partners who are reliable people and true professionals in their field. Also, in a dream, you should be careful about choosing chocolate. If it is spoiled, then in reality you may be disappointed.