Why dream of a mosquito? Today it will be about this. Consider the interpretation of this dream in various popular dream books.

Dream Interpretation: what is the dream mosquito

Why dream of a mosquito?

Gustav Miller (the creator of one of the most extensive and accurate dream-books of the 21st century) wrote in his book that a mosquito is a herald of misfortunes from secret enemies. I agree with him and Krada Velez: the mosquito symbolizes dishonest people and unnecessary conversations.

Sigmund Freud, the creator of the famous erotic dream book, considered mosquitoes a symbol of children. If in a dream you are mocking an insect, tearing off legs or wings, then there are secret attraction to minors.

In Zhou-gong's famous Chinese dream book, mosquito bites in a dream foreshadow losses in reality.

Why dream of a mosquito? According to Aesop's dream book, this is the personification of stubbornness and intrusiveness. In life, this insect may indicate that a person has done some work very well and the result is pleasant to many. Seeing an insect on the web means that you underestimate your detractors and they can bring trouble.

In the Dream Interpretation from A to Z Melnikova, a mosquito in a dream portends danger from ill-wishers.

In the dream book, two psychologists, writers Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, the mosquito are a sign of interference in your life by ill-wishers who will cause you trouble.

What else will the dream book tell us? What do mosquitoes dream about? The new family dream book Smurova interprets the appearance of a mosquito in a dream as a lack of patience.

According to the Women's Dream Book, a mosquito is a sign of a lack of strength and patience, as well as a warning that your weaknesses can be exploited.

Why dream of a mosquito? According to the Russian dream book, it symbolizes unnecessary talk, in the Ukrainian, it foreshadows troubles.

The creators of the Dream Interpretation for birthdays from January to April say: a mosquito in a dream warns that in life it is necessary to get rid of evil people from its environment.

Sonnik's birthday from September to December, a mosquito bite - a warning of a real wound.

What dreams of a lot of mosquitoes?

Freud believed that if you see a lot of insects, but you cannot hide from them, then in real life you have problems in your sex life and you fall on your children.

What do mosquitoes dream about? A lot of insects in the Aesop dream book are a swarm of detractors that surround you.

Wanga gave an interesting interpretation of the vision of a swarm of mosquitoes. If you dream that a huge black cloud is approaching you, it closes the sky with it, the hum grows, all life disappears in this darkness and, as it turns out, all this mass is mosquitoes, then in real life the planet can suffer from ecological disaster.

In a serious scientific work called “Psychoanalytic Dream Book,” a swarm of mosquitoes in a dream is a consequence of increased sensitivity to waking sounds.

Why dream of a big mosquito?

Why dream of big mosquitoes? In fact, the size of a mosquito means how much your plans will interfere with someone’s plans. If a huge insect bit you, then because of evil acquaintances, your plans will not come true.

Kill a mosquito in a dream

Why dream of killing mosquitoes? Yevgeny Tsvetkov believed that if you kill a mosquito in a dream, then in reality there will be luck.

In the dream book of Aesop, if a mosquito bites you, and you killed him, in real life you can suffer from loved ones or gossip.

According to Freud, if insects bite you, then in real life you have a hidden antipathy to your offspring and they interfere with your plans.

The famous prophet and prophetess Vanga believed that if in a dream you kill a mosquito, your relatives need help.

Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima believe that killing a mosquito in a dream foreshadows small failures and losses that will annoy you, and urge you to be patient with these events.

The female dream book repeats: if in a dream you drive away or kill mosquitoes, then in life it portends positive changes in family life and the solution of urgent problems.

In the New Family Dream Book, killing a mosquito in a dream means coping with difficulties in real life and finding long-awaited family happiness.

To kill a mosquito on Sonic from A to Z means victory on the way to their goals. But if in a dream you give up the position and the insect bites you to the blood, then this is a warning about the loss.

What is it to hear a mosquito in a dream?

Wang thought it was boring to hear a buzz.

According to Sonic from A to Z, to hear a mosquito is a fruitless conversation in the future.

For the birthday from May to August, the mosquito buzzing over the ear - to the annoying interlocutor.

Aesop wrote that if a mosquito is heard in a dream, then in reality you should carefully hide your secrets in order to avoid their spreading.

What days are prophetic dreams?

Many followers of the theory of prophetic dreams argue that the value of dreams must also be compared with the day of the week and date.

So, proceeding from orthodox beliefs, on big church holidays and on Christmas time dreams have a special meaning and according to them one can foresee the future. Also, every month of the third day and every week on Thursday night from Friday to Friday, you should pay attention to the characters in your sleep, since these days they can be prophetic.

There is also a theory that dreams until 3 am come true for several months, and after 3 for a week, or even immediately. But dreams before midnight mean nothing and do not foreshadow any events.

Quite often, a mosquito in a dream is a symbol of trouble and annoyance, as well as in real life. And most dream books say that in order to avoid problems, this insect needs to be nailed, and the better you manage to do with the influx, the easier it will be in real life.

However, we recommend that you check with the date: perhaps ghost mosquitoes are a meaningless dream that does not portend anything bad.