In real life, food for a person is a vital condition for a normal existence. And some cooks even claim that food is the most accessible kind of happiness for all living things. But this is only in real life. And why dream that you eat any food? The answer to this question should be sought in various dream books. The most popular of the sources we consider below.

Dream Miller

What dreams that eat, in accordance with the interpretation of the dream of Miller? First of all, you should try to remember what you ate in a dream, with whom and what impressions did the food make. For example, if the meal was happening alone, then this is a quick loss. When in a dream a person eats food in a pleasant company, it promises profit, success in undertakings. If the dreamer eats mushrooms in a dream, then luck and wealth await him. If you dreamed that any of your relatives took away the food you had eaten, then the enemies are plotting something against you. Moreover, detractors should be sought in close surroundings. Why dream of eating a fish? According to Miller’s dream book, such a vision will bring good news to man. However, there are some nuances. For example, if a dreamer eats fish very quickly and greedily, then it promises problems at work or troubles associated with colleagues. If such a dream had a dream for an unmarried girl, then the object of her adoration will definitely pay attention to her. There is a boiled fish in a dream - to trouble and illness. To eat apples in a dream for a man - to meet with his beloved, for a woman - to a new love relationship. If the dreamer eats unripe fruits, it promises sadness and vain hopes.

Dream Vanga

Ancient dream book

Why dream that you eat bread? Eating bread or any other pastry in a dream, according to this source, means that the dreamer's family life has become too calm, measured. However, this is not very to his liking. In this case, the dreamer should discuss the problem with his partner, since such a relationship can lead to divorce. If you have speculated that you are eating bread with someone in half, then in the near future you will have a business trip or a trip where you will find a new love.

Noble dream book

Why do apples dream? There are apples, according to the compilers of this collection, to unexpected news. If the fruit is tasty and ripe, then the good will lead, and if the wormy - the news will not be pleasant. Sometimes in a dream we can eat inedible things, what does this mean? Suppose, to eat ice or snow - to joy, sand or a candle - to losses. If you had to eat a pencil, then maybe someone spreads gossip about you. If you have dreamed that you ate yogurt, in real life you should not miss the chance and take advantage of the right moment. Husk sunflower seeds - to the birth of a baby. What dreams of eating a lot? Perhaps this dream means that soon you will meet a new love. And this relationship will be long and grow into a marriage.

Chinese dream book Zhou-guna

Why dream of eating meat? According to information from this source, you should remember what kind of meat had to eat in a dream. So, for example, eating pork is for diseases, chicken or duck is, fortunately, goose meat is for the illness of the second half, dog meat is for litigation, mutton is for successful completion of the old business. Eating persimmon or peaches - to the end of the old relationship and the imminent emergence of new ones. There are eggplants - for the birth of a son, onions - for a fight or a major altercation, garlic - for a natural disaster. A dream in which the dreaming eaters with oranges foreshadows his illness. If you have speculated that you eat seasoning or soy sauce, then happy days lie ahead of you. To eat in the company of the deceased - to the death of loved ones or the dreamer himself.

Dream interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

The compilers of this collection viewed the visions in their own way. Suppose what dreams of apples? There are ripe fruits - to the successful completion of the cases started, rotten - to vain work, the benefits from which you should not expect. Eat unripe apples - to conceive some business. There are watermelons - to the sad event. Eating voraciously - trying in vain to preserve your well-being, eating with someone - getting an inheritance or profit thanks to someone. To eat boiled eggs - to the loss. In addition, the loss is likely to occur through the fault of the children or their rash behavior. There are grapes - to the proposal of the hand and heart. To feast on big juicy cherries - to the good news, small and sour - to trouble. What dreams of strawberries? There is juicy red strawberries - for new love or unexpected wealth, rotten - for loneliness. Eating strawberry jam in a dream - to increase salaries.

Dream loft

According to the information of this edition, the dream, in which the process of food absorption is involved, speaks quite eloquently about any life difficulties. Probably, in reality the dreamer will have to do something very important. You should pay attention to how the food appeared in the dream. If it had to be “mined”, then some difficulties would arise, but if the food appeared by itself, then all problems would be solved quickly and effortlessly. What dreams have hands? If the process of eating in a dream is similar to a certain ritual in which it is customary to eat with your hands, then soon you will have an epiphany, and you will see that some people from the inner circle are not so clean. Eating in a dream a huge amount of food suggests a great prosperity dreamer. This vision shows that welfare can evaporate very quickly, and to prevent this from happening, the dreamer should engage in charity and donate part of his capital to the poor. There are delicious meals in a dream - for pleasant events, tasteless - for diseases, troubles, burning food promises unpleasant troubles.

Egyptian dream book

This source interprets the dreams of the sleeper according to its laws. So, for example, eating tiger nut fruit in a dream is a good sign. This means that in real life you know how to handle subordinates, people trust you. Eating donkey meat is for promotion. Eat crocodile meat to get a title, an inheritance, or a good position. If you dreamed that you were eating beef, then soon there will be pleasant events in your life. There is a catfish caught from a dirty river, - to the unpleasant situation that has arisen through the fault of ill-wishers. Feeding on the fruits of sycamore is a bad sign. Such a dream brings illnesses and trouble. Also a bad sign is considered to be a dream in which you tried the taste of earthenware. Such a vision reflects the fact that the recent quarrel is strong enough and it is unlikely that relations will be established in the near future.

Dreaming housewives

Bite off a piece of something edible - to loss, theft. Eat something inedible - in vain searches for lost property. Slurp in a dream, eating food - agree with something indecent or do something about which you will regret in the future. Eating ice cream foreshadows that the first failures in business will succeed, so you should not get upset ahead of time. Eating any sweet berry - to new relationships, sour - to quarrels with her beloved. Eating a good piece of meat promises the dreamer the possibility of independent solutions to all problems. Share the meat with someone - for help will have to turn to a stranger. Biting off bread - to wealth, success in any endeavors. There is food in a large, noisy company - to make rash spending. To taste honey - to love, happiness, wealth. Probably in real life the dreamer will fulfill a long-conceived desire. Also this dream foreshadows pleasant trips, travel or new acquaintances. To eat candied honey means that in reality you are too boastful, which may adversely affect your reputation.