Each of us had our own fun in childhood. Someone was driving the ball in the yard for days on end, someone was jumping from a swing in the sand, someone was playing “Edible - Inedible”, but, of course, everyone wanted to be something special and unique. To say something in such a way that only a friend understood was art. It gave a moment of some mystery. That is the way to communicate and became salty language. So what is it?

The history of salty language

In fact, no one really knows who the idea of ​​creating a new language has come to. Everyone has ever heard of him, and someone asked others how to speak in a salty language. Some people will ask themselves what purpose the study of a salty language carries in itself if no one understands it. What's the point of this? That's the salt! For children, it was a kind of secret way in which they could tell their friend anything, and the “uninitiated” did not even guess what was being said. It would seem, why difficult? Something familiar is heard, but at the same time something incomprehensible. In addition, it is a good and very convenient way to train your brain and diction.Salty tongue

Some mistakenly believe that salty language belongs to the category of dialects. This is a completely wrong statement. It can rather be attributed to fictional languages ​​or artificially created on the basis of an existing one. Together with him, other fictional languages, such as sand and brick, became popular.

Alphabet of salty language

Unfortunately or fortunately, the letters of the Russian alphabet do not change. They do not differ at all from those that use salty language. The alphabet remains the same, perhaps that is why he gained such fame and widespread among children and adults. Taking into account the fact that in the Russian alphabet there are only 10 vowels, then the syllables -aca, -ece-, -syo-, -is-, -oso, -us-, -sy-, -ese -, -yyu-, -yaya-. As expected, learning this language does not take much time, but for fun games with children it is quite suitable.

Salty language rules

Increasingly, the new generation asks how to speak in a salty language, or people simply ask their children to tell them the rules that this phenomenon carries. There is nothing complicated and supernatural in this language, the rules are extremely simple. The letter “c” is added to each syllable (after each vowel), followed by the vowel that was used in this syllable. The first thing to do is imagine the word, draw it in imagination. It works almost the same as saying the word backwards. With unaccustomed at first, the language will be confused and make incomprehensible sounds, and in my head there will be complete confusion. But as you know, with the help of practice and a certain amount of patience, you can achieve great results.For example,

Now let's take the words more difficult.

In a salty language, you can easily speak with whole sentences and even texts.

Yasya Yusuzese Dasavnoso and from Susuvshayasyaasuyusyu SSOsat yasyazyysyk and prerekrasosnosno us carry gosovosoryusyu. (I have been learning salty language for a long time and speak it perfectly).

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The modern spread of salty language

Even in spite of the fact that the salty language received a peak of its popularity in the 1990s, many parents still remember it. They continue to transfer this knowledge to their children, and those in turn to theirs. And those who do not know the rules of the salty language and have no idea how to speak it, are happy to blow up the Internet with a request to teach them to speak in a salty language.

Now caring parents are increasingly using this language as a new, unique, and most importantly, simple method to train the brain and wit of the child. The fact is that any intellectual initiative requires some effort and perseverance. So with whom, if not with mom or dad, to speak in a secret language, to tell something so that nobody around knew anything? This occupation is, on the one hand, interesting, and on the other - developing. That is why all those who wish to speak and think in this language are united in the Internet world under the proud name “salty language”.