How to write a good essay on "Dubrovsky"? What is important to include in the reasoning to get the maximum score for your creation? We will together look for answers to the questions posed.

Writing on the theme of Dubrovsky: options for tasks

Variants of themes of compositions

In order to write an essay on the theme "Dubrovsky", you can choose different versions of topics.

Consider the most interesting options with bringing the arguments that should be given graduates of educational schools.

The themes of the essays on Pushkin's novel Dubrovsky can be associated with different heroes, because each has its own distinctive features, certain personal qualities.

The image of Vladimir Dubrovsky

Vladimir Dubrovsky - the main character of the Pushkin novel. The writing is dedicated to the image of a young master, shown to readers. A number of events from his life help to understand the main personality traits of the hero, the peculiarities of his character, the specifics of his behavior.

Familiarity with Vladimir in the third chapter begins. Readers will learn that he was left without a mother at an early age, and practically did not know his own father. From the age of eight, Volodya has been educated in a closed military school for noble children (Cadet Corps). The father does not spare his son of material means, tries to ensure his comfortable maintenance. In St. Petersburg, Vladimir leads a very free life. He allows himself extravagance, plays cards, he has debts. Vladimir does not think at all about his future, his main dream is to search for a rich bride in order to continue a luxurious and prosperous life at her expense.

After he received a letter from the house with disturbing news, the life of the main character changed a lot. Vladimir practically did not know his father, but he was strongly attached to him, and could easily resign for his sake. Upon arrival home, Dubrovsky finds his father in a very deplorable form, understands how much things are running. After the deadline for filing an appeal, the Dubrovsky estate becomes the property of Troyekurov. Pushkin shows in his novel a disrespectful attitude on the part of the “judges” to the young Dubrovsky.

The experience of the protagonist

Vladimir Dubrovsky and Masha Troekurov in Pushkin's work

We offer another small essay on "Dubrovsky". Pushkin in his novel gave significant attention to authenticity and honor, hatred and love, baseness and nobility. The writing of literature based on Pushkin’s novel Dubrovsky can be devoted to the relationship between Vladimir and Mashenka Troyekurova. In their destinies a lot in common. Both at a very early age, they lost their maternal love, did not receive warmth and parental caress. If Vladimir was brought up far from his father, dreaming of seeing him, then Masha avoided the harsh paternal disposition in every way. Dubrovsky knew Masha from his childhood, but he never thought of her as a beautiful young woman, his future chosen one. When he arrives at his sick father, Vladimir meets Masha and falls in love with her. Love prevails over hatred of Troyekurov, Masha's father. The noble robber refuses to attack Pokrovskoye, losing then respect in the eyes of the peasants. In the house Troekurova Vladimir falls into the role of teacher, gradually falling in love with a young girl. Reading French novels, she dreamed that sometime in her life a real hero would appear, and they appeared before Vladimir Dubrovsky in the eyes of Mashenka Troyekurov.

Romantic love story in the work of Pushkin

The writing on the work of Pushkin "Dubrovsky" can be devoted to romantic relationships that have arisen between the main character of the novel and Masha Troyekurova, the daughter of his worst enemy. Such an essay on the theme “Dubrovsky” can be started with a description of Pushkin himself, describing his work.

Pushkin was the inspiration for the liberation movement, and he endowed the main character with the same qualities. Trying to avenge the injustice associated with the loss of the estate after the death of his father, Dubrovsky becomes a national robber. Fate presents Vladimir a surprise. Despite the quarrel that arose between his father and his master Troekurov, Dubrovsky truly falls in love with Masha, the daughter of the worst enemy. Pushkin shows the power of true love, the ability to forgive and accept the events taking place with surprising humility. The rebellious qualities of the main character disappear after love appears in his heart. Masha's father is against her daughter's relationship with Dubrovsky, trying to marry her to Prince Vereisky. Young people try to go through many trials, but Vladimir is late, and Masha becomes the prince's wife. So sadly ends the romantic relationship between the young Dubrovsky and Masha Troekurova.

The role of Shabashkina in the fate of the Dubrovskys

What did Pushkin want to tell about Shabashkin? “Dubrovsky” - an essay-discourse on what the significance of Shabashkin in the fate of the Dubrovskys can be associated with the revenge that followed through this man from Troyekurov.

Particular attention can be paid to the appearance of Shabashkin, the manner of his behavior. He constantly fawns before Troyekurov, tries to please him in everything. Pushkin demonstrates to his readers the "venality of the soul", an attempt to find the profitability for himself of communicating with Troyekurov.

Features of the novel by Pushkin "Dubrovsky"

What can be included in the essay? Vladimir Dubrovsky, the hero of Pushkin, is an excellent example for the formation in the younger generation of a sense of true patriotism. Pushkin is trying in his novel to glorify freedom, honesty, decency, to show those people who were able to resist the oppression of autocracy, to rebel against the royal regime. He argues in the novel "Dubrovsky" about the fate of the Russian people, its present and future. With merciless force, Pushkin tries to demonstrate to the readers the arbitrariness, baseness and meanness of the hangers-on, showing them in the person of Anton Spitsyn.

Features of the novel

The novel "Dubrovsky" is an integral part of the school curriculum on literature. This work contains many bright literary images, for each of which you can write a full essay-reasoning. An important merit of Pushkin was the demonstration of how great the anger of the Russian people was towards the oppressors. The basis of the novel's storyline is the fate of Dubrovsky, a young nobleman who, by the will of various circumstances, was forced from the usual environment to get into an atmosphere that was alien and unfamiliar to him.