Today we will talk about a very interesting breed of dog. It is not only interesting in appearance, but quite extraordinary character. Hope you will be interested to learn about this amazing breed.


Pei looks very funny dog with small folds on the body. But in reality they are the real heroes who bravely survived the famine, medieval Chinese war and of Communist repression in the 40-ies of the last century.

Completely disappeared the breed several times, but thanks to the forces experienced breeders she was revived. Currently dog breed Shar Pei is amazingly popular in different countries. And no wonder, because it is very intelligent, loyal and calm animals. They appreciate discipline and order.

Shar Pei dogs are used to keeping their emotions under control.

Against the hosts they are gentle and attentive. But also, these dogs are energetic and foolhardy in the process of protecting those you love or at home.

Sharpay: description of the breed and appearance

Pei is a medium size dog, attentive, careful. She has a sense of self-worth. Her head is in profile square, large in comparison with the body. As a result, the dog seems disproportionate. The tail of Shar Pei is agile, planted on the rump high enough. By the way, this tail is the characteristic feature of the breed. It needs to be thick at the base. Towards the tip of the tail is shrinking, while twisting in a spiral.

On the body of the dog many deep wrinkles that are formed from excess skin. With age, their number decreases. Folds remain only on the nape, the neck and the head.

The Shar Pei body is average in length, with well-developed muscles. His shoulders are sloping. Hind limbs widely spaced. Thorax deep, wide, massive in lumbar region. The back of the developed, strong enough.

Sharpay moves (adult) rapidly. Strong muscular legs and body helps the dog to run fast. When he runs, his limbs coming to the Central line of movement, while allowing the dog to maintain balance, and to develop greater speed.

Description of wool and colors

There are three types of the skin of these dogs. The first is similar in structure to the skin of horses. The second recalls a bearskin, and the third a stiff brush.

Colors Pei different. You can meet cream, black, blue representative of the breed. Also are the Shar-Pei sable or red color.

The intelligence of the breed

Dog breed Shar Pei are intelligence and good mental abilities. The nature of their delicate, but strong, resistant.

The Shar-Pei is very loyal to the owner, they are jealous of the home territory. You can call them the real owners of all roads (this includes people). For this reason, they make excellent protectors and guards.

These dogs are brave and despite the apparent slowness, they quickly make decisions in complex situations.

This dog can without any problems to be alone, he starts frantically chew on furniture and will not lose self-control. He faithfully awaits the return of the owners. If the dog is even asleep, he still is on guard of their homes.

Dog breed Shar Pei is independent, so they in any case can not be locked in cages.

Specimens well trained. They are capable of learning.

Sharpay: characteristics of the dog and its character

This dog suitable for people with a strong character. Sharpay likes to lead, so will seek that opportunity if the owner does not become a full leader in the relationship.

The appearance of such dog terrible, but despite this, she is quite sociable and companionable. Sharpe family friendly. The dog has a high desire for independence. Sometimes the dog may seem withdrawn, reclusive and stubborn. But this is not true. Pets are just on the lookout for increased attention to the person. For this reason, to communicate with their children should be accustomed from childhood.

By nature the breed is modest, not like the enthusiastic bustle.

These dogs are well developed intuition, they feel the mood of the owner. To build the perfect relationship with Pei, it should be prudent firmness and kindness.

Socialization of the dog

Pei family breed. This dog is loyal to loved ones. He always carefully examines the household knows someone to play with who have the Goodies to ask, who should behave gently and carefully.

The Shar-Pei get along perfectly with children and elderly people. Due to herding instincts, the dog can babysit babies. But for a dog it is still worth to watch.

Pei balanced and very stable psyche. These dogs are beneficial to people who suffer from disorders of the nervous system.

To strangers, dogs react with disbelief, unable to behave aggressive if strangers too Intrusive.

Due to the development of peripheral vision, dogs of this breed see a movement of dubious characters.

Training Pei

To raise a breed is hard enough, especially if you are a novice dog owner. The dog can be stubborn, showing your character in the most inopportune moments. Shar Pei quite easy to remember the commands, but when executed can resist.

Socialization and training need to start as early as possible, then, having matured, the dog will be already responsive and obedient. Starting a course on OKD costs three to four months.

Early socialization will help to soften the dominant nature of the breed. Shar Pei puppy will normally apply to all living things, if a child will play with other animals. It is desirable that the animals were of different ages and breeds. With the owner as much as possible from childhood to Shar-Pei (girl or boy it does not matter, provided both sexes need it equally).

These dogs needed basic training. We need to teach them different commands such as "No!", "Me!", "Place!". While training is prohibited aggression and violence against dogs. The owner still needs to be a leader. Then education will be the result not of fear but of trust.

Exercise and walking the dog

Representatives of the breed need walks, as well as a variety of physical activities.

Every day should be on the table in an hour (can be more). A day will need two thirty minute walks. You need to walk in different places and on different soil types.

Together with Sharpei, you can go cycling and jogging. In addition, you need to play with such a dog using various objects (balls, funicles, sticks, etc.)

In the hottest time of the year to take a stroll with the dog carefully as he may be wrong, he might get sunstroke because of the thick layer of the skin.

Caring for a breed representative

Dog breed Shar Pei care is quite unpretentious. But you need to pay special attention to the ears. This is the most vulnerable part of the body. The auditory channels have thin, poorly ventilated. If they are wet, it can cause serious health problems. Dog breed Shar Pei does not like to bathe, they seem to be at the level of instincts understand that this procedure is nothing good they will bring. But hygiene is paramount.

At least once in three months, you need to bathe your pet. During the procedure, it is better to plug the ears with cotton swabs. For bathing, use special shampoos. Dead hair, remove with a brush in the combing process. Wrinkles during bath time too visivite.

After bathing, dry the pet's coat thoroughly. You can use a hairdryer for this.

Comb the dog with a brush with short teeth. Claws should be regularly trimmed.

Periodically wipe discharge from the eyes with a damp cloth.

Shar Pei and your apartment

Choosing a place for couches pet, please note that it was not in the drafts. Also Shar Pei puppy, as adult dogs, can not tolerate dry air, so in advance pozabudesh about his hydration.

The bed should be simple, not too soft, made from natural materials. Back Pei resiliency is required.

Note that such dog should always be a broad overview. After all, the dog must perform its full function security guard. Otherwise he can become anxious, nervous.

Bowls for food must be clean, preferably, has a special stand.

Setting the stage for Shar Pei, be sure to purchase toys made of durable rubber, as well as cleaning the bones for the teeth.

Feeding the breed

What to feed sharpei? As a rule, breeders are advised to use high-quality dry food (super premium class).

Some owners still choose classic food with natural products. Then, in the pet's diet should consist of meat cut in pieces (it can be veal, beef and chicken), low-fat dairy products, cereals (buckwheat, rice).

It is forbidden to give the dog the following products:

  • fruits
  • fatty meats
  • smoked
  • chocolate
  • sweets
  • canned vegetables;
  • nuts.

We found out what to feed the dog, but what can you use as treats? For this purpose, suitable grain crackers and cookies special for dogs that you can purchase at the pet store. The best under the bowl to spread the fabric as you cannot call a tidy specimen.

How much for a Shar Pei? The price is different, the exact difficult to call. Every breeder himself calls cost. On average you need to pay fifteen thousand for a puppy sharpei. The price in this case depends on the pedigree of the parents, their titles, locations and other things. Therefore, you can buy a dog such as 6 and 50 thousand rubles. Choose a puppy based on its needs. If you do not plan to participate in exhibitions, it might make sense to save money by not buying the beast premium.

A small conclusion

Now you know what Shar Pei is. The description of this breed is described in detail in our article. We hope that the information will help you decide whether your dog is or not.