Beetles from time immemorial were considered pests that destroyed whole fields with a crop. And what does the dream in which this insect dreamed? Does it always personify a person who desires a dreamer's troubles? We'll talk about this in our article.

To see, look at the beetle

What if the beetles dreamed? What will this night vision lead to? Observing insects means that you will soon be bogged down in debts and money problems. Do not get involved in the adventures associated with money, otherwise the likelihood that you can stay with anything is quite large.

Dreamed of bugs for what? Why do big beetles? Why do Colorado beetles?

A dream in which you saw harmless thick bugs means that you are in for a better financial situation.

If such a vision was in the girl's eyes, then this indicates that soon a rich admirer will take care of her. Perhaps he will be much older than the dreamer.

To see in a dream a beetle for people engaged in repair or cleaning, foreshadows profit and prosperity.

Again, such a dream should be treated by someone who is not doing anything. Insect in this case personifies a bad company of chatterboxes and parasites. Unfortunately, having got into this collective, you will become unhappy.

Color of an insect

Why do black beetles dream? Know: against you intrigues are woven and traps are being prepared. Be careful!

And if you have colored beetles dreaming? Why these dreams? The events that will happen in your life in the near future, at first seem happy, but soon you will understand that nothing good will end there.

Dreamed a beautiful green or golden beetle? This suggests that some influential person will appreciate your work with dignity.

Red beetles mean your naivete. The dream book advises to be cool and unshakable.

Have you got a dung beetle in your dreams? This is a very good sign. Such a dream promises only happiness, luck and prosperity. It is especially good if the insect bites you. This heralds an unexpected profit and, in the future, a happy life.

The foreseeing ladybugs mean a meeting with old friends.

What if women dream of a beetle with horns? This suggests that you are waiting for an adventure of love. But do not flatter yourself: love will not last long.

Why do Colorado beetles? For working people, this dream means serious financial difficulties. If such a dream is seen in a woman, then her loved one will change her.

You May dreamed beetles? Why this dream? Wait for serious losses and problems.

May bug, dreamed in a dream, also means that you have chosen the wrong friend or companion. In a difficult moment, he can leave you.

A large number of Colorado beetles promises advancement on the career ladder.

What are the great beetles that turn into giants? This means that a close friend betrays you.

Are the little bugs going off? You expect minor problems and gossip.

Beetle-deer heralds betrayal on the part of a loved one. Also this dream can mean unsuccessful hunting or fishing.

The rhinoceros beetle promises quarrels, scandals, monetary losses.

Beetles in the house

If in a dream in your house beetles fly over your head, it means that your relatives will betray you.

Do you watch how an insect beats into the window of your house and wants to get free? This is a very bad sign, which poses a serious danger. Be careful!

What are the great beetles that have been planted in your monastery? You will be offered a serious deal that will require large investments. Do not agree, otherwise the risk of losing all your funds and savings is great enough.

What can I say about the small beetles that are found in your home? This indicates health problems.

Have you ever dreamed of beetles? Why this dream? If your monastery has a huge number of insects that climb from everywhere, this heralds a serious danger. Perhaps someone is trying to subjugate your mind and feelings. Be careful: this person is associated with witchcraft.

Interaction with the dreamer

What does the beetles that creep on your body dream about? This vision does not foretell anything good, only illness and trouble.

Watch how a small beetle crawls over your hand? This means that a certain person paid attention to you. Perhaps he wants to make a deal with you.

In a dream, did you sit down to eat and saw an insect eating? This indicates that soon in your life there will be a quarrel or theft.

What does the beetles dream about, which envelop your body in huge numbers? Someone wants to use you in their own interests.

If your beetle creeps along your bag (or pocket) in your dream, then wait for problems with repayment of debt. The interpreter advises you not to borrow or lend in this difficult period for you.

Do you see how you threw off the bugs? You do not have to worry, all problems will be resolved soon.

If the insect has crawled under your skin, then this is a very bad sign, promising deterioration of health.

Found a beetle in your hair? This means that you will lose a close friend. Also a similar vision speaks about the visit of an unexpected person to whom you owe.

If you have eaten a beetle in a dream, it means a health problem.

Kill, trample on beetles

Why do you dream about the bugs that you catch? Your relationship with friends and family will soon be fine.

Crushing a beetle is a bad sign, signifying your guilt in the misfortune that has happened.

If you press a large number of insects, then all your hopes and plans will collapse. All the blame - the inability to analyze the situation and listen to the opinion of more experienced people.

Other dream books indicate that killing a bug means solving all the problems and vital issues.

Various trivia

Beetles crawl one after another? Wait for the disease.

Large financial problems are heralded by insects that eat leaves.

What if the beetles crawl apart? This dream means disagreements and conflicts with colleagues at work.

Why do many beetles dream? This indicates that you will soon have serious material problems. Also a similar dream can portend the death of a good friend.

Does the insect fly and buzz? Be careful! Do not trust anyone and do not reveal your secrets. It may happen that even the closest person will betray you in a difficult moment.

Why do Colorado beetles crawl over a potato tuber? This means hard work.

If a woman dreamed that on her neck hangs an ornament or a brooch in the form of a beetle, then it will be able to get a rich and successful man. Despite his high position and self-esteem, the girl still can "drive him under the heel."

A huge beetle with large horns and mustaches means an arrogant and captious boss.

Why do larvae dream? This dream says that you should pay attention to your physical and mental state. Also this vision means a quick disclosure of the secret about your friend.

Enjoy your dreams!