Beetles for centuries was considered a pest that has ruined the whole field with the harvest. And what does the sleep in which dreamed that insect? Whether it always represents the person who wants the dreamer of trouble? And talk about this in our article.

To see, to look at the beetle

What if you dream about bugs? What will this night vision? Watch for insects means that in a short time you get bogged down in debt and money troubles. Do not get involved in the adventure associated with money, otherwise the likelihood that you can be poor, quite large.

Dreamed of bugs for what? What dream big bugs? What have Colorado potato beetles?

A dream in which you saw fat harmless bugs, means that you will find improvement in material conditions.

If such a vision had to have a girl, it means that soon go for her rich admirer. It may be much older than snovideni.

To dream of a beetle for persons engaged in repairing or cleaning, portends profit and well-being.

Back should be interpreted like a dream to those who are not doing anything. The insect in this case represents a bad crowd of talkers and idlers. Unfortunately, once in this group, you will be miserable.

The color of the insect

What have black bugs? Know against you trudge intrigue and prepare the trap. Be careful!

But if you dreamed of colorful beetles? Why these dreams? The events that will soon occur in your life, at first will seem prosperous, but soon you will realize that nothing good is not over.

Had a beautiful green or Golden beetle? This suggests that some influential people will appreciate your work appreciated.

Red beetles mean your naivete. The dream advises us to be cold and unwavering.

In your dreams appeared dung beetle? This is a very good sign. Such a dream promises only happiness, luck and prosperity. Especially good if an insect bites you. This portends an unexpected profit in the future happy life.

Prividevshayasya ladybugs mean meeting up with old friends.

If women dream of a beetle with horns? It suggests that ahead of you waiting for your love. But make no mistake: love will be short-lived.

What have Colorado potato beetles? For working people, the dream means serious financial difficulties. If such a dream of a woman, one of her favorite people to her will.

You may have a dream about bugs? Why this dream? Expect serious losses and problems.

Chafer, prividevshayasya in a dream also means that you chose the wrong friend or companion. In difficult times, he may leave you.

A large number of Colorado beetles promises a career.

What dream large beetles that turn into giants? This means that close friend you betray.

Having little bugs? You can expect minor problems and gossip.

Stag beetle portends the betrayal from a loved one. Also, this dream can mean an unsuccessful hunting or fishing.

Rhinoceros beetle, they would have quarrels, fights, losses.

Bugs in the house

If in a dream in your home beetles fly over your head, it means that your family will betray you.

You watched as the insect beats in the window of your house and want to get out? This is a very bad sign, promising serious danger. Be careful!

What dream large beetles that bred in your abode? You drive a hard bargain, which will require large investments. Don't settle, otherwise the risk of losing all your money and savings is large enough.

What to say about the small bugs that have infested in your home? It tells about the health problems.

Dreamed the bugs? Why this dream? If your abode is infested with a huge number of insects that are coming from everywhere, it portends a serious danger. Perhaps someone is trying to subdue your mind and senses. Be careful: this person is connected with witchcraft.

Interaction with the dreamer

What have the bugs that crawl across your body? Nothing good this vision portends, only sickness and trouble.

Watching a small beetle crawling on your hand? This means that you drew the attention of a man. Maybe he wants to make a deal with you.

In a dream you sat down to eat and saw the food insect? This suggests that soon in your life will be a fight or a theft.

What have the bugs that are in huge quantity envelop your body? A man wants to use you to their advantage.

If in your dream bag (or pocket) crawling beetle, then expect problems with debt repayment. Dream interpretation advice in this difficult period of time not to borrow and not to lend.

See throw off the bugs? You need not worry, all problems will be resolved soon.

If an insect has crawled under your skin, it is a very bad sign that will lead to the deterioration of health.

Found a beetle in her hair? This means that you will lose a close friend. Also, this vision speaks of the unexpected visit of the person you need.

If you dream you ate a bug, it means health problems.

To kill, stomp the bugs

What have the bugs that you catch? Your relationship with your friends and family will soon get better.

Crush the bug is a bad sign, meaning your guilt to misfortune.

If you push a large number of insects, all of your hopes and plans will collapse. Blame – the inability to analyze the situation and to listen to the opinions of more experienced people.

In other dream books stated that to kill the bug means the solution to all problems and vital issues.

Various little things

Bugs crawling all over each other? Wait for disease.

Large financial problems portend insects that eat the leaves.

What if bugs crawl in? This dream means disagreement and conflict with work colleagues.

What dreams a lot of bugs? This suggests that soon you have serious financial problems. Also, such a dream could Herald the death of a good friend.

The insect flies and buzzes? Be careful! Do not trust anyone and do not raskryvaya their secrets. It may happen that even the closest person will betray you in difficult times.

What have the Colorado beetle crawling on the potato tuber? This means intense work.

If a woman dreamed that her neck hanging ornament or brooch in the form of a beetle, it means that she can get rich and successful man. Despite his high position and self-esteem, she will be able to "get him under her thumb".

A huge beetle with big horns and a mustache means arrogant and picky boss.

What dream larva? This dream suggests that you need to pay attention to your physical and mental state. Also this vision is the imminent disclosure of secrets about your friend.

Pleasant dreams!