From Russovoy - to a blonde, then to a redhead, and then to a brunette? If this is about you, then for sure you have often thought about how to wash off the previous paint from the hair, so that the next one lay perfectly and gave the desired shade. Or did you decide to finish the experiments with a suit and return to your locks the original color? Then the emulsion to remove hair color is created especially for you.

Estel Color Off: Everything you wanted to know about it

What is a hair remover?

Hair wash is a remedy to help remove pigmentation pigment. Fight with the bored color can and home remedies, such as oils, kefir, honey. In this case, the procedure can take weeks. You can resort to pickling - removing paint from your hair with blond powder. And you can use a more gentle means - a ready-made acidic composition. In this case, the ideal hair remover Estel Color Off. The active substances in its composition literally push the paint out of the curls. If compared with the decalcification, the more expensive will be the hair removal for Estel Color Off. The price of this method of returning to a natural shade varies considerably. This will depend on the number of procedures conducted. After all, not a dark one and once applied paint can be removed literally the first time. What can not be said about the shades of dark brown or brunette, which were applied to the hair regularly for more than one year in a row. In this case, you may need seven procedures.

Color washout procedure

The first thing you need is a hair wash for Estel Color Off. The instruction is your main assistant in such a responsible business. Therefore, read it carefully and only then proceed to the procedure.

Mix in equal proportions the catalyst and the reductant. Apply the resulting emulsion to dry dirty hair. Accurately observe the specified time: keep the mixture for no more than 20 minutes. Then divide into strands and in turn wipe each of them with a dry towel. You will notice how the curls brightened a tone or two. If the result you are satisfied with is great! No? Repeat the above procedure as many times as necessary.

Checking the result

Estel Color Off, which costs an average of 300 rubles, contains also a neutralizer bottle. Do not miss the opportunity to use it, because only with this miracle tool you can determine if the cosmetic pigment is completely removed. If you ignore this stage, then after a while you may expect a surprise - dark shades will reappear and spoil not only the hair color, but also the mood.

The first time the neutralizer should be applied to just one strand. Professional hairdressers recommend choosing a curl in the face. If after 5 minutes, the color that you so dream of getting rid of is back, you must wash the neutralizer off the curls. And only after that, the paint is washed again with Estel Color Off hair. When you are convinced that the dark color no longer appears after the neutralizer, then always apply an emulsion on the entire head.

And finally, the final chord. In order to rinse the rest of the chemistry from the curls, you need to wash your head with technical shampoo at least three times. It is desirable to use a means of deep cleaning. Then apply balm to smooth the structure of the strands, soak it for the necessary time and dry the hair. Now you can enjoy your natural hair color or recolor them in a lighter shade already with the help of ordinary paint.

Is smyvka harmful to the hair?

It is clear that the hair wash for Estel Color Off consists of active chemicals that are able to neutralize the pigment, and not from oils and extracts that restore the structure of the strands. Therefore, after the procedure, be prepared for the fact that the ends of the hair will have to be cut off a little. After all, the maximum concentration of paint on the tips, which means that they will suffer the most from chemistry.

Significant damage to the hair can cause the hair wash Estel Color Off only if you keep it for strands longer than 20 minutes. Also, do not expose to weakened and fragile hair or risk unprofessional application.

At home or in the salon?

Many, deceived by the simplicity of the procedure, decide to save and spend it on their own, because the hair wash for Estel Color Off is available on a free sale. But it is better, of course, not to risk the beauty and health of hair, but to trust professionals. After all, only a master with experience can properly dilute the emulsion, evenly apply it from the roots to the tips, sustain the necessary time. After visiting the hairdresser in the salon, you can be one hundred percent sure that the dark color will not return to you again.

In addition, those who decide to cope with the washing at home can be disappointed: the color removal procedure can take several hours. And often after an unsuccessful experience such grief-experimenters still turn to professionals in the salon.