You are an individual, but all the time you use the services of the "Post of Russia" to send and receive different packages? If this is an important part of life for you, then you should think about trying a new intermediary between you and your addressee. About the "Post of Russia" there is a huge amount of jokes, and in every joke, as you know, there is some truth. So in this case too - very often parcels are lost, damaged, some of the content disappears, and if the package is in order, it often goes very, very long. However, this may interest you not only if you are an individual. Legal entities also often use postal and courier services, and if you want to achieve maximum results in this regard, you should think about changing the "Post of Russia" to some other courier service, such as, for example, the SDEC. Reviews about this service are very diverse, and some people refuse this option because they see a lot of negative reviews. However, for the time being, one should not look at subjective opinions - for them the time will come, they will be disassembled in detail, and you will understand that they do not always have to believe. Now you will learn all the main advantages of the express delivery service of the SDEC. The reviews will also be reviewed, so you can look at this firm from all sides and decide whether you want to use its services.

What kind of firm is this?

Express delivery service (CDEC): reviews, cargo tracking

So, first of all, it is necessary to understand what is the SDEC. Reviews describe this company in very different terms, so it's worthwhile to take a look at how the company itself positions itself. SDEC is a courier service for express delivery of goods on the territory of Russia and abroad. This company has appeared for a long time already - in 2000, so that it has been operating on the market for more than ten years. The company provides delivery services for both cargo and ordinary mail, so it can very well replace your courier service and the "Post of Russia". SDEK positions itself as a company that offers people the same services that were relevant throughout history. And she promises that she will be able to provide these services at the highest level. However, everyone understands perfectly well that courier service in the modern world should not just transport papers or objects from one point to another, it should also have a number of other functions in order to favorably stand out against competitors. What can its customers offer courier service express delivery of SDEC? Reviews about the company report that it has a long list of very interesting and useful features that you will now get to know.

Values ​​of the company

The express service specifically refers to a specific set of values ​​that are the most important for the service. And in the first place, of course, there is a client whom the company values. SDEK strives to work in such a way that no client is one-time, that is, that every person, having applied for services to the company once, would return there again and again. The second value is the staff. This means that only qualified specialists are invited to the company who perfectly cope with their tasks and constantly strive for personal and professional growth. The third value is profit. This means that the company is focused on generating revenue for the quality performance of its duties. Naturally, the values ​​of the quality of services provided. It is here at the world level, and this is confirmed by far more than one satisfied customer. Other values ​​that are also worth noting are the team, image, development, as well as self-confidence and in the future future of the company. As you can see, this is not a company that simply performs the work at the middle level, the courier service of SDEC strives to fulfill its obligations at the highest of all available levels.

The CD of the CDEC is an organization that has a short but very ambitious set of rules. All the rules that are outlined there are geared solely to the customers the company works with. First, it is considered that the client is the most important person for the company. Secondly, they are of the opinion that the client is always right - regardless of the circumstances. And thirdly, the TC of the SDEC is trying to ensure that all customer requirements are always met. First of all, we are talking about fast and high-quality service. It is at these points that the emphasis is placed on this company, therefore. if you are interested in this approach, if it suits you, then you can contact this company.


The location of the main office of SDEC is Moscow, but this is not the only city where you can find the office of this company. Almost every major city in Russia has at least a point of delivery of the parcels of this company. Moreover, they can be found abroad, and this is one of the biggest and most important advantages. But in fact, there are many more. First, it is a pricing policy: the company's prices are acceptable by Russian standards and even quite low in world standards, but the quality of service here is much better than in most similar companies. Secondly, you gain the advantage of awareness, that is, you will be able to track your parcel at every stage of its transfer. Thirdly, efficiency: you can be sure that your parcel will be on the way the same day you hand it over. It is also worth noting the flexibility of payment that can be made by both the sender and the recipient, the opportunity to purchase a special branded package, getting confirmation of the delivery of your parcel, as well as a convenient call of the courier to any point of interest. Moreover, this company is famous for the performance of any, even the most non-standard, orders, so there is no difference what exactly you would like to send, you can do it in the SDEC. Moscow or St. Petersburg, Russia or abroad, all this is available to you as part of the services provided by the company.

Recent history

As you have already learned, the company has already more than fifteen years of history, but it makes no sense to tell it all, it is better to pay attention to what the company has been able to achieve in recent times. During 2015, the company opened nine new offices outside of Russia: six of them in Kazakhstan, two in Belarus, and one in Kyrgyzstan (here it was the first office in the history of the company). As a result, by the end of 2015, the addresses of offices and representative offices of the SDEK company were very diverse. In all there were 323, and they were located in five countries at once. It is also worth noting that in 2015 the company was included in the list of the five most successful Russian franchises. The logistics of the company has also improved significantly: by the end of 2015, by 1500 directions, you could send parcels and expect that they will arrive at their destination within 24 hours. Almost ten times more there were directions for which delivery was carried out within two days. The issued SDEC bill of lading is not uncommon, and the number of them is constantly growing. In 2015, 55 percent more invoices were issued than in 2014. This means that the number of customers and the volume of their orders is constantly growing, and at an impressive pace. Accordingly, the profit also grows: in comparison with 2014, in 2015 the company received 35 percent more profit. While this is the most current information available about the company, calculations for 2016 have not yet been carried out.

As already mentioned, SDEC is a transportation company that offers a number of services that can attract your attention and choose this company from dozens of others. What kind of services are these? Firstly, it is a set of services for online stores, which includes, for example, delivery from abroad, express delivery from China and so on. Also worth paying attention to express delivery on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan: it is here that you can find the directions for which delivery is carried out within one day. However, if it is more important for you not speed, but economy, then similar services are available in the SDEC. The transport company offers a very cheap, albeit not very fast delivery in almost a thousand directions.

Also, it's worth paying attention to the service, which has already been mentioned above: "Chinese Express", that is, the fastest delivery from China. Now a lot of individuals and online shops order cheap products from China, but if you make similar orders without an intermediary, you will expect delivery about two months. With the company CDEC you can expect a much faster delivery. Naturally, the sphere of services covers not only China, but also a number of other countries: the USA, practically all countries of Europe and the CIS. If necessary, you can order even air transportation of cargo from anywhere in Russia anywhere in the world. It is also worth noting that the SDEC can guarantee you the receipt of accompanying documents with recipients' marks. Many companies can not guarantee that you will receive these papers, and if they are important to you, then you should consider this company.

New services

Please note that the company is constantly developing and offering its customers new services. One of the brightest examples is the fullfilment. This service implies the possibility of not only sending a parcel and delivering it. You can use both basic storage services and order picking services for goods from those already stored in the SDEC warehouse. Addresses of warehouses you can find out by direct contact with the company, the consultant will help you in any case, it can offer you options for both storage and delivery of goods. Also one of the new and popular services is mailing - the company offers you a targeted mailing with which you can promote your own business, attract new customers and retain old ones. In the case of the company, the cost of services can change if you are not here for the first time, because this firm also keeps regular customers, offering them more favorable terms.

Please note that the company CDEK is in step with the times, so you can use a large set of online tools that will allow you to interact more effectively and effectively with the company, receive information about the parcel and so on. Also, with the special services of the CDEC, the phone receives additional functions: you can simply dial a specific number, after which you can use a special menu that will allow you to know the status of the order, change the delivery date or even cancel the order. This is a very useful feature, since it does not require an internet connection, and if you do not have access to the network, you can still manage your order. But if you have access to the Internet, you will have access to a huge variety of services, access to which can be obtained both from the company's website and from your personal cabinet. One of the most interesting tools is a calculator, with which you can quickly and efficiently how much you will get sent through the SDEC package.


But the most important and actual service of the SDEC is tracking, which allows you to monitor the status of all your parcels sent through this company. The company's website has a separate service that will allow you to fully control the delivery process. This service is available through the personal account that you open when registering on the site. To track your order, you just need to look at the delivery note on the parcel and write out its number, located under the barcode. This will allow you to see at which stage each of your parcels is located. This is the service for which people are willing to pay extra to know how soon they will receive the parcel and whether it is lost. And the fact that he is available in his personal account is another great and serious plus. In the case of CDEC, tracking is one of the most advanced and useful tools offered by the firm.

Well, finally, it is worth mentioning the issue of feedback, because it is very urgent. The fact is that the network can find a large number of negative responses that report that the company does not deliver goods and parcels on time, casually treats the things entrusted to it, can not competently serve the client, and some consultants can even offend the client. However, if you look more closely, many more reviews tell you that the service perfectly copes with its duties and always delivers parcels on time, fully justifying everything that was told about the company above. So what's the catch? Nobody will give you the exact answer, but the main assumption is that these are kind of informational wars that are conducted by delivery services: companies hire people who write negative reviews about competitors. However, it is never known which of the reviews were written by order, and which ones - by real people based on real experience. However, you can always check for yourself how the SDEC operates, you can find the company's phones on its official website.