The Internet has now become one of the main ways to communicate. This, of course, contribute to social networks. A distinctive feature of virtual conversations is slang. Of course, special buzzwords have already started to enter the daily vocabulary of young people.

Adults are no longer understand the special dialect of young boys and girls. Teenagers often began to make strange sounds, the meaning of which is difficult to explain logically. Nevertheless, youth slang is only developing. And so you need at least occasionally to be interested in new Internet terms in order to be on the same wavelength with everyone.

Today we consider the now popular word - "cake". In addition to the network "VKontakte", it can be found on forums and gaming communities.

The word

Over time, it turned out that it is impossible to give a single definition of the word "cake". What does it mean, not everyone will answer. Even those who use it do not always understand the meaning. In order to understand in general what it is, it is necessary to determine the context in which it is used.

Most often in such phrases sounds mockery, mockery, sarcasm - that is what the word "cake" means. If a person is told that he is a cake, then he is in a stupid or ridiculous position. In principle, this term is not offensive. He only emphasizes an amusing situation in which the interlocutor found himself.

If you want to know what the word "cake" means, you need to turn to the equally popular expression "lol." These two terms are considered to be synonymous. As many know, “lol” (lol) is translated into Russian as “Laughing Out Loud”. “Keck” also means laughter, but, unlike “lol”, it is more malicious and caustic.

Unpleasant sediment

If you ask an adult what the word “cake” means in youth slang, he can only recall a different definition of the word. The fact is that this term refers to sediment, or activated sludge. Outwardly, it looks like a feces, so many regulars of forums and social networks often compare these two words with each other. The association "cake" and "feces" for many remains quite bright. Therefore, it is likely that this is what made this word popular in the Internet environment.


In General, all the above connection with "the cake" are just a consequence of the occurrence of the term. None of was not the ancestor. It is believed that the game "StarCraft" was the ancestor of the concept of "cake". This word was used by the Asian players and fans. The equivalent in the Russian language was considered "heh." Some used the expression kekeke.

And here Shrek?

Those who have ever tried to learn about “cake”, what this term means and who use it, met memes with Shrek. This association appeared after the game "WarCraft". Those who played know that certain expressions are used for each race in the chat. If you chose an orc and your opponents will write lol, then for others it will be displayed as kek. It is for this reason that the animated hero became a КCACKК, or simply a “cake”.

Another association of this term is associated with another equally popular slang word lulz, which has the Russian equivalent of "lulz". It means laughter and is synonymous with "lol." So, later the fact became known that if you write in English kek, but forget to change the layout, you will get “lul” in Russian letters. Of course, this is an absolute coincidence, which could also be the reason for entering this term in youth slang.

Other options

In general, it is possible to explain what “kek” in correspondence means by other facts with the help of other concepts. As mentioned earlier, the fault is Koreans. Kekeke is an emoticon decoding :-P. Initially, this expression was used in a specific context. In the game "Starcraft" there was a tactic that Russian gamers began to use when they got into this game. Its essence was that it was necessary to quickly create a huge number of units that just ran on the enemy. Koreans used keke to respond to such actions. By the way, it was this exclamation heard by some players during the raid of units.

In Brazil, gamers are used to using a certain number of kkk as emoticons. But in Indonesia, players write wkwkwkwk. The Japanese, by the way, believe that this expression is very similar to the sounds that the macaque makes. Therefore, they often write something similar to kikikiki.

It is possible for the actors to meet the word "cake". What does it mean, you already know. But the interesting thing is that Christopher Lambert often makes a similar sound in his films, meaning ridicule, mockery, or irony.

And finally, a very remote similarity of this term is found in the game Final Fantasy II. When a player gets to the location of Black Mask Village, he meets not just a sound reminder, but the written phrase kekeke. But in the sixth part of this game you can immediately meet a hero named Kefka. Despite the fact that his infectious laugh is more like the sounds of ufufufu, many still believed that he was publishing something like kekeke.

Wikipedia Definitions

It so happened that the Wiki knows little about the word "KEK". What does this concept, it is, of course, may explain, but does with the youth slang is not connected. Now, the popular online encyclopedia gives some definitions. In the US there is the astronomical Observatory with the name "KEK".

It is also known that there is a movie with that name. Its director is Manabai. He released this film "Kazakhfilm". Also, the Japanese have a community that is researching high-energy physics. This organization has the name "KEK". In Egypt, there was a god whose name was Cook, or Keck.

There are also several famous people whose last name is Keck. One of them is a professor of higher technical school. There are among them an American businessman. There is a sculptor. As well as Keck Matjach is a football player and coach from Slovenia.