Do you want to catch the eyes of passersby? The use of plum color in your wardrobe will help you to look unique and fashionable. Plum color is similar to purple or lilac, only in a dark shade. It goes well with other shades, with the right selection of clothes. To look fashionable, you need to pay attention not only to fashion trends, but also to the color scheme of your bow.

It is very important that the shades fit your type perfectly and look harmonious. Plum color in clothes will help complement your look at the party or will be the best option for office bow. Even in spite of the fact that the plum color is dark, it does not hurt to use it in clothes in the hot summer or sunny spring, however, it will look unique at any time of the year.

Plum color in combination with light tones

Plum color in clothes - the magic of colorThe combination of plum color with white shades takes on a completely different look. White color makes it even more expressive. The combination of plum with a light shade is perfect for events and celebrations of a different nature. Prefer silver jewelry in the form of chains, bracelets and brooches. High heels will complement the stylish look and will give grace.

Plum color in combination with delicate shades

Plum color is in harmony with any shade of pastel palette. It is best to combine a dark color with the following shades:

Pastel colors in combination with plum have something similar. The combination of blue and plum color will give your style a nobility. Delicate yellow color will help to create a flawless summer bow, and also on its background the plum will sparkle with new colors.

Plum shade and bright colors

The use of bright colors will add style to the style. It is important not to overdo it with bright colors, otherwise your image risks becoming too crowded. For example, the presence of red in the plum image is suitable only for a holiday or celebration, you should not wear such clothes every day, it will look too vulgar. But the use of green shades in combination with a plum will significantly raise your spirits and give a magnificent spring look. Bright yellow will create a summer mood. This unusual combination is suitable for gorgeous girls with fiery red hair. Plum in combination with bright fuchsia flowers or bright pink motifs will give you a luxurious glamor. A stylish option for natural blondes. This appearance is ideal for discos or parties.

What to wear with a plum dress

Plum-colored dresses are best to wear in the warm season. In the summer, spring and early autumn, the dress of plum-colored color goes well with natural colors. You should not wear this model in the winter, it will look too dull and gloomy. Some tips on what to wear dresses plum color:

- Prefer pastel shades of shoes: lilac, mint, soft pink, and golden sandals with sparkles and rhinestones will look great as well.

- Using jewelry with pearls looks gorgeous on a dress of plum tones.

- Do not overdo it with accessories. Beads and bracelet - this is quite enough; excess jewelry will overflow your image.

- A light jacket or jacket of yellow shades in a cool evening will dilute the plum extravaganza.

Plum makeup

Makeup using plum tones should not be very bright and at the same time quite expressive. Emphasis should either lips or eyes. And the one and the other is not necessary to paint brightly. Eyes can be emphasized using a dark eyeliner. For shadows, use a matte palette of brown or lilac shades. For a regular look, choose a gentle lipstick of light pink shades. For an important meeting or event, you can use scarlet lip gloss or lipstick of Marsala color. A natural tone foundation will help to hide unwanted skin blemishes, and expressive blush will help complete your makeup.

If you have difficulty finding a plum dress, do not despair. It can easily be replaced with the following colors:

What to wear with a plum skirt

A plum-colored skirt will help you to feel yourself a couple of years younger. What to wear a skirt, analyze in more detail.

For the top, you can choose a blouse or a turtleneck of light shades and feel free to go to work. Short open-belly T-shirts and translucent blouses are suitable for bold and creative girls. Using a floral print in combination with a plum skirt will emphasize your femininity. If you are accustomed to be in the center of the company, bright colors are suitable for you upstairs. Yellow and green shades will look beautiful in combination with a plum skirt. Cheeky onions will help to embody the mint shades. You can use them in the form of outerwear, as well as in the form of jewelry or nail polish. Modernists say that because of the special naturalness and freshness of the color, absolutely any color fits to the plum shade, but the skirt of plum tones has one contraindication: pink color in clothes. The use of pink will make an impression of childishness and frivolity, which is not typical, for example, for an office worker or for an older woman.