The undoubted decoration of a wedding celebration is a sweet table. At the wedding, as a rule, they try to arrange it as bright and original as possible. However, when performing such a decor, there is one condition - the table's style should be in harmony with the theme of the wedding and the design of the entire celebration hall. We will tell you about the rules for creating a sweet table in our article.

Sweet table for a wedding do it yourself (photo)

What is a candy bar?

Among the numerous terms and concepts in the wedding lexicon, one can increasingly find such a name as “candy bar”. This is the proverbial sweet wedding table. Unlike the standard "sweet teeth", such a design represents a real hit of the festive decor, as it is a certain detail of the ceremonial interior, decorated in the appropriate style and color scheme.

In other words, a candy bar is a bunch of various jelly beans, diverse candies, cakes, pastries and other confectionery tinsel neatly arranged in various transparent jars, vases and bottles.

However, in addition to the beautiful two-tiered cakes and pies, there are also additional attributes on such tables. Most often it is:

  • original dishes;
  • unusual signs or signs
  • bright flags and decals
  • various figures;
  • paper pompons and festive garlands;
  • whatnot for sweets;
  • a variety of jars, bottles and containers for sweets and decor
  • items for the background, etc.

What is the need for a buffet table for a wedding?

What is the essence of candy bar?

The very idea of ​​creating a candy bar is a great idea for decorating a wedding table. On the one hand, such a decoration looks advantageous from the point of view of aesthetics, it is able to elevate, surprise and delight all those present at the wedding. On the other hand, such a buffet table becomes a wonderful decoration and a spectacular backdrop for a photo shoot.

In addition, the sweet wedding table (see photos below) allows guests not only to taste and fully enjoy the sweets they like, but also to take them home with them. In addition, children like this option of decorating flour and colorful dishes.

Well, of course, if you make such a decoration for a festive banquet with your own hands, then this is a great chance to show your creative abilities and shine in front of your friends and friends with new creative ideas.

What menu to choose for a sweet table?

Depending on your main theme, your flight of fancy and financial possibilities, a sweet wedding table can include the following sweets and pastry delights in your menu:

  • chocolate fountains;
  • muffins and muffins covered with unusual bright glaze;
  • colored candy of the most bizarre shapes, colors and sizes;
  • fruits in sugar and glaze;
  • chocolate figures;
  • mini desserts
  • colored marmalade;
  • dates, dried apricots and other dried fruits in chocolate coating;
  • cheesecakes;
  • baskets with sweet berries;
  • turkish and other sweets;
  • halva;
  • waffles;
  • biscuit;
  • sweet sausages;
  • the drinks;
  • nuts;
  • marshmallows;
  • jelly;
  • souffle;
  • other desserts.

And all this should be beautifully packed and decorated. Therefore, thinking about how to decorate a sweet table for a wedding, take care of bright and memorable elements of decor. We will tell about them later.

What unusual sweets to include in the menu?

In addition to traditional sweets, you can also use other confectionery. For example, these may be:

  • macaroons (almond dessert, resembling an externally reduced version of a hamburger);
  • cupcakes (small round cakes, decorated with mastic or cream);
  • cake pops (mini-cakes on sticks, similar to children's candies chupa-chups);
  • treifly (small portioned desserts with cream, berries and biscuit);
  • marshmallows (marshmallow or marshmallows with or without a stick);
  • madeleines (relief-sided cookies, popular in France).

Also put neat baskets with candied candied fruit pieces and colored popcorn on the holiday table.

What drinks are suitable for candy bar?

If you decide to arrange a sweet table for a wedding with your own hands, you should think about drinks. After all, the "sweet" always wants to drink something. The choice of drinks in this case will depend on the season and your taste preferences. For example, in summer it is better to choose cold cola, juices, non-alcoholic and sweet milkshakes and fruit drinks. For greater effect, they always make sense to add ice and colored straws.

In the cold season, all the above drinks can be at room temperature and, of course, during this period it is better to do without ice. On the contrary, in the autumn and winter, such drinks as hot chocolate, coffee, inviting fruit tea and cappuccino with an unusual curly skin will be more relevant than ever. By the way, if you can, you can work with this foam separately. For example, various patterns and figures look spectacular in it.

Do not forget that the sweet wedding table (photos and options for its design you will find in our article) should not be empty. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a certain number of sweets in reserve. And, of course, the state of the table should be monitored by one or a couple of people. They also will bring drinks and sweets as required.

Pleasant little things when setting the table for the wedding

In order to emphasize the area where the candy bar is located, many designers use bright textiles and fresh flowers. A variety of paper garlands look original (bright corrugated paper can be used for them), bows, beads, beads, satin ribbons.

What dishes to choose?

In the process of decorating the table for the wedding is most often used transparent dishes. It helps to highlight the richness of the holiday menu and looks quite original against the background of bright flour and confectionery products. Therefore, making out a sweet table for a wedding, be sure to use transparent dishes. To create a special effect often used dishes of different sizes and types. For example, small "pot-bellied" jars are well combined with elongated slender shelves. A diverse coasters will find a lot in common with tall glass cups and other transparent containers.

How to make a sweet table for a wedding?

If the table for a wedding celebration is made by you personally, remember a few simple rules:

  • pick a beautiful and neat table (if you want to surprise the guests, then look at the antique shop);
  • cover the table with a satin tablecloth (or use pastel-colored fabric);
  • choose sweets suitable for the wedding venue (for example, all pastries should be perfectly heat-tolerant if the celebration is planned to be held in the summer and on the beach);
  • make a supply of sweet and flour dishes;
  • by the number of guests, prepare small boxes or containers (then each guest will be able to carry sweets home);
  • choose the right color scheme for the decor (everything should fit harmoniously into the overall design of the celebration);
  • prepare accompanying plates and napkins for further tasting of sweets by guests.

In short, the whole festive decor and the sweets themselves should fit into the overall picture. Therefore, choosing, for example, white-purple colors, make sure that all your decorations and decorative elements match them. Do not save on sweet. Confectionery products will help to cheer up and create a wonderful impression of your wedding with invited guests.