"Slabilen" is a drug that has a laxative effect. The drug, affecting the body, reduces the absorption of water makes the intestines. "Slabilen" refers to a synthetic laxative, it's the equivalent of "Regulars" and "Guttalaks". Slabilen: reviews

Pharmacological effects and pharmacokinetics "Slabilen"

Indications, contraindications

The drug is indicated for constipation, occurred on the background of hypotension or as a result of reduced intestinal motility. It is prescribed to regulate stool with fissures of the anus, proctitis, hemorrhoids. "Slabilen" is also used for bowel preparation for research (x-ray, instrumental) and operations.

There are some contraindications for use of funds "Slabilen". Tablets are not used in the first trimester of pregnancy, lactation use it with caution, after examination and consultation with your doctor. The drug is not prescribed to children under age four, does not apply in case of hypersensitivity to its components, and the presence of such diseases and conditions:

  • spastic constipation
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract
  • acute inflammatory diseases affecting the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • abdominal pain without a stated reason
  • nausea and vomiting, the causes of which is not revealed
  • marked dehydration;
  • strangulated hernia
  • cystitis
  • metrorrhagia
  • peritonitis.

The use of the drug

How to take "Slabilen"? The drug is used at bedtime, washed down with water. The starting dose for adults is 10-20 drops. With persistent constipation, you can take up to 30 drops.

Children appoint 5-8 drops. Focusing on the effect that has been achieved, reduce the dose or increase. To be treated "Slabilena" can be no more than 10 days, further treatment is discussed with your doctor.

Side effects overdose "Slabilen"

It is possible to develop some side effects during the treatment with "Slabilen". The reviews show that some patients experience these side effects of the drug:

  • the decrease in blood pressure
  • cramps
  • abdominal pain;
  • weakness
  • violations of water-salt balance
  • diarrhea
  • dehydration.

In chronic overdose, the patient can be detected by the renal tubules, kidney stones, secondary hyperaldosteronism, ischaemia of the colon. In case of overdose it is necessary to wash the stomach, take an antispasmodic drug and to restore fluid and electrolyte balance.

Interaction of "Slabilen" with other drugs

Not all drugs can be used together with the "Slabilen". The reviews show that the effect this medication exerts may be weak with the parallel use of antibiotics that have a wide range of effects.

Simultaneous reception of the drug with diuretics or corticosteroids should be carried out with extreme caution, since in this case, violations of the water-salt balance are possible.

In the treatment of "Slabilena" should take into account its ability to increase the body's sensitivity to cardiac glycosides.

Reviews, analogues of the drug and its price

Choosing a drug that has a laxative effect, many prefer the tool "Slabilen." Reviews show its effectiveness in case of insufficient peristalsis.

Despite the fact that during pregnancy the drug should be taken with extreme caution in the last stages he well affects the body. However, in this case it must be used according to doctor's recommendation and under his supervision.

The gut is getting better after taking the money, "Slabilen". Reviews allow us to determine that most often this drug is prescribed to elderly patients. It is an effective medicine that tell patients has a mild effect, but the use of all drugs laxative group should be wary. The emphasis should be on dietary modification, the introduction of systematic physical exercises and increasing the amount of fluid intake.

The analogues of the drug "Slabilen" include "Picosulfate-AKOS", "Sodium picosulfate", "Guttalaks", "But Picosulfate", "Lexical". If you want to buy analogue means "Slabilen", price, reviews will allow you to pick the best option. But the use of substitutes must always be consistent with your doctor.

Synonyms of drugs which is popularly called analogs, are calculated by the international non-proprietary name (INN) name of the active ingredient. The drug "Slabilen" this substance is sodium picosulfate. Medicines with the same INN have different prices, manufactured by different companies. The active ingredient that is present in the composition of the analogues may differ slightly from that substance, which is used in the original. Similar is more affordable tools, but they are not always as effective as licensed medicines.

Those who have been prescribed for treatment "Slabilen", the price is interested in the first place. The cost of 15 ml of drops is approximately 90-150 rubles and depends on the manufacturer.

Self-medication often leads to complications. It is possible to purchase and treat medicines only after examination and appointment of these funds by the attending physician.