Scratch card is a special card, which is marked secret information, a solid case band. Under this strip you can put text, image or code. Washable protective cover is easy enough – using any solid object. These cards are widely used by banks which give their customers sensitive information such as pin, and also by organizers of lotteries. In addition, they are popular in various presentations and promotions.

Scratch cards are massively used for storing the access codes to services that are sold on a prepaid basis, for example, cellular communication, Internet connection, IP telephony and others. This code is stored on the card as long as the protective layer will not be removed by the owner or accidentally damaged. Yourself scratch cards are very vulnerable and at a low quality of the material from which they can be made, by careless removal of the protective layer may damage directly the secret information.

Scratch card, the branded card

Scratch Card Manufacturing

In printing the scratch card is usually issued by a standard size – 86 x 54 mm, but there are other parameters of manufacture. For the application of erasable strip used in the production of a few methods: using a special printer in which the scratch-off strip, with the help of silk, when special paint stripe is applied through a stencil, and using offset printing. For application of the classified information used in laser and ink jet lines of personalization. Manufacturer of scratch cards is made from simple material, because they are disposable, unlike contactless cards reusable. They come in cardboard, plastic and laminated. If the card is used as a handout, it is better to make it out of cardboard if you need to use for long-term storage, for its foundations will be suitable or special plastic laminated paper.

Whole world on scratch card

In addition to the regular cards with a scratch off layer, not so long ago became very popular scratch map of the world. This is the perfect gift for the avid travelers. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that with the help of a solid object is erased with a special layer, which are all countries. Initially, the entire surface is covered in brown. People, finding places where he traveled, deleting them and seeing the country, immersed in the pleasant memories and also plan the further trip. The more countries he will visit, the more colorful and brighter will be the scratch map of the world.

It is available in different sizes, it can be purchased at online stores or to order. Typically, such cards are made of thick laminated paper of high quality and sold complete with packing-tube. The card can be put in this tube or hang on the wall, to continue to dream of the conquest of new countries.

Branded map for organizations

In addition to the scratch card of the traveler, any company can order branded world map for your organization. This scratch card can serve as the hallmark of the company, will allow to tell about their options and provide information to its partners in the form of an original interactive way. They can be ordered in large quantities and to give representatives of other agencies of cooperation. Such a creative way of presentation will be long remembered by colleagues from other firms and will lead to the desired result.

Branded erasable card printing are made from high quality materials. They may contain the following information: facts, historical information, schedules and development plans, information on subsidiaries worldwide, contact all offices in order that the partners could use the map as a rapid reference.

The card format can demonstrate in a visual form the entire branch network. Especially valuable information can be hidden under the scratch layer.

The importance of scratch cards in our lives

Scratch card currently is not just printing a souvenir is an essential business tool that is becoming more popular all over the world. It might be a nice gift for loved ones or the necessity for payment of services. It can also provide advertising for organizations, which will talk in detail about her services.