Man is one of the most hairy creatures on Earth. All our body, except for the palms, lips and feet, is covered with hair. Initially, it may seem that their number can not be counted. In fact, scientists have long made the necessary studies and calculations. Approximately 5 million hairs cover the entire skin. And how many hair on a person's head? What determines their growth, density, length?

Number and thickness of hair

How many hair on a person's head and how they grow up

How to grow hair on your head?

Hair growth is cyclical and lasts a person's entire life. Trichologists have calculated that about 20 hairs grow from one follicle in 60 years. Over the entire period they pass several stages, the duration of each is from 2 to 5 years: growth (anagen), rest (catagen), prolapse (telogen). Each of the hairs lives in its own mode, so at the same time they are at different stages of the cycle. Usually grows about 80%, the rest are in the stage of rest and loss, thereby freeing up space for new hair. The growth time is calculated per day. And the speed depends on many reasons. It is known that in the dark the hair does not grow. And in summer and spring grow faster than in winter. The growth rate is 0.35 mm per day. Approximately 10 mm of hair can grow in a month. As experts say, for some people, for various reasons, hair can grow by 1.5-2 cm in one month. Given how much hair on the head of a person, it is found that many "sleeping" follicles are hidden in the skin. Of these, strong healthy hair can grow. This is one of the active areas that experts are dealing with to combat hair loss.

Daily loss rate

You can usually find information about what a day is healthy person loses between 60 and 150 hairs. It is quite large variation. It depends primarily on the original amount of hair. Do not neglect the fact that the rate of loss is not always the same. So how much hair a person should fall out? The number may vary depending on the time of year. Norm established by professionals, ranges from 0.003 % to 9 %. To beat anxiety it is necessary only when you fall more than 9 %. Is there an easy way to check the condition of the hair: pull back slightly on the strands (it is better for the ends) in the temples and nape. If the palm of your hand will be more than 5 hairs, to delay the adoption of serious measures for treatment is not necessary. To conduct this experiment is to clean, dry hair. The causes of hair loss can be both inside and outside. Main internal is bad ecology, excessive use of styling products, cheap dyes and low quality combs are damaging the scalp. External causes: medications, poor diet, hormonal disturbance. Don't forget, if health is all right, the loss is exposed only to the outmoded cycle of the hairs. They have white hair pouch. If it's black — immediately contact your doctor.

How many hair on a person's head should it fall out during washing?

If you notice that hair falls off abundantly during washing, especially when more than usual the number of hairs is washed off with shampoo, this is an alarm signal. Naturally, some part of them falls out, but with the normal course of physiological reactions, this process should be absolutely not noticeable. The norm of 150 hairs in the bathroom is a lot. To maintain hair, do not neglect proper care. Often it is the wrong choice of detergent that causes hair problems. Choose high-quality shampoos, rinse your head with cool water, use brushes made of natural bristles.

Councils of doctors

If you have little hair on your head or they are weakened, brittle, then doctors recommend:

  • Correctly choose the tool for combing. A good brush improves blood circulation. It is highly not recommended to use plastic combs, especially those with weakened hair, sensitive skin.
  • Proper head washing is very important for healthy hair. Use only soft water, slightly warm or cool.
  • Use less thermobooths, curling irons, ironing.
  • Adhere to the right, healthy diet. There is nothing worse for hair than diet, stress, illness.
  • Take vitamins for the hair, learn to relax.

Take care of your hair and be beautiful!