Sometimes drugs suddenly appear in a person's life. All of them leave their mark in the body. And for a long time affect the life of a person. How much does the drug hold in your blood? It depends on its kind and many other factors. The drug is most often found during cleavage. Now many ways have been invented, how to detect toxins. Even if the intoxicating agents have just arrived, special serums and vaccines are introduced into the body to determine them.

Factors that keep drugs in the body

How much blood is held a drug depends on several factors. First and foremost is the weight of a person. The same dosage can affect the health and the withdrawal of intoxicating substances from the body. It is important and the number of accepted drugs, as well as their variety. The frequency and duration of intake of intoxicating substances can also affect.How much does the drug hold in your blood? How to get drugs out of the blood?

The length of the drug's presence in the blood depends on the age, metabolic rate and the state of human health. Even if people of the same weight and complexion took intoxicants the same time and in equal doses, then the body can react to poison in different ways. Including the length of its withdrawal.

But more often than not, how much the drug keeps in your blood, the fullness is very important. Excess fat contributes to the retention of intoxicating substances that settle in the sebaceous deposits. Therefore, when a person grows thin, it often feels the action of previously taken toxins. And tests will show positive results.

Testing for the content of drugs in the body with the help of tests

Does the blood test show drugs? Yes but not all. There are drugs that are determined only by using a test of urine, nails or hair. The analysis helps to establish the presence of poison in the body. And also its number. There are several types of analysis:

The withdrawal of drugs from the body strongly influence metabolic processes in the body. The rate of release of toxins at everyone. But the tests have limited sensitivity range, so perfect they aren't. Biochemical blood test will show the drugs only in a certain period of time. And often the performance of the test depends on the chosen method. The most effective urine. It drugs last longer.

Time frame for narcotic drugs

For all intoxicating substances there is a certain time frame. The period when it is possible to determine the location of drugs using a urine test:

  • codeine, amphetamines and DXM - up to 4 days;
  • methamphetamines, cocaine and MDMA - up to 5 days;
  • when the use of heroin to delay the poison in the body greatly affects the frequency of use if the drug was adopted for the first time, he'll be out in 4 days with regular use (as with methadone) – in a week
  • opium and its derivatives - up to 2 days;
  • the phencyclidine is kept in the body from a week to a month;
  • РСР - from three to seven days;
  • marijuana, LSD, 2-CB, Ritalin - if the use was primary, can be detected in the urine in a period of 2 to 3 days;
  • with regular Smoking of marijuana it is eliminated from the body up to three months, at the same time, the greater the weight of an addict, the longer the "nonsense" remains
  • benzodiazepines also require a long period of withdrawal, these drugs stay in the body for more than 40 days
  • barbiturates last from 20 to 21 days;
  • salvia and ketamine in the urine are not detected at all.

If a person's poison content in the body is determined through a drug test in the blood, then such an analysis will be effective only if intoxicants were taken within a maximum of 7 days. On the smear of saliva, the presence of toxins is detected only within 5 days after the use of poison.

The most accurate tests on the basis of hair and nails. But they are very expensive. If a man has short hair can detect drugs for 3 months. This period firmly held toxins in the body. If the hair is long and cut infrequently, then the probability of finding intoxicating substances is greatly reduced as the accuracy of the analysis.

How much blood is held a drug, shows the nail plate. They keep intoxicating and toxic substances within six months. The analysis conducted at any time during this period, shows the presence of drugs if they were made by man. The accuracy of the test affect the length of the nail plate. Analyses of hair and nails are quite rare because of the high cost.

Cleaning the body

Global purification of the body should be carried out if the drug is completely discontinued. Or if toxic substances were used only sporadically, once and in small doses. Otherwise, cleaning the body will not make any sense.

With the most gentle detoxification used natural elements. But accumulated in the body over the long term toxins will require additional methods. While gentle cleansing to be consumed a lot of water. The best option – non-carbonated bottled. Assigns a certain diet to help speed up the metabolism and, consequently, the withdrawal of the drug. There is a need for more vegetables. Drugs are excreted from the body usually in three standard ways.

Withdrawal of drugs by forced diuresis

How to get drugs out of the blood by forced diuresis? This method is suitable for those who decided to do the body cleaning themselves. To do this, first drink as much liquid as possible. Approximately three liters. After that, you should take diuretics.

As a result, intensive kidney work begins. As a result, narcotic substances and the products of their metabolism leave the body. To speed up the process, you can use green tea together with diuretics. But with coffee you need to be careful, since this drink with toxic substances and poisons is not combined well, arrhythmia may appear.

Method of Enterosorption

Synthetic drugs and other forms are derived by the method of enterosorbtion. It promotes elimination from the intestine of toxic substances and their metabolites. First, the man is washed stomach. Then given a particular type of sorbent. The treatment is a saline enema. Then you need to drink milk. This helps to weaken the influence of drugs and prevents the development of poisoning.

Efferent methods

First determine how much the drug is kept in the blood, then choose the method. Efferent methods for the inference of toxic substances are only three: plasmapheresis, hemodialysis and hemosorption. But they are all carried out exclusively in medical clinics. With hemodialysis and hemosorption, blood is extracted from the body and purified from the body. Then she comes back.

During the plasmapheresis procedure, the blood in the body is replaced by a saline solution. But this method is used only with overdoses and only in extreme cases. All three methods are not only very expensive and complex, but also have side effects.

How to accelerate the withdrawal of drugs from the body?

How many drugs are excreted from the blood, is strongly influenced by the condition of the liver and kidneys. And also a big role plays the presence of endocrine diseases and lymphatic nodes. For example, ecstasy is manifested within 72 hours. Cannabinoids and poison the cell bodies beginner smoker in just four days. In a long term of inhaling tobacco for a month and a half the body is saturated with toxins completely.

To quickly remove synthetic drugs and other types of poisonous substances, you need to drink as much water as possible, take diuretics and milk. Vitamin complexes help to speed up the purification process. But their reaction can be unpredictable. Therefore, before taking vitamins should consult with your doctor.

Helps accelerate the withdrawal of drugs and heavy sweating. To do this, you can visit the bath or provide the body with physical exertion. This helps to speed up the metabolism and, accordingly, to quickly remove drugs and toxins from the body.