How many lives does a cat have - 7 or 9? Now we will figure out where our fact of the multiplicity of life of these animals came from in our worldview. Why do the numbers differ? Africans are the most generous. Their cat has 9 lives. Europeans call the number 7. Muslims talk about six. Let's find out how this was invented.

A cat with 9 lives

In the ancient Egyptian scrolls mention of the twenty-seven gods of Ancient Egypt. In the time of the fifth dynasty, there was a clear mention of the division of the pantheon into three groups of nine divine entities in each. The gods of the first main group are Ra, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth, Shu, Tefnut and Nephthys. Nine was considered a divine number.

Bastet is the daughter of the god Ra. The goddess of love and joy was portrayed in the form of a cat.

How many cats have lives - 7 or 9? How many cats live?

The Scandinavian goddess Freyja, the ruler of nine worlds, rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by cats.

The Greek god Apollo created the original lunar year, in which there were nine months. Diana - the sister of Apollo, the goddess of the Moon, often took the form of a cat.

Ancient mythology created a strong bond in the minds of people, linking the moon, cat and figure nine. Hence the faith of people in this myth. Therefore, many people answer the question, how many cats have lives, nine answer.

Cat with 7 lives

In the Middle Ages minstrels appeared (narrators, narrators, singers and poets). They carried culture and enlightenment to the masses. Crowds of townspeople and peasants listened with enthusiasm to fascinating poems in which the allegory of medieval lawyers, the cunningness of court intriguers, greed and solicitors and charlatanism of doctors was described in an allegorical way. All the characters were depicted as animals.

The ironic poem "The novel about the fox Reineke" was very popular. It is in this work is the character Tybalt. He was a cat that bore the title of king and had a bad snooty character. He had seven lives.

All this has firmly settled in the minds of the masses. So there was a belief in such a myth.

Cat with 6 lives

Muslims venerate the number "five", because their religion rests on the same number of indestructible concepts (faith, mercy, fasting, pilgrimage, prayer). Namaz is performed five times a day.

In the life of the Prophet Muhammad, there is a tale of a beloved cat. Her name was Muetsa. The Prophet was very fond of his pet. The cat even saved Muhammad's life once. The Messenger of Allah granted the cat the opportunity to reborn. But it could not be equated with man and endowed with the soul. Therefore, the prophet gave the cat 6 lives. Here is an interesting legend.

So how many lives does a cat have - 7 or 9? Or maybe 6? And the truth is, who can answer with accuracy, how many? Life expectancy of a cat is calculated by biologists, of course, based on scientific facts and the animal's way of life.

wild cat

The living conditions at the most extreme, as is the question of obtaining food. The main food is rodents, mice, squirrels, birds, even insects. Heavy conditions for the preservation of the offspring, therefore, 70 % of the kittens will not survive. In her life there is a struggle for territory. It is hard to count how many cats lives in the wild. Researchers, naturalists figured out that one of them lasts 6-8 years. A 12-year-old cats are considered centenarians.

Homeless animals

At every step of these animals lies danger (urban transport wheels, cars, traveling in the most unexpected places, dog fangs). These cats feed most often in public landfills, not suitable for eating food. Such an animal can easily poison or catch an infection. And let's not forget about another wild and unpredictable animal - man. Because of all this, the facts show that those living on the street rarely live up to 8 years.

These are cats living in favorable conditions. Nobody will attack them at home. The animal is surrounded by care and love. As a rule, it eats well. The correct food is picked up by a veterinarian. A regular visit to the doctor protects the pet from diseases and helps to prevent their appearance.

Animals perfectly feel a sincere and sensitive attitude. For love they pay love. In a domestic setting, the cat is least susceptible to stressful situations. Loving master does not think how many cats have lives. He is interested that the pet lived as long as possible. It is worth knowing that sterilized cats and castrated cats have a longer life.

On average, pets live at home for 15-17 years. Some live up to 18-20 years.

If you bought a kitten

The appearance in the house of a nice fluffy lump is always a significant event. And at the first hike to the veterinarian, ask the question, how many cat lives? 7 or 9? The answer is - one. And for her in the answer you.

Do not forget that the living entity is completely up to you. Read more information about the characteristics of the breed, character traits, habits, behavior of the future pet.

And now we will understand how much is the year of life of cats. In the family of cat breed, 1 year is equal to four human. Only this concept is relative. A one-year-old kitten will not be equal to a 4-year-old child. In his development, he will be like a 16-year-old teenager. A two-year-old cat is like a 24-year-old girl. Only after 24 months the value of a four-year count starts to work.

A three-year-old cat is like a 28-year-old man. Then you can continue the calculation yourself, to see exactly how much the cat can live. The whole life of your pet you try to make comfortable. But it is impossible to say exactly how long an animal will live.

If you decide to take the cat out of the shelter.

A noble act is to take a cat from a shelter. Of course, the first question will arise, how old is she?

The first thing that speaks about the age of a cat is its teeth. The kittens are the first to appear incisors within 2-4 weeks. Fangs grow on the 3rd or 4th week. Root teeth appear after 5-6 weeks. But it's dairy teeth. They can stagger or fall out. In the one-year-old cat all teeth are adults, white and without signs of wear. By the age of two, a light yellow coating appears on them. At the age of five to eight years, yellowness will be noticeable on all teeth. And by the age of ten, the cat will already notice signs of their wear and tear.

The second sign is the eyes. In young cats they are bright and transparent. With age, an eyebrow appears in the eyeball.

One of the signs of cat fur. But it is quite difficult to navigate. The young cat's coat bright, shiny and thick, although this figure can vary from time of year or the health of your pet.

Taking a cat from a shelter, it is unlikely that you will be concerned with how many lives the cats have left. After all, if you forget about the myths, you can say with certainty that your animal has one, and he will live it next to you. Do not forget, the pet is weaker than you. And there are a lot of factors from which a cat can part with its only life.