Amber – the stone that are in demand worldwide due to its attractive appearance and many medicinal properties. The demand for it is growing every year more and more. So, how much amber? Let us consider in detail the answer to this question.

How much is amber in Russia?

As mentioned above, the demand for stone is growing every year. As, however, and the price. Considering how much amber is worth noting the fact that over the last ten years the price rose by 900 %. And this trend continues.

So how much is amber in Russia? Produced different products from this stone mainly in Kaliningrad. Implemented most of the goods in the capital and St. Petersburg. Price depends, of course, from the finished product. One gram stone can cost from 30 to 150 rubles. The lower price per gram (retail) evidence the sale to the consumer or extruded of a stolen stone. Or outright forgeries.How much is amber raw? Its properties and features

The properties of the stone

Actually, looking at how much the amber, not surprising. Stone is not only used for making jewelry. He has a lot of medicinal properties. In modern medicine the use of stone for the manufacture of succinic acid. This is a great product. In addition, this remedy has antistress, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic properties.

In folk medicine, the stone is a great cure almost all diseases. To cleanse the body of toxins and normalization of the thyroid gland in the neck is recommended to wear amber beads. Using the stone to heal diseases of the skin and hair, disorders of vision and hearing, asthma and bronchitis, intestinal infections, nervous breakdowns, etc.

The market for amber products

Note also the next factor. Before you decide how much is amber (raw), you need to understand that the stones are distinguished by their texture. Small raw, for example, is used for making jewelry. It is easy to handle. Really exclusive these products can not be named. Because ornaments are relatively inexpensive (about 30 rubles per gram). Used a larger amber, and the price is higher.

However, the final price of products depends on many factors. The basis of value is the level of world prices for raw stone. For example, a kilogram of sorted unique amber worth not less than 20 thousand rubles. But if the stone contains inclusions in the form of insects or animals, the cost of a kilogram can reach even a few thousand dollars. Although such raw material does not occur very often.

In Kaliningrad the cost of the apartment fluctuates in such a range: 2-5 grams – about 200-300 euros, 5-10 grams – 400 euros, 10-20 grams, from 700 Euro, 20-100 grams – from 1600 Euro 200-500 grams is 5000 Euro, from 500 grams – very expensive due to the large deficit. Don't forget that stone prices are increasing every quarter.

Illegal mining in Ukraine

Well, how much amber (raw), illegally taken abroad? In Ukraine this phenomenon, for example, occurs often. Poland, Russia and China it is with great pleasure that purchase this jewel of organogenic origin.

On the Ukrainian customs is very often found amber, hidden in personal belongings from control. Smugglers also use a special vault made in the cavities of the car. Taken amber transferred to the ownership of the state in the "State Depository of precious stones." On average during the year, customs stops about 35 attempts of illegal movement across the border of amber. In 2015, for example, in Volyn customs seized approximately 296 thousand kilograms of amber (about 10 million).

Amber removed tons of

However, to stop the smugglers is not always possible. Although customs officers for their vigilance to keep. Most often, the cases of illegal transportation of the Sunstone occur on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Most of all violations of law discovered in the White Podlaska, białystok, Alstyne, in Przemysl, in Warsaw. The smugglers know how much amber beads abroad. Therefore, trying to sell the stone to best advantage.

Prices for Ukrainian amber

Thus, the ability to sell a gem abroad more expensive, cause a great desire to carry raw materials across the border. Someone is obtained, someone not. In Poland it is very common to see ads which specify how much kg of amber.

Ukrainian journalists decided to conduct an investigative experiment. They created a mailbox on the name of the fictional inhabitant of Germany. After that, the sellers of amber sent out the proposals from "representative of a large German company" to purchase a large amount of the gemstone. On the same day received a lot of answers.

A pole suggested desyatiraundovy stone for 1200 US dollars per kilogram, and dvadtsatimetrovy for 2400 dollars per kilogram. Another person suggested much higher prices. Nine pounds of stone at 10-20 grams he wanted $ 2,500 per kilogram. He also offered a few nuggets ounce for $ 6500.

In addition, there were many offers of cooperation. The sellers were assured that any problems with the transportation of stone will not arise.

The punishment for smuggling

It turns out, each merchant decides how much is a kilogram of amber. Price may fluctuate slightly. But the main thing – do not forget that the smuggling has to take responsibility. Although today the legislators of offenders not subject to criminal action. There is only administrative responsibility. Offense can be wrongful, intentional, committed by negligence acts or omissions. For violating these rules are responsible citizens who have reached the age of sixteen, and officials of various companies. Confiscation of goods can be applied regardless of time or detection of violations of customs rules. These actions entail a fine in the amount from 500 to 1000 free minima of the income or the confiscation of the goods and forfeiture of vehicles used to move across the border.

In Poland, the fines even more. The raw amber is set to zero rate of duty. However, here the VAT is as high as 23 %. Attempted tax evasion is regarded as a fiscal offence or a tax offence, depending on the amount of value of the goods. For illegal transportation of amber provides for a fine of up to PLN 18 million, imprisonment for up to five years or a combination of both penalties. The penalty for tax violation – up to 37 thousand PLN.

Illegal export from Russia

There is still one question. How much is a stone amber, illegally exported from the territory of the Russian Federation? Hence it comes to China, Poland and the Baltic States. Kaliningrad oblast no wonder is called "the Amber region". There are more than 90 % of the known reserves of stone. This is the only region in Russia there are known reserves of amber.

In principle, the export of raw amber from the Russian Federation is prohibited. Without having the appropriate license. However, it is neither buyers nor sellers won't stop. Is a great demand for raw materials shows China. Here amber jewelry are considered jewelry and are very expensive. Official prices for Kaliningrad raw amount of 1-50 thousand rubles per kilogram. It all depends on the faction. However, outside of Russia the cost may even increase to 10 times. Therefore, this business is incredibly profitable.