Walking is the most useful kind of sport we're doing every day. Even if the work is not tied to physical labor, you still have to go. Nutritionists and fitness trainers say that a simple walk helps to put in order the figure and significantly to lose weight, especially if you practice proper nutrition. Besides, regular walking helps to strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels, improves work of lungs and trains endurance.How many steps are there in 1 kilometer when walking?

No time for sports hall - we go to work on foot

It is not necessary to have special electronic devices that will count the distance traveled. Enough to know how many steps in 1 mile, to understand how much time to spend on walking. Without even waiting, we spend on this simple process a lot of calories. And the more you move, the more you spend. In addition, we must not forget that it promotes active lipolysis. Therefore, knowing how many steps in 1 mile, you can build a customized system for losing weight and healing your body. This is a very good incentive to start walking home from work on foot. And absolutely imperceptibly to lose a few pounds.

Walking can also be different

The length of steps for different people will be different. It depends primarily on the growth of a person. The higher it is, the longer the step, and, therefore, the faster it will pass a certain distance. However, it's not just that. The size of the foot, as well as the shoes in which the person walks, is important. For example, if you go in sports sneakers, then the step length can be maximum, and even without accelerating the course, you will pass the distance a little faster. But the girl in the shoes on the stiletto heel length will be much less, and it does not depend on the growth of a person. Calculating how many steps in 1 kilometer, you can not forget about such nuances.

Not such simple arithmetic

As you can see, simply to take the final figure does not work, and therefore you will have to make some calculations. True, you can use the approximate formula, which says that in 1 km - 1000 steps. However, it is not at all exact. For a basis it is taken, that in one step - about meter, that is for 1000 steps you will pass about 1 km. But the only option that allows you to get reliable data will include any navigator and walk one kilometer, counting the steps.

Let's give an approximate calculation, according to which you can find out how many steps are in 1 km. For example, take a person's height of 175 cm. He will need to make 1377 steps to cover the required distance.

Increase the load

If you want to exercise in order to lose weight, you need to provide a caloric deficit. In this case, you should know that just walking through the Park, you will spend a lot less than if you're in a hurry. The athlete who uses sports step, too, will work much more effectively, more efficiently. While walking costs increase about three times that can be used for good. Significantly increases the consumption of calories walking up the stairs, over rough terrain and uphill. Although here lies a small problem. To mention, how many steps in 1 km, it should be noted that when the uphill step length reduced and, therefore, the original calculations will be incorrect. However, the performance of such activities is increasing, but the quality is much more important than quantity.

Alternative to fitness training

To have an excellent figure and excellent health, it is not necessary to visit any section. For this, one does not even need to know how many steps are in 1 kilometer when walking. It's enough just to refuse from trips to the store, to visit and to work on public or personal transport. Instead, go everywhere on foot. Of course, you will need to reconsider the costs of personal time. However, a spirited state and a fit figure will be an excellent reward for you. If every day to walk for 2 hours, and this is often your way to work and back, then in just a week you will burn more than 200 g of subcutaneous fat. If you do not lean on fatty and sugary foods, and do not overeat, these stocks will not be renewed. Consequently, in a few months the result will be clearly indicated on your silhouette.

How much should I take per day

We have already said: in order to be healthy, you must necessarily go in for sports. And the simplest and most accessible form of it is walking. We tried to calculate how many steps in 1 kilometer (meters, as you know, 1000, and about the same number should be steps). However, the question immediately arises as to how many kilometers to pass per day in order not to have health problems. The rule of 10,000 steps is quite popular. This norm came to us from Japanese usage. However, questions arise again. And if a person ate a hamburger or ice cream, is it necessary to increase this rate? Or can you leave it the same?

In fact, this figure came to us from ancient times when the Japanese are much more moving on foot, Yes, the diet they were much healthier. Therefore, it was only a guideline for a healthy lifestyle. Today, doctors are faced with the fact that many people walk 2000 steps a day becomes problematic. For these people the desire to overcome the daily eight kilometers is the most relevant. Raise the bar slowly so as not to be tempted to give up.

Sport and healthy eating

There is another point why doctors do not recommend unprepared people to walk that much. Because a person can take the habit of passing in the morning and in the evening for 4 km, but completely neglect the diet. Every day 10 000 steps is very useful for health, but if you eat them with a hamburger and wash down with a cola, then you will still gain weight.

Change the step to run

If you want to make the workout more intense, then go on the run. In this case the respiratory system is trained and tempered, has recorded strong inflow of oxygen to all organs and tissues. Due to the health of the body. Some new runners are interested in how many steps in 1 mile when running. To find the average of the solution one step in this case equates to 1.5 meters. It turns out that kilometer will fall in about 666 Jogging steps.

It should be noted that since physical activity increases, and calorie consumption, respectively, increase. By slowly walking person spends on each kilogram of the weight of 3.2 kcal., 4.5 kcal. And if you go on the run, the flow rate increases to 10 kcal.

Instead of concluding

All these methods can give a very significant error, so you can only approximately calculate how many steps in 1 km when running. And if you want to have accurate data, experts recommend using fitness bracelets. He is put on his arm, and he shows how many kilometers a person has passed. Of course, there are many applications on the phone. They are free, but mostly work with large errors. So, a trip by car application can write down in walking, and on another occasion it will not react at all to your hikes. Therefore, if you really use the device, it is better to choose professional devices.