Many people wish to know how many times a week should do the exercises to get rid of excess fat. If you want to have a beautiful waistline and flat stomach, you absolutely do not have to exhaust yourself with many workouts. Also it is not necessary to sit on diets. All training facilities and a proper diet should not cause fatigue.

Simple recommendations that will help to avoid injury

Trying to practice to figure out how many times a week should do the exercises, you can get injured. To prevent this, it is necessary to remember some rules. They are as follows:

  1. No need to keep the lower back flat. Should be gently lowered onto the floor, doing exercises. To do otherwise would not only be a result, but injured back.
  2. No need to rush. High speed exercise plays no role in the issue of weight loss. To the main position there is the question of quantity and quality. The corps is required to lift slowly, straining muscles. Reaching the uppermost position, it is necessary to stand still for a second.
  3. How many times a week you need to swing a press? It should be remembered that the abdominal muscles recover fast enough. Therefore, the break between sets should not be more than 30 seconds.

These simple rules need to know everyone who wants to achieve the perfect stomach, wondering how many times a week you need to swing press.

How many times a week you need to swing press to display the cubes to remove belly fat, men? How many times a week should do the exercises in order to lose weight, girls?

No warm up not

It is also important to know how to perform the exercises. Before starting the training process should stretch the corresponding muscles. This requires that you lie on the floor, bend your legs, put your hands behind your head. It is necessary to completely relax. The breathing should be quiet.

The number of repeats

How many times a week you need to swing press to display the cubes? The question has many facets. It includes how many times to do this exercise, how many repetitions you should perform, how long it should last. In order for maximum accuracy to answer all your questions, you need to know the physical state in which the person is. Ideally, each individual drill press is best done about 2-3 approaches. In the beginning the number of repetitions should not be more than 10. To do it properly, increasing the load slowly and carefully.

Answering the question about how many times a week should do the exercises to remove belly fat, you should understand that not to overload yourself. Otherwise, increase the likelihood of injury. We must start with the number of repetitions that you are able to do it in a relaxed mode.

A gradual increase in load

In addition, after one approach you should feel a slight burning sensation in the area of the muscles targeted by the exercise. Only in such situation, you will be able to achieve good results. How many times a week you want to download press girls? To increase the number of repetitions required gradually. Otherwise not be able to achieve a highly effective workout. Speaking about the time of the training process, it should be noted that it should not differ from other types of training. It is necessary to pick out such a complex exercise, which in the beginning will reach 15 minutes. Gradually, the training time should be increased to one hour. Do not forget about warm-up. Before the exercise is run in place, rotate the housing tilts to the side. This will warm up the muscles of the abdomen.

You should listen to your body

How many times a week should do the exercises to remove belly fat? For men this question is not less relevant. Need to understand it more. The abdominal muscles can be attributed to a fairly small muscle fibers. And so they began to work, need a lot of time. The exact number of repetitions will prompt the body. Of course, three crunches a day to do useless and pointless, even if classes are every day. The effect of this approach to training process will be. In the initial stages, you must do as many repetitions as you are able. Self-pity is not necessary, but to pains in the stomach argument is not necessary.

How many times per week do I need to do?

If you want to get result as soon as possible, ideally it is necessary to train every day. However, if daily sessions afford you can't, you should try to pay attention to the training at least every other day. To achieve success in their occupations, each subsequent training needs to overlap with the traces that are left from the previous one. They can last up to 96 hours depending on the workout. Therefore, the more classes, the better the result.

The most common myths

The question about how many times a week you want to swing a press, to lose weight, we understand. Before you begin classes, you should learn about some of the myths.

  • If you perform the lift of the torso, lying on the floor, it is possible to obtain a thin waist. In reality, this exercise reduces the number of wrinkles on the entire body, not only at the individual site. So to lose weight you will, in General, not only in those places where there is a lot of fat.
  • Those who play sports games, rock press is not necessary. This is also incorrect. An important principle of sports training is having a specific goal of a flat stomach. Knowledge about how to swing a press correctly, you will help in this. In turn, most sports do not focus exactly on the belly.
  • Muscle will immediately turn into fat if you stop the run training program. Muscle fibers can turn into fat. They can only decrease in volume. After that, the body will burn fewer calories, muscle mass will gradually decrease and people will start to get fat.

Exercise should be regular

It is difficult to determine with high precision how much time will it take to press bought. Much will depend on individual abilities. Plays a significant role. And if there is no readiness for hard work and perseverance, it is desired to fail. It should also be noted that people with a large number of extra pounds will take a lot more time. For a start they will need to burn all that excess fat, and only then you can think about the beautiful terrain. However no need to despair. The most important thing is to regularly pay attention to their training. Even if they last no more than 15 minutes a day. Only in such a situation, after a week of abdominal muscles will be tightened. In a month you will be able to see the first results of their work.


The period of time over which you will be able to build a press, is largely structured around a way of life. If you stick to a proper diet and doing regular exercise, and the results will appear quite quickly.