Conception is a complicated process, all the details of which should study people who engage in sexual intercourse. If the ultimate goal is not the birth of the baby, such knowledge will help to properly protect themselves. Otherwise, spouses will be clear about what actions will help them to become parents. Surprisingly, in today's world, oversaturated with information, including about the sexual side of the relationship, still in the society are widespread myths that many people take at face value. I'm sure many have seen on the discussion forums thoughts on the subject as you need sperm to get pregnant. A seemingly simple question, but it turns out, no, answers weight. Let's consider the key myths that everyone could understand where he was wrong.How much sperm to get pregnant? Tips gynecologist

Sperm formation

Understand this, not all men, and certainly not many women. Some believe that the male produces a limited amount of sperm, and even considered how much that is in liters. Actually produced all her life. The more is released the more it is produced. By the way, there is another point that is often speculate men. Despite assurances that, in the absence of regular sex life the testes can burst, getting sick and things like that, absolutely nothing ever happens to them. In complete sexual rest will be night dreams of a sexual nature, and hence pollutions.

Number of sexual contacts

Well, closing this question, it is a popular myth that for successful conception definitely need some sex. This issue is directly related to how much sperm to get pregnant. In fact, with each successive sexual contact sperm quality, and its quantity decreases sharply. Therefore, following sexual intercourse it is better to commit after some time (e.g. a day). Considering that the sperm retain the ability to fertilize for 3-7 days, you can catch one sexual intercourse a couple of days before ovulation, and one exactly the same day.

What is a sperm

We continue to talk about how much you need sperm to get pregnant. What is a notorious fluid? Sperm is a kind of cocktail. Her education involves the testicles with the epididymis, prostate gland and glands of the urethra. Composed spermoplasma and cellular elements. Let's unpack these concepts. Spermoplasma is seminal fluid, which for the most part, formed the prostate gland. To cell elements include sperm, leukocytes, and epithelial cells. Finally, some additional, non-cellular elements. This lipid inclusions, lecithin and more. We directly come to the answer as you need sperm to get pregnant. Nature has calculated everything for us. Just one ejaculation contains enough substances to carry out the conception.

The number of ejaculant

It may be different. And it depends the quantity from many factors. This is the Constitution of men, diet, General condition, age peculiarities, bad habits and chronic diseases. And here you can divide the diseases in the whole body or of organs, glands and systems that are involved in the process of formation of sperm.

However, if you just average all the values, it turns out that the volume of ejaculate is about 4 ml. each ml contains about 20 million sperm. It is clear that the question of how much sperm to get a girl pregnant, is not quite correct. A single sperm is more than enough, and with every sexual contact in a woman's body gets about 80 million.

From theory to practice

Each of us has seen the picture of fertilization in textbooks of anatomy. One sperm fertilizes the egg, after which it becomes impervious to the others. But what nature has endowed man with ejaculata 4 ml? And all because there is a significant difference between the PH of the vagina and semen. So this is an important question, how much sperm needed to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. In the vagina acidic, which is detrimental to the sperm. Nature created this barrier not in vain, and for the purpose reached only the most tenacious of all. Seminal fluid, which is a big part of ejaculant, has an alkaline reaction. Due to this, temporarily neutralizes the barrier, and sperm can enter the uterus, where the environment more suitable for them.

Sperm Life Span

After reaching the uterus, it can save the ability to fertilize within 4-7 days. However, his journey is not yet over. If the sperm will reside in the uterus, he will wait only one. Old egg down to the uterus to break down, and will come next month. In order to fertilize it, the sperm would have to climb higher in the fallopian tubes, overcoming cervical mucus. By the way, in the time when the egg Matures, the mucus becomes temporarily passable for sperm.

In this way must be eliminated all the weak and defective cells. And the most healthy and yourself undergo changes that increase their ability to fertilize. With the sperm surface are removed, a special substance, which still served a protective function, and in addition, the flagella begin to move much faster. Life coming to an end and have to complete their mission. As you can see, nature is all well calculated. The most important thing is not how much we need of semen. The woman became pregnant would be from the tenth of the allocated ejaculate, most importantly, he got the vagina at the right day of the cycle.

Sperm quality

This is a crucial factor. It depends on the conception of an heir. Therefore, if to speak about that, how much (quantity) of sperm to get pregnant, you can call the same average figure of 4 ml, however, requires that not less than 15% of sperm contained in it, were alive. All the excess will still emerge from the vagina to the outside, and only living cells can penetrate into the uterus and fallopian tubes where they will wait for the main prize, that is the Mature ovum.

Why semen quality may deteriorate? In most cases, is the intake of alcohol, Smoking and drug addiction, a serious disease of the reproductive system. To understand the causes and get proper treatment, it is very important to undergo a semen analysis. Based on the results, the doctor will tell you how many active sperm contained in your semen and how they are active.

After intercourse

This is another question that I would like to respond. Especially on the women's forums discussed how to keep the sperm. It is possible to get pregnant without taking in any additional measures. Absolutely no need to keep my feet up, to abandon going to the toilet and do a number of actions. Let's repeat. Cum shoots deeply into the vagina, while seminal fluid instantly makes the medium alkaline, thus revealing the sperms path to the uterus. In seconds they break the neck of, and even it does not matter whether you are standing or lying down. From the vagina will emerge only seminal fluid, which has already fulfilled its function.

Instead of a conclusion

And what do gynecologists as you need sperm to conceive a child? Enough one ejaculation, the most important that man and woman were healthy, and the latter was in anticipation of ovulation. Then the conception of a child is virtually guaranteed. Not need to "control" sexual intercourse, prolonged stay in a pose "birches" and a number of additional measures. And to be sure that both partners are healthy, you need to visit doctor and pass the necessary tests. Therefore, at the stage of pregnancy planning, visit your local gynecologist and get tested.