Once a lilac wedding was considered the prerogative of the royal family. This is due to the fact that color is interpreted as a symbol of power, strength, energy. Nowadays, the newlyweds are free to choose any shades for the decoration of the celebration. A bold design find will help the wedding day forever to be deposited in the memory of the spouses and their guests.

Lilac wedding - value

Multifacetedness is a quality for which designers and psychologists especially like this color. Lilac wedding is stored in memory as a day filled with tenderness and romance. The dominance of the spring shades speaks of the desire of the newlyweds to a brighter future, a rejection of the past. The similarity of color with a purple tone brings a touch of mystery.

Lilac wedding: decoration by yourself, accessories

Experiments with different shades of lilacs allow solving different tasks. The choice of tones, as close as possible to the violet color, makes it possible to fill the space with invigorating energy. Preferring gentle options, on the contrary, brings pacification. What will be the lilac wedding, to decide the future spouses. The main thing is that the design of the cortege, banquet area and outfits should be subject to a single concept.

How to register

The wedding arch is the element that will be the center of attraction of views. Its design should be given maximum attention. The main means of decoration - living plants that match the color. You can use in the design of chrysanthemums, carnations, eustoms, elegantly combining different shades of lilac tone. The path, which is the way to the arch, you can leave white or improve with the help of rose petals.

To decorate guest chairs suited bows-capes, having the right color. Lilac wedding can not do without a registration table, which is decorated with a suitable cloth. Its shade should not be bright, it is better to combine the basic tone with white. On both sides of the path to the arch there will be racks. For their design are suitable fabric sags, made in lilac and white tones. Also, do not abandon floral arrangements, taking the plants that were used to decorate the arch.

Corsage for a lilac wedding

If the wedding is scheduled for a warm summer day, you do not need to rent a banal limousine for the honeymooners. The old-fashioned cabriolet, painted in color, in which the lilac wedding is made, will look more effectively. Photos from such a walk will long please new couples with their beauty and unusual. It is important only to make sure that on the chosen day there will be no rain, otherwise the attire of the couple will suffer and the planned photo session will not succeed.

The success of the tuple depends on how similar the machines are to each other in terms of style. It is not necessary that cars have the same color - this can not always be achieved. To fix possible dissonance will help the decor means - lilac flowers, purple balls and bows. A solemn procession along the way will win many admiring views.

How to decorate a banquet hall

The table of the newlyweds is the most important detail of the festive hall, the decor of which should be carefully thought out. If a lilac wedding is planned, the decoration of this piece of furniture with the appropriate cloth sags in tone is meant to remind you of the main concept. The main color should be emphasized by the fabric chosen for the backdrop background. Harmonize with the product will be a frame on which the first letters of the names of the newly-made husband and wife are engraved.

Live flowers - the elements that need to be installed not only on the table of the newlyweds. Places for guests are also decorated with suitable plants. For their spectacular location, snow-white stands are suitable. Supplement the picture will help chairs, decorated with bright lilac bows.

The entrance to the festive hall also needs an appropriate decor. In this zone there is a table on which the seating plan is placed. The basic tone should be present either in the cloak or in the instructions for the guests, effectively fitting into the design of the room where the lilac wedding will be held. With their own hands it is easy to create and numbered tables for tables, referring to the paper of a suitable color. The sheets can be left white, preferring the correct shades of inscriptions.

Lilac Wedding Accessories

The success of the celebration consists of the smallest details, which also deserve maximum attention. Wine glasses, candles, napkins - the elements, without which there will not be a lilac wedding. Accessories should correspond with the main scale chosen for the holiday. For example, a spectacular solution - the decoration of glasses by lilac monograms of spouses.

Balls are components, without which a rare wedding is celebrated, whatever shades are chosen for its design. Lilac helium products, hovering under the ceiling and tied to chairs, will enchant the guests with their brightness and cheerfulness. To the ceiling you can hang and flower arrangements.

The main color should be present in the dishes, which are designed to treat relatives and friends. It is not necessary to make all the dishes "lilac". It is enough to take care of small things, say, ordering cakes, endowed with a lavender filling melting in your mouth. Must contain suitable color impregnations and the design of the nail party - a luxurious cake. For its design, you can choose the lilac petals, made by the confectioner.

Choose an outfit for the bride

Lilac dress is an extreme decision, which not every girl who marries will agree to. It is not necessary to refuse a traditional snow-white outfit. It is enough to use lilac accessories that will gently and romantically look at its background. It can be an elegant ribbon, an original brooch, an elegant flower and other small things.

Shoes - an element that has the right to be lilac even when choosing a bride classic white dress. It is important to only support the color of the detail present in the attire. The design of such shoes should not be excessively impertinent, since the tone is already quite original.

The outfits of bridesmaids also should not be done completely purple. Such unity can spoil wedding photos. It is better to repeat exactly the detail that is chosen for the bridal dress - a ribbon, an ornament. You can and just prefer other colors.

We make a bouquet of the bride

If the bride's dress is problematic to subordinate the basic concept of celebration, then the complexities with the design of the traditional bouquet does not arise. Its composition depends on the time of the year.

  • In summer, a spectacular and gentle bouquet will help to collect lavender flowers. Lilac shades in combination with unobtrusive aroma - this composition elegantly fits into a romantic image.
  • Lilies, chrysanthemums - flowers, without which there will not be an autumn lilac wedding. The value of the bouquet indicates a desire for the future, a developed creative intuition.
  • In winter it is necessary to stop the choice on elegant snowdrops, preferring the specimens in the appropriate color scheme.
  • Lilac is not the only option for spring compositions. Tulips in the hands of the newlyweds will look charming.

It is desirable that the bouquet does not turn out too lilac. Be sure to dilute it with white flowers, perhaps adding red copies.

What to wear to the groom

If a lilac wedding is to be held, the groom is not obliged to wear a suit of the appropriate color. It is better to stop at the attire of other tones, using purple accessories. This can be a variety of details - a buttonhole, a tie, a pocket handkerchief. Has the right to exist and a solution, like a lilac shirt.

To conduct a "color" wedding does not necessarily involve a professional designer. Newlyweds will cope with registration independently, if they do not interfere with the flight of their own imagination. Preparing for the celebration in this case will be part of the pleasant memories that will remain with future spouses.