Most firms prefer business style clothing. The choice of colors in this case is small: black, blue, gray or brown. The darker the shade of each of these colors, the more noble and elegantly its owner looks.

The benefits of choosing blue products

The ideal option is considered if the wardrobe of a man has costumes of various colors. But often this is not the case, so before buying this type of clothing, you should carefully read the advantages of choosing each color.

Blue men's suit has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • this color helps to look a little younger;
  • no difficulties with the selection of appropriate details of wardrobe (shirts, ties).

Do not forget about the meaning that each color carries. Blue color in clothes will make you more restrained and restrained. From the point of view of psychologists, he will help people who suffer from frequent changes of mood and inconstancy. Blue men's suit will contribute to focus on important matters. With it, you get the right attitude for making decisions.

To face

Does a man with dark hair suit a man in dark blue? The photo shows one of the possible options for such a combination.

This is the case when you can play on the contrast. For those who have a light skin type, it is better to stay on the version in a more saturated color, and for men with pale skin, light shades are more suitable. Blue men's suit refers to the elements of the wardrobe that suit guys with different types of appearance.

Shirt selection

A shirt, which is incorrectly chosen, can spoil the look of even the most expensive and stylish product, so do not waste time searching for it.

Men's blue suits are better combined with gray, purple, pink, white, maroon, blue shirts.

It should be guided by the rule that the tone of the shirt should be a tone lighter than the suit.

Shoe selection

Those who have already purchased a model in blue or are confident in their choice should consider buying suitable shoes.

The first option that comes to mind is black shoes. A win-win situation: there will be no disputes over the combination of colors, and also they will not attract undue attention to themselves.

Those who wish to make their image more elegant, you can pick up shoes or shoes of red or light brown color. At the same time, you need to take care that the belt, tie and other accessories are in harmony with each other.

Look good combination of black and brown shoes.

Holders of a delicate sense of style can show imagination and demonstrate that a blue men's suit can be combined with red moccasins.

Choosing a suit for a wedding

Not only the bride spends a huge amount of time choosing her outfit. Men are also worried and want to look decent.

Most stick to the classic version and choose the black color of the festive costume. But more recently, the number of suitors, who prefer a different color of attire, has begun to increase. What color is better to choose a men's wedding suit? Blue, white, steel or experiment and buy a version with a red jacket? This question is one of the most important in preparing for the ceremony.

The choice of the groom is greatly influenced by the wedding dress of the bride. Most of the time the newlyweds are close by, and it is important that their outfits are in harmony with each other.

What does a blue suit look like for men? The photo shows a light version of the product.

Special attention should be paid to the style when choosing a men's wedding suit. Important are the model, the number of buttons, fit, proportions.

Blue color is a great option for dress coats, classic twos and triples.

Where to buy?

There are several opportunities to purchase a suit. You can make an order through the online store, or choose, personally visiting the shopping facility, or stitch to order. The last option is considered the most optimal. Its advantage is that the product made by exact measures will ideally look on the groom. The disadvantages include a higher price. In any case, it is best to try on a suit before payment is made.

If the business style is a requirement, you should not be overly upset. In the properly selected clothing of this image, you can feel comfortable. At the same time, this type of costume makes the appearance of a man more restrained, more serious and solid.

In addition, it is not necessary to be limited to only monophonic variants. Their worthy alternative is a blue checkered or striped men's suit. It should be noted, however, that these two species are slightly inferior in official status to monochromatic products.

For those who do not tolerate monotony, shirts and ties of various colors will be a wonderful way out of the situation. Also improve the situation accessories: cufflinks, clips.