Launched inflammatory diseases of the brain and its membranes are very dangerous. For this reason, they must be diagnosed and treated in the early stages. Unfortunately, people rarely seek medical help because of a headache. Only the progression of symptoms causes most patients to call an ambulance. It should be remembered that pathologies such as meningitis and encephalitis always begin with a headache. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know the specific symptoms of these inflammatory processes. Thanks to them, severe pathologies can be recognized.

Symptom Brudzinskogo: upper, middle, lower

What diseases check the symptom Brudzinsky

Neurological pathologies of an inflammatory nature are quite common, especially among children. Most often they are viral or bacterial in nature. The peak incidence occurs in the autumn and winter months. The inflammatory processes of the brain and its membranes include various types of encephalitis and meningitis. They are divided among themselves according to the etiological factor in the development of the disease. In addition, there are differences in the clinical manifestations of meningitis and encephalitis. But, despite the cause of the disease, in all cases the symptom of Kernig, Brudzinski and other shell signs will be observed.

In some pathologies, specific manifestations are more pronounced, in others it is less pronounced. However, Brudzinsky's symptom for headache needs to be checked anyway. Thanks to him, inflammatory processes can be distinguished from other brain pathologies.

What does the positive symptom of Kernig, Brudzinsky and Lessazh say?

It is known that the membranes of the brain, as well as its substance, are closely related to the nerve fibers that pass through the entire body. Therefore, with the defeat of the main regulatory apparatus, changes occur in various parts of the body. This is confirmed by meningeal symptoms. When conducting them, it is necessary to pay attention to the patient's lower limbs, thus it is possible to judge the condition of the meninges. The most common of these are the symptoms of Brudzinsky, Kernig, and stiff neck.

To determine the inflammatory brain disease in young children, use other techniques. For example, a symptom of Lessage. Also, in babies, a lot of reflexes are checked, which in pathology can disappear or appear weaker. If the shell symptoms are positive, this does not necessarily mean meningitis. In some cases, the gray matter of the brain can be involved in the process. Then the disease is called encephalitis and is more formidable. Most often, meningeal signs are sharply positive with purulent inflammation of the meninges or with hemorrhagic stroke.

Technique check symptoms Bruzdinsky

Symptoms of Brudzinsky are checked if any neurological pathology is suspected. They are necessary to confirm or eliminate the inflammatory process of meningeal membranes. Symptom Brudzinskogo upper is detected in patients in most cases. His verification is not a big deal. To do this, you need to lay the patient on his back and ask him to tilt his head forward (to the chest). If at the same time the patient involuntarily bends the legs, the symptom is considered positive. Often, its conduct is combined with checking the stiffness of the muscles of the neck. The average symptom of Brudzinsky is differently called common. The position of the patient does not change, he also remains lying on his back. At the same time it is necessary to press on the groin area (the pubic tubercle). Symptom is positive if leg flexion occurs. This symptom is not always observed, but only in the case of purulent meningitis. The lower symptom of Brudzinsky is carried out as follows: the patient bends one leg in the hip and knee joints, while the second limb is brought to the stomach independently. In this case, the result is regarded as positive.

Kernig's symptom: how is it checked?

Kernig's symptom is another sign that diagnoses brain pathologies. It can be positive not only in inflammatory diseases. In some cases, Kernig's symptom is observed due to irritation of the meninges with blood. This happens in case of head injuries or stroke due to hemorrhagic type. Technique of the symptom Kernig:

  1. Lay the man on his back.
  2. Bend one leg at the hip and knee joints.
  3. Try to straighten the lower limb.

The symptom is positive if the leg cannot be fully extended.

Medical tactics for positive meningeal symptoms

The positive symptom of Brudzinsky speaks of irritation of the lining of the brain. In this case, the doctor prescribes a further examination. First of all, if meningitis or encephalitis is suspected, a puncture of the cerebrospinal fluid is performed. Analysis of the liquor will indicate the presence of bacterial or viral inflammation. When detected in the cerebrospinal blood fluid, a computed tomography of the brain is performed. It is also necessary for head injuries.

Treatment with a positive symptom Brudzinsky

If during the examination revealed at least one positive symptom Brudzinsky, it is necessary to hospitalize the patient. Further examination will help find the cause of the disease. For purulent inflammations of the medulla and membranes, antibacterial therapy is performed. Serous meningitis requires antiviral treatment. ONMK on hemorrhagic type is an indication for immediate surgical intervention.