Every future mother cares about the well-being of her baby. Often, before the birth of the baby, parents begin to view the most suitable options for the full development of the child. After all, you want to give your child the best, to fill his life with light and joy as much as possible. Today, the market can offer quite a lot of interesting options. Parents and relatives can only choose to your taste.

Simplicity is the cradle of a new generation

Recently, the company "Simplicity" has become very popular. The cradle of its production features a number of useful functions from a conventional baby crib. The thing is so convenient and easy to use that I want to use all its wonderful features. It is a pity that the child grows rapidly and after six months she is already cramped. So, what are the prospects for the mother and baby Simplicity?

Cradle with hanging toys

This is a wonderful feature that will become an additional tool for the development of the baby. The cot itself is arranged in such a way that soft toys are attached to it. They rotate in one direction and create a feeling of peace and tranquility for the infant. This is a striking feature that distinguishes the cradle of Simplicity. Reviews about her there are different, but in most cases, parents are happy with the acquisition. Mummies note extraordinary convenience: the child can not fall out of this crib in any way, and at the same time it has everything necessary for full-fledged development. The baby will be able to stop looking at the funny toys in moments of wakefulness and to examine interesting objects.

Becoming older, the child will be happy to pull handles to these interesting animals. At this time it is extremely important to give him the opportunity to touch the objects of interest to him. Suspended toys are a bright and indisputable advantage, which has the cradle of Simplicity. The instruction is attached to each crib, and it is written in Russian.

Musical equipment

What could be better if not quiet quiet melodies that help to strengthen the baby's tender sleep? All this can give Simplicity. Cradle includes several beautiful compositions of classical music, which has a beneficial effect on the psyche. The musical accompaniment acts gently and unobtrusively: the kid safely falls asleep under the tender sound of a violin and a piano. You do not have to stay near his crib for a long time, you can calmly do your own business - a lulling system will help to calm the crumbs.

The musical accompaniment helps the baby to relax and sink into sleep easily and imperceptibly for him. It is noticed that when a quiet calming melody plays, the child seldom cries. He can even for a while cease to be capricious. There are cases when babies were interested in listening to sounding music, and then quietly fell asleep.

Comfortable night light

In the dark, when mom has to get up to the baby, she can not light the top light. Right on the cradle there is a special button, which allows to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. The light falls so that the mother can see her child. Thus, nothing can escape from her caring look.

Swaying action

In addition to these advantages, there are others that Simplicity enjoys. The cradle is capable of making smooth, barely perceptible movements. They create a sedative effect, due to which the effect of comfort is formed during the stay of the baby in the crib. Parents are very comfortable with the fact that the cradle can swing the baby without their participation: it is not always convenient to hold the child in your arms, it is necessary to distract yourself from your business or other need. You do not have to worry: the baby will fall asleep quickly if you turn on motion sickness.

Undoubtedly, a very useful invention is the cradle of Simplicity. The price for such a miracle in large shopping centers varies from six to ten thousand rubles and rises higher. A second-hand model can be purchased for three to four thousand. When you are going to make a purchase, you should not, however, think that the mother can replace the baby's bed. This she can not do. No matter how busy you are with washing and preparing food, do not forget to take the crumbs on your hands, the baby is extremely necessary to feel your warmth and lively participation.