Traditionally in Russia, all real estate transactions fall into the category of problematic because of the mass of difficulties that arise in the course of buying or selling or renting residential and non-residential areas. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are a huge number of different rituals and conspiracies designed to help in such matters.

Strong prayer for the sale of the house and land

In this article, we will look at some prayers that are considered to be the strongest for the sale of a house and land. You can verify this on your own experience, and for our purposes only includes a selection of prayer texts for the purpose of acquaintance.

Difficulties of sale

Like any real estate transaction, selling a land or a house is not just a legal transaction. As a rule, this is a certain stress and a lot of experiences, which are accompanied by internal fears. The likelihood of being deceived by fraudsters and not getting their money often scares people. And this, in turn, causes them to seek help from above. Prayer for selling a house, plotting, going to church - all this plays the role of an amulet designed to protect a person's property from negative influence and to ensure a successful outcome of the matter.

Whom to pray to?

Appeal for help to God is most often accompanied or preceded, and sometimes replaced by an appeal to the saints. Thus, the prayer for the sale of the house can be directed, for example, to St. John of Sočavi. Also the reputation of patrons in this business is enjoyed by Saint Xenia of St. Petersburg and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Of course, they apply to the Virgin Mary.

How to sell real estate?

Inhabitants of housing charge the premises with their own energy, which accumulates and begins to influence the overall atmosphere of the house. Therefore, selling a home, you give and a piece of yourself. It is very important that your buyer likes you. Otherwise, the dissonance between his energy and your remaining in the room will have a negative impact on mental and physical health until the last remnants of your energy are exhausted from your former home. The same goes for land. So sometimes it's better not to rush to sell a living space.

Praying for a quick sale at home can help you speed up the process, but always keep in mind who exactly you are going to cede to your home. And when giving, do not become attached to it, leave the place easily and freely, without regret and inner clinging.

Prayer to St. Spiridon of Trimi Fountain

This prayer to Spiridon for the sale of the house is one of the main Orthodox prayers used in such cases. With what is it connected? A long time ago, Saint Spyridon entered the list of saints who patronize commercial affairs, including buying and selling real estate. The church description of his life is full of stories about the cases when he helped the needy financially. In addition, he was famous for having a gift of miraculous healings and always disinterestedly showed his concern and helped everyone who addressed him. All this played a role in the fact that he gained the glory of a saint who helps to find his place in life, to solve housing and material issues.

And here, actually, and a prayer for the sale of the house and the land:

"Pray, O Father Spiridon, a good and loving God, that he does not condemn us for our iniquities." But let him do according to his mercy. Ask him for us in the name of Christ a peaceful life, devoid of vicissitudes, mental and physical health and well-being. Deliver us from all spiritual and bodily troubles, from diseases and diabolical networks. Remember us at the throne of God and pray for us, that he may grant forgiveness to the multitude of our sins. He gave us a comfortable and peaceful life and granted us a painless and shameless death. We also ask that he bless our enterprise and sell our house and help us. By his mercy and your representation let us be delivered from the craftiness of people, the lies of deceivers and unjust losses. In integrity and prosperity, he will save us with your prayers. But we, thanksgiving to you, giving unceasingly, we send glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever! Amen".

It is recommended, with these words, to address the saint daily until the apartment is sold. And below, we will present another prayer for the sale of the house, but to another saint. This is a contemporary of St. Spiridon, the notorious Nikolai the Sinner.

Prayer for the sale of the house to Nicholas the Wonderworker

After the Mother of God, this is perhaps the most famous and popular saint in Russian Orthodoxy. It is well known that many people go to the temple for prayers to this particular saint, bypassing in their worship all others, including Christ and God Himself. From the point of view of the purity of the Orthodox faith, this is wrong, but popular piety and spontaneous faith rarely take into account the letter of dogmas. Psychologically, a person, even a saint, is closer and more understandable than God, who appears to be a more abstract figure. That is why appeals to the saints are so common, including this prayer for the sale of the house to Nikolai the Savior.

"Oh, Saint Nicholas, a saint of God! Grant me your fatherly blessing for the successful sale of the house (and / or land) and send me generous and honest buyers. Amen".

This short prayer for the sale of the house, like the previous one, should be readable daily, up to the realization of the conceived. And after the transaction you should thank the saint.

Prayer to the Mother of God

It is believed that the Mother of God renders extremely strong help in fulfilling the desires. Therefore, in this situation, it is recommended to address it prayerfully. The only requirement in this case - to abandon the intention to deceive your customers and to proceed with a clean heart. Well, of course, this strong prayer for the sale of a house requires faith. Since without it, it is meaningless to ask anyone to pray at all. Sound prayer to the Mother of God can be anything, in the sense that you can pray in your own words. The main thing is that it should be sincere.

An example is the following:

"The Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ! I ask you, descend to my request, listen to my petition and bring it to the throne of your son. Yes, he will give me his blessing, so that I can make a sale of the house without deceit and loss in the near future. Yes, he will send me kind and honest buyers and relieve me of all sorts of trouble. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mother, and together with you I send glory to Your Son, Father and Holy Spirit! Amen".

Prayer to Prince Daniel of Moscow

In addition, you can also turn to the prince of Moscow, Daniel, glorified in the face of Russian saints. The prayer for the sale of a house and land to it will help you, it is believed, more quickly and successfully achieve the desired. There is no special text for this case, but, as in the case of the Mother of God, there is an opportunity to pray with your own words.

During his lifetime, this prince became famous for having made a strong, powerful and promising princedom out of an insignificant portion. It is thanks to his policy, wisdom and vision that Moscow today is the way it is. In addition, the prince distinguished piety, mercy and compassion for people. He was always ready to help the needy and stand up for the weak. He is revered as one of the patron saints of Moscow. He is prayed for public and private needs, including about trade matters. And it can be done not only by the residents of the capital, but also by all who have a desire and faith.

Prayer to God

If you have turned to the saints for help, then in fact it is assumed that you believe in God, the messengers of which these people are. And accordingly, and your prayers in the first place should be directed to him. The saints are intermediaries and a kind of "support group", which will help you to solicit and pray for the Most High what you need.

And most importantly, if you get what you want, do not forget to thank God and your patron saints prayerfully.