Traditionally in Russia, all real estate transactions fall into the category of problematic because of the mass of difficulties that arise during the sale or lease of residential and non-residential space. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are a huge number of different rituals and plots designed to help in such matters.

Strong prayer for the sale of houses and land

In this article we will look at some of the prayers that are considered the strongest for selling houses and land. You can verify this on your own experience, and our goal is only a selection of prayer texts for the purpose of familiarization.

Difficulty selling

As with any real estate transaction, the sale of a land plot or house is not just a legal operation. As a rule, this is a certain stress and a mass of experiences that are accompanied by inner fears. The likelihood of being deceived by scammers and not getting their money often frightens people. And this, in turn, makes them seek help from above. A prayer for the sale of a house, a conspiracy, a trip to the church — all this plays the role of a guardian, designed to protect a person’s property from negative influence and ensure a successful outcome.

Who to pray?

Appeal for help to God is often accompanied or preceded, and sometimes replaced by appeal to the saints. Thus, a prayer for the sale of a house can be sent, for example, to St. John Sochavsky. Also, St. Xenia of St. Petersburg and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker enjoy a reputation as patrons in this matter. Of course, appeal to the Virgin Mary.

How to sell real estate?

The inhabitants of the dwelling charge the room with their own energy, which accumulates and begins to influence the general atmosphere of the house. Therefore, selling housing, you give a piece of yourself. It is very important that your buyer was cute. Otherwise, the discord between his energy and yours remaining in the room will negatively affect your mental and physical well-being until the last remnants of your energy from your former home are exhausted. The same goes for the land. Therefore, sometimes it is better not to rush to sell a living space.

A prayer for a quick sale of a house may help you speed up the process, but always keep in mind who you are going to give up your home to. And when giving, do not become attached to it, leave the place easily and freely, without regret and internal clinging.

Prayer to Saint Spyridon of Trimifunts

This Spiridon prayer for the sale of a house is one of the main Orthodox prayers used in such cases. What is the reason? Once upon a time, St. Spyridon entered the list of saints who provide patronage in trade, including in the sale of real estate. The church description of his life is full of stories about cases when he helped the needy financially. In addition, he was famous for having the gift of miraculous healings and always selflessly showed his care and provided assistance to all who addressed him. All this played a role in the fact that he gained the glory of a saint who helps to find his place in life, to solve housing and material issues.

But, in fact, the prayer to sell the house and the land:

“Beg, O Father Spiridon, a good and humane God, that he may not condemn us for our iniquities. But let him do it by grace. For us in the name of Christ, ask him for a peaceful life devoid of vicissitudes, mental and physical health and well-being. Deliver us from all mental and physical ills, from diseases and diabolical networks. Remember us at the throne of God and pray for us, that he may grant forgiveness to the multitude of our sins. A comfortable and peaceful life gave us the end of life, which was painless and free from shame, that we were honored. We ask also, may he bless our company and sell our house and help us. By his mercy and by your intercession, may we be delivered from the craftiness of men, the lies of deceivers and unjust losses. In wholeness and wealth, may he preserve us with your prayers. We, giving thanks to you, ceaselessly give glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, forever and ever! Amen".

It is recommended with these words to contact the saint daily until the apartment is sold. And below we will present another prayer to sell the house, but to another saint. This is a contemporary of St. Spyridon, the notorious Nikolai Ugodnik.

Prayer for the sale of the house to Nicholas the Wonderworker

After the Virgin is perhaps the most famous and popular saint in Russian Orthodoxy. It is authentically known that many people go to the temple for the sake of prayers to this particular saint, bypassing in their veneration all the others, including Christ and God himself. From the point of view of the purity of the Orthodox faith, this is wrong, but popular piety and elemental faith rarely reckon with the letter of dogmas. Psychologically, a person, even if holy, is closer and more comprehensible than God, who appears to be a more abstract figure. That is why appeals to saints are so widespread, including this prayer for the sale of the house to Nikolai Ugodnik.

“Oh, Saint Nicholas, the saint of God! Give me your fatherly blessing for the successful sale of a house (and / or land) and send me generous and honest buyers. Amen".

This brief prayer for the sale of the house, like the previous one, should be read daily, until the realization of the plan. And after the transaction should thank the saint.

Prayer to the Virgin

It is believed that the Mother of God is extremely helpful in fulfilling desires. Therefore, in this situation, it is recommended to contact her prayerfully. The only requirement at the same time - to abandon the plan to deceive your customers and proceed to the transaction with a pure heart. And of course, this strong prayer for the sale of a house requires faith. Since without it, it is at least meaningless to turn to anyone with a prayer. A prayer to the Mother of God can sound as you please, in the sense that you can pray in your own words. The main thing is that it is sincere.

An example would be the following option:

“Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ! I beg you, come down to my request, heed my request and bring it to the throne of your son. May he give me his blessing so that I can complete the sale of the house without deception and loss in the soonest possible time. Yes, he will send me good and honest customers and will save me from any trouble. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, our Mother, and together with you I send the glory to Thy Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit! Amen".

Prayer to Prince Daniel of Moscow

In addition, you can also refer to the Prince of Moscow, Daniel, glorified in the face of Russian saints. A prayer for the sale of a house and land addressed to him will help you, as it is considered, to achieve the desired more quickly and successfully. There is no special text for this case, but, as in the case of the Mother of God, there is an opportunity to pray in one’s own words.

During his lifetime, this prince became famous for having made a strong, powerful and promising principality from an insignificant inheritance. It is thanks to his politics, wisdom and foresight that Moscow today is what it is. In addition, the prince was distinguished by piety, mercy and compassion for people. He was always ready to help those in need and stand up for the weak. He is also honored as one of the patron saints of Moscow. He is prayed for public and private needs, including trade affairs. And this can be done not only by the residents of the capital, but also by all who have the desire and faith.

Prayer to god

If you turned to the saints for help, then in fact it is assumed that you believe in God, the messengers of which these people are. And accordingly, your prayers should first of all be directed towards him. Saints are mediators and a kind of “support group” that will help you to beg and beg from the Almighty what you need.

And most importantly, having received what you want, do not forget to prayerfully thank God and your patron saints.