Purification of the human body must occur naturally. However, there are times when intervention of medical personnel is necessary. This article will tell you what a siphon enema is. You will learn about the indications for the procedure. It is also worth mentioning how the siphon enema is performed.

Siphon enema: indications and method of conducting

What is this procedure?

Siphon enema - this is one of the ways to cleanse the intestines. It should be noted that manipulation is quite traumatic. After it is carried out from the intestine, not only wastes of vital activity are washed away, but also useful bacteria.

Currently, medical institutions are trying not to resort to the use of a siphon enema. An alternative way to cleanse the intestines is to use the Esmarch mug and microclysters. However, sometimes a siphon enema is still needed by man.

Indications for manipulation

Siphon enema is performed only on the recommendation of a doctor. Do not manipulate yourself. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. Indications for it are the following situations:

  • an obstruction of an intestine (for the alternative means this phenomenon becomes a contraindication);
  • the inability of a person to empty the intestines;
  • after various surgical interventions on the internal organs;
  • when there are foreign objects in the intestines for the purpose of their extraction by a stream of water;
  • condition after surgery, when the patient can not push, and so on.

In fact, there can be more indications for manipulation. In each case, the doctor must take into account the consequences and benefits for the patient's body. Only after this, an enema can be prescribed.

Siphon enema

The technique of performing this procedure is quite simple. However, it is worth turning to professionals for manipulation. It is not only unsafe, but practically impossible to put a siphon enema on its own. You can buy equipment in any pharmacy network. However, if there are no definite indications, then purifying the intestine is better in more gentle ways.

How is the siphon enema carried out? The technique of execution has several points. All of them must be taken into account during manipulation. Let's consider the basic steps and find out how to manipulate.

First point: preparation of material and patient

To perform the manipulation, you will need a tube-catheter length of about one meter or more. It is also necessary to purchase a tip that will be inserted into the intestine. A compulsory supplement is the bowl, into which water flows.

The temperature of the injected liquid should be about 40 degrees. Surely you know that for a mug Esmarha you need to use water with a temperature of 30 degrees. This difference is explained by the following. During the setting of the siphon enema, the liquid penetrates deep into the intestine. Cold water can cause a malfunction in the work of neighboring organs. That's why you need to apply a liquid with high temperatures.

The patient should settle on the left side before setting the enema. The couch should be chosen with a hard surface. Under the pelvic area, an absorbent diaper should be placed. It helps to avoid leakage of intestinal contents.

The second point: the introduction of water

The siphon enema algorithm has the following. The second step is to introduce water into the human body. To do this, take the tip and oil it with petroleum jelly or oil. Gently, by rotating the movements, enter this part for the entire length. After that, pour water into the thicket in quantities of up to one liter.

Raise the device to a height of one meter above the pelvis of the patient. You will notice that the water began to go away. When all the liquid is in the intestine, proceed to the next step.

Third item: cleansing of the intestine

Lower the bowl below the level of the couch. You will notice how it fills the contents of the intestine. There may be fecal masses, stones, air accumulations. When the bowl is full, turn it over and pour the contents into the bucket.

Then you need to repeat the manipulation. Pour clean water into the bowl and again raise it over the patient's body. Wait for it to empty and act as described above. Repeat this procedure you need about 7-15 times. It all depends on the individual characteristics and testimony. After emptying the last bowl, place the tube in the bucket. This will cleanse the intestines from the remaining liquid and waste.


You became aware of what a siphon enema is. In recent years, this method of cleaning the intestines is rarely chosen. Doctors use it only in special, exceptional cases. Never try to do the procedure yourself! For sure you will not be able to correctly hold it. Use the services of medical personnel. Successes to you and health!