Carlos Strandberg is a Swedish footballer who plays for the Russian CSKA from Moscow. He is only 20 years old, so he still walks in the status of a young talent - he needs to work on himself as it should, since this period is the most fruitful for the development of certain sports qualities. Carlos Strandberg takes the position of a classic central forward.

Carier start

Swedish striker Carlos Strandberg

Carlos Strandberg was born on the fourteenth of April 1996 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. He has mixed blood: his father is a Swede and his mother is an immigrant from Mozambique. Already at the age of six, he joined the football academy of the club, based in the area where he lived, and called respectively “Bakka”. In 2005, he moved to another local club - Hissingingsbakka, where he was already late for a long time - for six whole years.

Only in 2012, when he was 16 years old, Carlos Strandberg was able to get into the club of a higher level “Hacken”, with whom he signed a professional contract in 2014. However, even before his majority, the talent had time to make his debut for the adult squad - in 2013, he held 14 fights for the club, scoring 4 goals. The following year, he went to the football field 21 times, scoring six more goals. With this he attracted the Moscow CSKA, who in the winter of 2015 signed the young Swedish forward for 450 thousand euros.

Go to CSKA

Rent and return to CSKA

The rent in Ural was absolutely a failure - for six months at the Strandberg club, it entered the field only three times, so in the winter of 2016 the club management decided to return it to CSKA and send it to another club. At this time, “CSKA” decided that he would be better at home - therefore, in the first half of 2016, Carlos was sent to the Swedish “AIK”.

There, his business went much better - he firmly entrenched in the main part of the club, played 15 matches, scoring an impressive number of goals in them - as many as nine. In the summer of 2016, Strandberg returned to CSKA and tried to set up his business there.

In the current season, he is still not a player of the base, but he is already much more likely to replace. Until the end of 2016, he played 18 matches in which he scored four goals and was marked by one assists. Naturally, now he has to compete with such a striker as Lassin Traore, what to do in twenty years is not so easy, however, in the future, Strandberg may receive more playing time than he does now.

Performances for the national team

Strandberg has not yet made his debut for Sweden because he is too young. However, he already has performances for youth teams of various age categories. He played 7 matches for the national team under the age of 17, 13 matches for the national team under the age of 19, and 8 matches for the national team under the age of 21, in which he is now.

In total for the youth teams, he scored eight goals. The last match he played was the most productive. In the qualifying match against the national team of Croatia to 21 years, Carlos participated in three of the four goals scored. He scored one himself, and organized two, scoring assists for himself. As a result, the Swedes won with a score of 4: 2, and if Strandberg continues to show similar results, as well as be able to get more playing time at CSKA, in the near future he will be able to receive an invitation already to the adult team.