Hobbies can be very different. It all depends on the interest of a person. But in addition to this factor, its role plays the fact, what he's been doing most of the time. For example, make something at leisure usually prefer people associated in anyway with manual labor. Such a desire may well Wake up after carrying out a successful renovation or construction. The fact that at hand are the necessary tools, and materials are usually left. Here on the details of the use of mechanisms and now it will go. More specifically, it will answer the question of how to use a caliper and what is it all about.

What is this device?

To measure usually used roulette. It is a well known fact that such devices have almost everyone. Indeed, the usability challenge is hard enough. But not always it is possible to perform the necessary measurements.

What if the part to be measured is round?

Caliper - how to use them?But there are more extravagant forms, where you do not know which side to approach. It is in these situations that a caliper is used. How to use it, tell you a little later.

Size matters

Naturally, different tasks use different mechanisms. This greatly simplifies the work. One of the main factors is the size of the device.

Most manual models are limited to the range 125-150 mm. you can Sometimes see in the hands of an Amateur device at 250 mm. the fact that the calipers can be of different sizes. So learning how to use the big models at work or in the factory, easy to transfer knowledge to the domestic area. In recent enough and small measuring mechanism.

Caliper – how to use them? The probability of error

The error in the measurement is the second, but no less important factor. The perfect instrument does not exist, and therefore entered the class system of these useful devices.

First class is a stepping error of one-twentieth of a millimeter. For the usual measurements this is sufficient, even more than – but as soon as it comes to something more accurate, and need more accurate devices.

A second class circulated the most. Here the error is already the tenth part of a millimeter, and therefore, in the production of the device is used simply can not. But for home use it is, so don't bother searching overly precise models. If you know how to use a caliper, the difference in classes and models you don't mind. The scheme of actions is the same. But if you insist on precision, then you will probably need a micrometer is a much more specific device.


The mechanism here is quite simple, since it consists of two main parts. The first is a fixed measurement scale. At the end of the fixed jaws to be used.

The second main part is the moving frame, with the help of which sponges you will compress the measurement objects by measuring.

If on the fixed part of the construction the length marks are in a rather wide range - that is, to the very end of the device, then in the lower part a certain number of divisions is usually provided.

How to use a caliper - an example

We take a drill as an object of measurement - it is them who are most often measured in this way.You can bet that they're already laid out in their dimensional parameters, but only in ideal conditions. In reality, the drill just dump in one package, especially when there is no separate packaging.

So, the whole process begins with the fact that you pick up the calipers and measured the object in this case is a drill. Next you need to separate the jaws of the device, to impose on the drill press. Used for fixing the bearing screw which you can tighten.

Definition of indicators

So, we have calipers. How to use it? It is not difficult. Remember the schema, and then you just need to get the hand to determine the results. This should be seen as aligned bottom and top of the scale on which it was slightly higher.

So, the first band on the lower scale is the main figure of the diameter. For example, if you take that same drill bit, the first plank will stop, say, 6. Hence, the diameter is six millimeters. But the work is just beginning. If the bands are not perfectly matched, so the dimensions are not quite accurate.

In this case, go to the right on the scale until you find the perfectly matching slats.One step is one tenth of a millimeter. That is, if the result is at the fifth bar, then the diameter is not exactly six millimeters, and a half. This is possible because the caliper is a fairly accurate device.

Additional Information

There are more modern devices of the same function. Here important will be the question of how to use the electronic caliper. Actually nothing complicated in this case. The technology remains the same, only now you do not need to define the eye. The digital display on the device will tell you the sizes down to fractions of a millimeter.

Also you need to know that this device is capricious.So think, how to use a Vernier caliper, and before you begin your measurement. All extraneous clutter should be removed, including dirt, dust, etc. also need to wipe, otherwise any trapped in the mechanism objects can disturb the accuracy.

The finale

The question about the calipers, how to use them and how to apply, can be considered closed. In the process there is no secret, so she can take care of the child. The main thing – do not rush and always check not only correctness of performance, but also that the clamped object. The last factor is sometimes overlooked, which can lead to false readings and, thus, to future errors.