A grease gun is a specialized tool that is used both in everyday life and in production. Most often, the device is used when necessary car maintenance. The main task of the device is accurate lubricant delivery to the most hard-to-reach places.


Grease Gun: Basic TypesA grease gun comes to the rescue when it is necessary to treat with oil compositions of complex assemblies and structural elements of the aggregates that function in the mode of increased wear.

Often the tool is used by motorists to replace the engine fluid. There are several advantages to this solution. First of all, the consumable material enters the engine of the vehicle under pressure. Thus, high-quality lubrication of all system components is provided. Secondly, a grease gun contributes to the economical consumption of fluid, which is poured in much smaller quantities than when processed in the traditional way.

Motorists have long been aware that numerous vehicle damage occurs due to improper and untimely processing of parts with oils. Therefore, such a syringe is often used to lubricate cardanas, bearings.

Currently, there are several separate modifications of such tools, which differ according to the characteristics of the application, characteristics. Let's look at the most common options.

Plunger Grease Gun

The devices of this category are made in the form of a housing, movably connected to a conducting tube, where the suction element and the piston are placed. Thanks to this design feature, it becomes possible to reduce the lever angle.

The end of the plunger syringe contains a cylinder of high pressure, which has a discharge valve.

Consumable substance is poured into the housing fixtures. When the grease gun comes into action, the tip touches the oil can, after which the fluid flows to the high pressure cylinder and is released to the outside.

Electric syringe

It has a similar purpose. The difference lies in the design features. Thus, an electric grease gun contains a battery that must be charged when operating the tool. It is the energy coming from this element that drives the piston, which pushes the lubricant out of the conductive tube.

If you decide to give preference to such a device, you should focus on its configuration. The best option if you need regular car maintenance will be to buy a model that can be powered by a car cigarette lighter.

Screw syringe

Such devices are used to handle hard-to-reach holes and threaded connections of mechanisms. To ensure ease of operation, screw syringes are supplemented with special fittings that are connected to the tip of the tool. The pressure required for the operation of the tool is formed by screwing the piston bolt into the body. The latter is dismantled immediately before the start of work, and in its place a fitting is installed, through which the lubricating fluid flows.

Pneumatic syringe

Based on the name of the tool, it is easy to guess that the operation involves the use of automatic air drive. The device contains a gun, with the activation of which there is a supply of a lubricant.

A pneumatic syringe is suitable for lubricating crosses, hard-to-reach assemblies of mechanisms, and various structures.

Since the devices of this category are distinguished by the highest efficiency compared to the above options, their characteristics deserve special attention. Depending on the manufacturer of the pneumatic syringe for lubrication, they may differ slightly, but on average they will be as follows:

  • Drive pressure is about 10 bar.
  • Capacity - about 0.6 cm 3 in one move.
  • The average capacity is 450 cm 3.
  • Weight - no more than 2 kg.
  • Working temperature - ranging from -20 to +50 o C.

Refusing traditional methods of lubrication in favor of a specialized automatic syringe, a motorist gets an effective, easy-to-use means for quickly treating components and parts of mechanisms with fluids. The only thing that is required from the user is to decide on a suitable option, which will be most practical when performing certain works.