Bermuda – not only the birthplace of the mysterious triangle, but also the world-famous Bermuda – cropped above the knee are shorts.

History of Bermuda

Initially, the Bermuda shorts were part of the uniforms of the British soldiers serving in tropical colonies in the 19th century. With a loose cut shorts do not restrict movement and solid material from which they were made, protect the skin from minor injuries and overheating.

New apparel is rapidly gaining popularity not only among military, but also civilian, especially among residents of Bermuda, where the fighting took place. The fact that during the war, Bermuda was a shortage of clothes, when the problem of the uniform Bank employees, Jack Litborn, one of the leaders of the regional Bank began to issue the cropped pants on the basis of the military for their subordinates.

Soon a new element to a business suit has gained popularity not only office workers but also among other population of the Islands, and Litborn with colleagues have expanded production and have been spreading the Bermuda around the world. But after the war they began to use bright materials with colorful pictures instead of the traditional grey solid. This has made Bermuda shorts from business wear available in versatile everyday attire for all.

Bermuda today

Over its long history, this kind of clothes has experienced a resounding success, and undeserved oblivion. Today, Bermuda again became the darlings of the designers, and they are increasingly using them in their collections.

Initially, the Bermuda shorts were exclusively male clothing, but women are very quickly appreciated their advantages and began to wear both on holiday and at work. Unlike skirts, shorts, this model is less shackle movement and more graceful than their counterparts – denim shorts, and hot summer are the perfect replacement for pants.

Shorts Bermuda now so popular that many brands, along with older, and produce a baby model.

Some companies develop and distribute the Bermuda shorts for weight loss. They are designed to correct problem areas and help in losing weight. The multiple layers of this product creates the effect of the bath, improving blood circulation and promoting the breakdown of accumulated fats. The fitted design allows you to freely wear shorts under clothing for both men and women. Although this model is more similar to breeches, because of the elongated leg and high waist it carries the name of their ancient "ancestors" – Bermuda.

What does bermuda look like

Classic Bermuda is cropped just above the knees (not more than 10 cm) classic dress pants with a formal cut with pockets, a belt, sometimes with arrows. Most often they are sewn from solid fabrics in pastel tones made of natural materials or suiting fabrics. Exception – the beach option, colored Bermuda shorts, a photo of which can be found on most leaflets Bermuda or other Paradise Islands.

Modern Bermuda shorts often are made of denim or knitted fabrics and not so formal styling remains unchanged, only the length.

Bermuda office

Invented like a uniform, Bermuda continue to be an integral element of a business suit, both for men and women.

Men traditionally wear them under blazers with stockings or socks, completing the ensemble with leather shoes classic models. Tie or vest is also perfectly in tune with Bermuda, like other business accessories. It is important that the shorts were of plain suit fabrics of subdued colors, although sometimes allowed colors in stripes or checks.

Women combine the Bermuda shorts with jackets, shirts and elegant blouses of light fabrics. Striking jewelry will be able to successfully complement the image of a business woman, if you don't overdo it. Legs look good court shoes or sandals with heels. Colors – traditional. As for fabrics, in addition to costume can be used silk and satin.

Bermuda on vacation

Informally the question of what to wear with Bermuda shorts, to put is simply stupid, so as to combine them with almost everything. Moreover, colors can be any as tissue.

Men can wear shorts with t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and sweaters. Shoes - sandals, sneakers, sneakers or shoes.

Many designers advise men to combine Bermudas with a strict jacket and a bright t-shirt with a print.

The golden rule for women: Bermuda shorts can be worn with everything that is appropriate to wear a medium-length skirt.

Bermuda shorts are in perfect harmony with most beach accessories, such as wide-brimmed straw hats, Panamas, bags or backpacks of canvas, flip-flops, short tops.

In the early twenty-first century the fashion for shorts Bermuda is experiencing a new upsurge. Today, Bermuda has ceased to be a purely sporting or business wear, now is a versatile garment, appropriate in every situation for every person, regardless of age and social status.