The kids in the winter, cause much anxiety for parents. Due to the loss of mittens, inability to tie scarves, sweating in the head-dresses of fur, the cold was stalking them, literally. In the last decade, the market of children's clothes, a winter helmet Kivat, the crucial issue of boys and girls attending the kindergarten, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

The company Agtuvi Ky (Finland) counts since 1974, producing high quality clothes for children. The facility is located in Tampere, and not withdrawn in the third world countries. Kivat – known brand specializing in the production of children's hats. The product features, convenience and high functionality. Child, nothing will interfere with while playing in the fresh air.Kivat helmets: description, sizes, reviews

Hat "Kivate", about which speech will go, is intended for the youngest consumers, taking their first steps. For their production the company uses the best materials: Merino wool and 100% cotton. Exports to Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Russia confirms the practicability, high quality and modern style of products, meeting the requirements of the Northern winter with its extremes of weather and temperature difference from 0 to about -25 C.

Kivat helmets: description

The headpiece has two layers: on the outside it is made of 100% wool, the inside of nice body cotton. In the area of the forehead and ears insulated by izosoft protecting the vulnerable from wind and frost. Has drawstring that makes it easy to put on and take off the product very little. A small slit for the face tight to the skin without causing discomfort.

Front has applique (crown, car, star or soccer ball), which, in addition to aesthetic value, has a reflective effect. There are models where reflective elements woven into the strands of the pompom or ribbon connecting it with the cap. The child wearing helmet child Kivat, is always visible in the dark.

The model simultaneously performs the function of headgear and scarf (2 in 1), protecting not only the neck but also the chest of the baby. Because of its tight binding and high-quality processing of the seams, will last several seasons with proper care. Inside there is a label where you can write the child's name to avoid any confusion. The wealth of variety and bright colors allows you to choose the right hat according to the style and taste of both boys and girls.

Kivat helmet sizes: how to choose correctly?

The size of the headdresses corresponds to the age, but the circumference of the head should be taken into account. We offer a comparative table:

Do not take a cap on growth, to longer wear. If it is large, it will slide to the side or to climb the eye. Finnish manufacturers strictly follow the dimension next to Kivat hats sat neatly on the head, covering the ears and forehead.

If at first it seems fitting that the product sits too tight, it should just wash it. This can be done by hand or on delicate cycle (30 degrees). At a higher temperature woolen things down. Drying should be horizontal to the cap is not lost form.

Reviews: positive moments

Among the analogues of other firms (Lassie, Kerry, Giraf, Reima) Kivat helmets have more positive reviews. Buyers note the following positive points:

  • Hypoallergenic properties of the product. Due to the cotton lining, the child's head does not itch, and he does not feel any discomfort.
  • Ideal fit on the head, tight fit in the ears. If necessary, an additional hood can be used for all models.
  • The product is light, soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • High quality of the material, due to which the spools are not formed.
  • Easy to operate. The kid easily manages to pull the helmet over his head.
  • Originality of colors and design. There are smooth models, as well as with pompons, mohawk and pigtails.
  • High wear resistance of the material.
  • Possibility of wearing not only in winter, but also in the off-season. The head does not sweat due to a thin coat of wool and cotton lining.

The main complaints about other models (with the exception of Reima) are a cumbersome look and discomfort when you wear: the cap either falls over your eyes, or opens the eye when you turn your head.

Reviews: negative moments

The main drawback, according to consumers, is the price of the product. It is impossible to buy cheaper helmets Kivat 1500 rubles. But remember: an elaborate system of protecting the baby from hypothermia and overheating ensures that the child will be less likely to get sick with colds. This will provide significant savings on medications. In addition, the product will last a few seasons. Among my customers using a hat for the baby for 3-4 years, indicated only one negative point – light warp knitted products in the area of the chin.

It is believed that for the harsh Russian winter, need warmer hats using fur or knit in two layers. Finnish caps are suitable only for European countries. In fact, there's nothing worse than overheating of the head and neck of the child, where are the major arteries and veins. The vessels dilate, leading to an additional flow of blood. Its outflow from the extremities and internal organs leads to cooling other parts of the body, which is extremely harmful for the baby. An indication that the head cold is back. Parents can always check the protective properties of the cap.

Among consumers there are those who have ruined the product, not providing proper care. Often it is washable at high temperatures, after which the cap was child small. On the label of each model are detailed instructions on how to care for hats.

Why helmet?

As soon as the baby begins to walk, parents are thinking about a hat for the winter. Many still rely on hoods that prevent kids to be active and impede movement. Hat "Kivate" – a great alternative chosen by more and more Russian families.

The model came from a mod. The sports industry has long used balaclavas for climbers and mountain tourists, as the most convenient headwear in both form and quality of the material. Tested on athletes, it will approach the child during the walks in the winter frosty day.