Not so long ago, coloring the strands with the help of highlighting was considered an almost impossible task at home. Due to the wide availability of professional cosmetic kits, almost any girl can perform the procedure today.

How to make highlighting through the foil or cap correctly and not to spoil the hair? The following recommendations will help.

Necessary accessories

Foil or Polyethylene Cap

To perform high-quality highlighting in your own bathroom, it is enough to prepare:

  • lightening agent;
  • oxidizing agent;
  • hair dye;
  • wooden or plastic container that will be used to prepare the mixture;
  • rubber gloves;
  • brush for applying the composition;
  • rinse and shampoo;
  • foil or a special cap (depending on the chosen method).

Highlighting using plastic cap

The cap for highlighting allows you to get rid of unnecessary problems if you perform the procedure yourself at home. This tool contains special holes where individual strands of hair are passed. If it is not possible to purchase a finished hat, a good piece of cellophane or a swimming cap, where you need to make holes for the strands, can be a good alternative.

The hat for highlighting allows you to lighten both the bulk of the hair, and create a light effect. In the latter case, the strands should be threaded into every third to fourth hole.

After preparing the strands and preparing the clarifier according to the instructions, you can proceed directly to its application. Treat the clarifier should be wet strands, covering the hair with a means in abundant amounts. In the process, colored strands should not come into contact with the rest of the hair.

Resorting to this method of clarification, the hair should be washed without removing the cap. Only after you can remove the cap and wash the dyed hair with balsam-rinse or shampoo.

Foil Cap

How to perform self-highlighting using foil? This method is recommended when necessary to lighten thicker strands. Foil cap is ideal for treating extremely thick as well as long hair.

To perform the procedure, it is necessary to prepare in advance a sufficient amount of foil, cutting it into individual strips of a width of the order of 10 cm. It is desirable that the foil length be twice as long as the strand.

When preparing for highlighting, it is enough to comb the hair thoroughly, and then divide it into necessary parts. Next, you can proceed to staining. It is better to start with the processing strands that are on the back of the head.

Under the separated strands enclosed foil and dyeing is performed. The foil sections are folded in half and the side sections of the material are folded up. It is important not to stain the remaining hair. If necessary, such a foil cap can be additionally fixed with cosmetic clips.

Depending on the desired result, you can dye your hair from 15 to 30 minutes. At the end, the strands are freed from the foil and thoroughly washed. After that you can wash your hair using regular shampoo.

California highlighting

To perform the highlighting procedure in this way, a foil cap or a plastic sheath with holes is not required. According to cosmetologists, staining with free access of air makes it possible to achieve the best result without burnt strands and distinct transitions.

For highlighting here you will need:

  • bleaching composition;
  • brush;
  • hairbrush;
  • paint tank;
  • gloves;
  • towel.

For a start, a towel is thrown onto the shoulders. Hair should be combed by strands not more than 1.5 cm wide. Split hair into strands should be strictly along horizontal partitions in a staggered manner.

Lightening composition is prepared according to the recommendations specified in the instructions. The dye is applied to the strands with smooth, unhurried movements. It is recommended to keep the brush parallel to the descending strands during application. Care must be taken that the composition does not stain the remaining areas of the hair, which, if necessary, can be covered with napkins.

Leave the strands alone for complete coloring should be about 30-40 minutes. Upon completion, it is necessary to carefully wash the hair with a balm or shampoo.

As you can see, there are enough effective ways that allow you to perform self-highlighting of hair. Beauty is worth visiting for this only in the absence of experience, full confidence in their own abilities and getting a successful result. In general, using the experience of friends or relying on the method of trial and error, you can soon learn how to dye your hair with highlights.