Schauma is a fairly well-known German brand today. He appeared in the cosmetics market in 1949, and almost immediately won popularity among buyers with his unusual at the time shampoo in a tube.

Gradually, "Shauma" began to expand its range. Shampoos began to appear, containing natural components and oriented to different types of hair. The first in the line of Schauma appeared classic shampoo "Shauma 7 herbs."

In Russia, this brand became known in the early 90s of the 20th century. Due to the quality and inexpensive prices, Schauma hair care products have appeared on the shelves of bathrooms in almost every family.

Shamun Sha: composition, types, photos, reviews

"Shauma" shampoo: types, photos

Specialists Schauma try to provide all the features of hair, creating for each type of its means. In the brand's lineup, you can find shampoos and balms that give a volume created for combating dandruff, containing extracts of herbs that give shine and much more. There is also a children's series, phyto-shampoos, funds enriched with keratin. It remains only to choose the most suitable Shampoo for you. Photos, brief descriptions and testimonials will help you.

Fresh it Up

This kind was designed specifically for teenage hair. After all, the ringlets of girls who have already left the age of the child, but have not yet grown to an adult makeup, also need special care. The main problem of hair in adolescence is the split ends and fatty roots. The girls will be helped to bring the hair in order containing the milk of passionflower Shampoo "Shauma".

Reviews about "Fresh IT Up" are very impressive. As noted by the owners of this remedy, the hair after washing retains its original freshness for two days, the roots hold volume and are not salted. And with regular use of Fresh it Up, the curls become obedient and smooth, and the tips stop cutting.

The Power of Keratin

Shampoo "The strength of keratin" is directed to the restoration of brittle and damaged hair. Keratin, which is part of the drug, heals every hair from the inside, putting in order its damaged areas. A stunning aroma is another undoubted advantage that this shampoo of "Shauma" possesses.

Reviews of women who tested this tool are mostly positive. According to them, after drying, the hair does not crumble, besides there is no static electricity. And although users do not notice any significant changes in the fragility, thanks to the silky and shiny curls after using the "Keratin Power", they use this shampoo constantly and are quite happy.


This series is one of the latest developments of Schauma. The composition of the line "Phytocofeine" includes balm, shampoo and mask. It is aimed at nutrition and restoration of hair bulbs and on reduction of hair loss shampoo "Shauma". The composition of all the products of the line is as follows: keratin, caffeine, proteins and natural extracts of herbs.

Judging by the reviews, thanks to the regular use of phytocoefine, the hair gets shine and volume, the fallout noticeably decreases. Curls remain clean up to 3 days. In addition, shampoo does not cause dandruff and itching and does not dry the scalp. When using the entire set of tools included in this line, the curls become much stronger and thicker.

Push-Up volume

Many women dream of buying a shampoo that would not only give volume, but also kept it for a long time. But very little of a tool has these qualities. Usually the subsequent volume is given with the help of handy tools: a hair dryer, a curling iron and other.

And although the manufacturer claims that a series of hair care products "Shauma" Push-Up will give a lot of curls to the locks, shampoo users have a slightly different opinion. Indeed, the means are good, they smell nice, they wash perfectly, but here the volume is attached to an insignificant one, which, moreover, is kept only for a short time. And if you can still notice something on thin hair on the first day, then there is absolutely no effect on heavy and thick effects.

Shampoo "Shauma 7 herbs" is a classic. It is still the most in demand among buyers, despite the fact that this line is produced quite a long time ago. The composition of the funds includes chamomile, rosemary, horsetail, nettle, sage, hops, mint and other useful herbs.

Judging by the numerous positive reviews, Schauma shampoo "7 herbs" gives shine to the curls, makes the hair more lush, and hair and scalp - healthier. This line is ideal for oily hair, many users note that cleanliness and freshness after washing the head are saved up to four days.

Glitter of color

Another collection from Schauma - shampoo for colored hair "Shine of color". It is believed that its use after staining will give locks a natural vibrant color. But in reality everything turned out not so rosy. Users of this line is not particularly impressed. Shampoo is not suitable for oily hair, it also causes dandruff. There are practically no positive reviews about the "Shine of Color".

Children's line

Specialists Schauma also created their own line of shampoos for children. They have a pleasant aroma, they have neutral PH and do not cause allergic reactions. Children's shampoo "Shauma" was developed in three types: for girls, boys and toddlers from 0. It contains no sulfates, silicone and dyes.

This is the only line Schauma, which has a lot of positive feedback and almost no negative. The main thing that moms note is that the product does not cause tears when it gets in the eyes, it does not irritate the scalp and does not dry children's hair. The smell of shampoos is very pleasant and is liked by absolutely all children. Hair after bathing is very gentle and soft, with subsequent combing is not confused.

Shampoo "Shauma" is always on the top lines of ratings of cosmetic means for hair care. In Russia, this brand was declared the "Product of the Year" 6 times. Here, as in many countries of the world, it is loved for its huge choice and incredibly low price. In principle, any consumer can pick up a shampoo from the series Schauma, suitable exactly for his hair type. Good quality, no allergic reactions, affordable price, well-groomed and healthy look of curls - all this is said about hair care products "Shauma".