Several years ago, a line of products from the German company Schwarzkopf appeared on the shelves of various markets, which the manufacturer advertised as “professional care available to everyone”. It is under this slogan that Cies shampoo has gained popularity. Reviews of this product continue to excite the attention of women, as they prove that this tool is really capable of giving odds to professional salon cosmetics.Shampoo Cies: reviews, types

Why precisely "Cies"?

Yes, because this brand has been on the market for a relatively long time and for good reason won the trust of customers. The advantages of Cies shampoos are obvious:

  • The composition of the product meets all requirements for quality, and also contains keratin and various vegetable oils.
  • The manufacturer uses innovations in the care of hair for the manufacture of tools.
  • Hair gets a healthy shine and become strong.
  • The product is quite economical.
  • All of them are produced in convenient bottles of 500 ml.
  • Low cost makes the funds available.

In addition to the listed items, you can add that the manufacturer offers a fairly wide range of products. In addition, a noticeable improvement in the structure of the hair is noticed by many women using Cies shampoo. Reviews are filled with information that with regular use of the product the hair becomes obedient and silky, and also keeps the volume longer.

Main characteristics

According to experts, the German manufacturer very competently approached the manufacture of shampoos. Firstly, the pH level of the detergent composition is neutral, which provides gentle care for curls without the risk of injury. Unlike most shampoos with an aggressive alkaline environment, this product is characterized by a slightly acidic balance, so the surface of the hair is not damaged during washing.

Secondly, despite the fact that only soft components are present in the composition of the product, it washes the hair very well. As a result, a feeling of freshness and lightness of hair remains much longer. This was noticed by many women who wrote about shampoo "Cies" reviews. Hair loss is also not observed, the product, on the contrary, strengthens them.

Thirdly, Ciez shampoos contain a lot of nutrients, such as keratin, natural oils and plant extracts. Therefore, they both have a cleansing and caring effect.

Main lines

At the moment, Cies products are represented by several series of shampoos, namely:

  • With the effect of lamination - Glossing Shine Seal.
  • With keratin - Keratin Hair Perfection.
  • Silicone Free - Syoss Silicone Free.
  • Against hair loss - Anti-Hair Fall.
  • Anti dandruff - Anti-Dandruff.
  • For volume - Volume Lift.

Each of the products has been developed according to individual technology, specifically to solve various problems related to the health and beauty of curls.

A separate item is to make the so-called dry shampoo. This tool is manufactured by the manufacturer in spray cans. The consistency and method of application of this product is completely different from the usual shampoo "Cies". Reviews of women who have already managed to try a novelty on themselves, argue that the tool is simply indispensable in critical situations when it is not possible to wash your hair in a standard way.

The effect of lamination - for smooth and shiny curls

Thanks to the innovative Pro-Cellium Keratin technology, now every woman can achieve the perfect hairstyle at home. Shampoo company "Cies" with the effect of lamination covers each hair with a thin keratin film, thereby smoothing its surface. As a result, the curls look smooth and well-groomed, as if you had just visited a beauty salon. However, it is better for owners of a greasy type of hair not to use Cies shampoo with a lamination effect. Customer reviews indicate that in this case, the tool gives an almost imperceptible result. In addition, many ladies noticed that the product makes the hair heavier, so for oily hair, which already lack volume, it does not fit.

At the same time, dull and damaged, as well as stained curls just come to life with regular use of a shampoo from the Glossing Shine Seal series. The tool makes the hair more docile and pleasant to the touch, and the color - brighter and richer.

Keratin dose - to restore structure

When developing this line, the manufacturer took care of the health of the consumer’s hair more than usual. Keratin Hair Perfection shampoo contains 80% more keratin than all other products of the company. The tool is designed specifically for the care of heavily damaged hair, which requires a deep and thorough restoration. If your hair has suffered from regular hot styling, perm or dyeing, then the best way out will be shampoo "Cies" with keratin. Reviews of women using it are as follows: the product remarkably restores the structure of the hair, makes the curls live and elastic. However, as in the case of the Glossing Shine Seal series, this tool is not suitable for hair that is prone to fat. Ideal for normal, dry or colored curls. An additional effect can be obtained by applying the product in combination with a balm and a mask from the same line.

"No" - silicone, "yes" - healthy hair

In the composition of modern cosmetics for hair care more and more began to be mentioned parabens and sulfates. These substances facilitate combing and improve the appearance of the strands, but with regular use they clog the pores of the scalp, which has the opposite effect. To allow the hair to breathe, the company "Cieces" offers pamper her shampoo from a series of Silicone Free. This product is completely absent silicone, so the care is as gentle as possible.

Light, healthy and shiny curls - this is what gives this shampoo "Cies". Consumer reviews prove that the effect of using the tool does not keep you waiting, and the hair takes on a completely different look. Silicone-free shampoo is good for caring for colored curls, as it provides careful care for their structure and allows you to maintain color saturation much longer.

The problem of hair loss is solved

As a rule, the hair begins to lose its thickness due to the banal lack of nutrients. Weakened curls begin to thin, and women - to panic. The Cies company solved this problem by releasing another brainchild. Shampoo, designed to combat hair loss, contains in its composition stem cells, which are unique compounds that can restore hair at the cellular level. Feeding and strengthening the hair follicles, the product ensures the renewal of the structure of the strands along the entire length.

The great advantage of the product is that it does not make the hair heavier - so say women who use Cies shampoo against hair loss. Reviews of various consumers confirm the information that the product is suitable for the care of hair of any type.

It should, however, be clarified that the shampoo from the Anti-Hair Fall line does not have a therapeutic effect on curls. Therefore, a noticeable result will appear only if the loss is not caused by disturbances in the body.

Eliminate dandruff in the bills

The fight against dandruff is a very delicate question for both the female and male half of the population. The difficulty is that it is not always possible to get rid of this problem, often the process is delayed for a long time. The German company has found an effective and at the same time simple way out - a shampoo containing zinc pyrithione. The substance included in the composition of the product, actively fights bacteria that cause peeling of the scalp, and also eliminates itching.

The high efficiency of the product was noticed by many consumers, who personally evaluated this Cies shampoo. Reviews inform that dandruff symptoms (severe itching, desquamation, hair greasiness at the roots) become less pronounced after the first use of the product. With regular use of the tool, the problem is completely eliminated.

Voluminous and lively curls without weighting

The Volume Lift series can be a real find for ladies eager to get lush hair. Shampoo from this line gently cleanses the hair, while not weighing them with particles of silicone. As a result, the curls get extra volume without much effort. The manufacturer recommends using this shampoo for the fair sex, whose hair is thin and not too thick. Typically, this type of hair is poorly styling, including aimed at creating volume at the roots. As representatives of the German company assure, the effect will be felt already after the first washing of the head.

Some women complain that they didn’t notice any changes after they started using Cies shampoo for volume. Reviews of other women generally say that the product makes the curls too greasy. Nevertheless, it should be understood that the selection of caring cosmetics should be individual, therefore, blindly trusting the opinion of other consumers is not the best idea.

Dry shampoo - for clean hair without washing

On sale this amazing product appeared relatively recently, but already managed to become the main master of many young ladies. The principle of the novelty is as follows: the dry shampoo contains absorbents, which tend to absorb particles of fat. Getting on the hair and scalp, that is what they actually do.

It has been noticed by most consumers that the best option for emergency situations or long journeys is dry shampoo "Cies". Reviews show that it cleans the scalp of fat no worse than regular washing. At the same time, you can significantly save time, since the method of using the tool is very simple: you just need to spray the contents of the bottle on your hair and then use a comb.

Cies shampoos: terms of use

There are no special recommendations on the use of German brand products. Everything is done according to the classical scheme: shampoo is applied to wet hair, foams and then washed off. Some means, however, must be removed from the head of hair especially carefully. For example, this applies to such a product as shampoo "Cies" with the effect of lamination. Reviews claim: to wash it off is a little more difficult than the products from other series.

With regard to the frequency of use of shampoo, you can not burden yourself with daily procedures. It is best to wash your hair with shampoo brand "Cies" once every 2-3 days, depending on the type of your curls. A hair that is prone to fat may have to be subjected to water procedures a little more often.

Each type of shampoo is different in its own way and is distinguished by certain features. Try several options and choose the one that seems most appropriate. For example, an agent with keratin can be used for the careful care of hair. A shampoo "Cies" against hair loss, reviews of which are positive, will help strengthen and restore the curls.