"Kerastaz" - professional French hair cosmetics. It was developed by the specialists of the company “L'Oreal”. This is a medical cosmetics. It strengthens, nourishes and restores hair. The Kerastaz series includes:

Cosmetics recommended for professional use by hairdressers. But it can be applied at home.

Hair Restoration Cosmetics

L'Oreal specialists and hairdressers from all over the world recommend Kerastaz products. Reviews of her extremely positive. The series includes products intended for different types of hair:

For each problem, the company's specialists have created a number of tools. All types of unhealthy hair are associated with a complex set of injuries. For dry characteristic split ends, brittleness. Thin hair often suffers from loss of elasticity and shine. Excess sebum is accompanied by dandruff. Damage to hair can be caused by various causes, such as diseases of internal organs or exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Nutrients for dry curls

A number of active ingredients include Kerastas products. Reviews of her note high efficiency. Appearance of hair improves already from the first application. This effect provides the active ingredients:

  • ceramides;
  • plant extracts;
  • proteins;
  • vitamins and trace elements.

Dry hair is a problem for many women. This is due to the unhealthy environment. In the summer, the air is dried out with air conditioning, and in the winter with hot batteries. Frosts add their negative impact. Dry hair needs nutrition first of all. The perfect remedy is oil. One of the most popular is Precious Elixir (Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil).

For the shine effect

Oil “Kerastaz”, the reviews of which among women enthusiastic, it is better to apply in two ways:

  • on wet strands before hot laying;
  • on dried hair to make it smooth and shiny.

The tool can be used before washing the head as a mask. Suitable for straight hair. Do not apply large amounts of oil. Hair becomes heavy and quickly grow fat. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas, such as split ends. They need to lubricate especially carefully. Do not put oil on the hair at the roots. Spread the product evenly over the entire surface of the strands.

Many ladies prefer the products of the “Kerastaz” series. Hair oil, reviews of which will be useful for novice users, exists in several versions. Tool for colored curls collects many positive comments. It contains tea extract. Oil is economical. On the packaging, you can set a lock against accidental pressing.

Oil and mask

The effect is achieved after the first application. Hair becomes smooth and shiny, not electrified. Attractive appearance persists until late evening. The next day, according to user reviews, the hair looks at too neat, it is better to wash them. Many girls like this oil.

For dry hair is applied mask "Kerastaz". Reviews of her emphasize the great effect. Mask Oleo-Relax perfectly absorbed and washed off. It should be applied to wet hair. After applying the product, the strands become smooth and shiny. And long curls - also flowing.

Specialized forums are filled with comments from lovers of the “Kerastaz” brand. Hair mask, reviews of which emphasizes the magnificent effect from the first application, is applied to towel-dried hair. The manufacturer recommends keeping the tool for 10-15 minutes. But some women apply it for half an hour or more. According to their reviews, the effect is long. Mask Nutritiv not only cares about the structure of the hair, but also nourishes the bulb. The tool will appreciate the beautiful women who are interested in smoothing curls with tongs or ironing. The mask is designed to eliminate thermal damage.

For fast hair growth

Popular among consumers shampoo "Kerastaz". Reviews note the innovative scientific developments used in it. Densifique shampoo contains stemoxidin. It is an active substance that can awaken dormant hair follicles. Concern "L'Oreal" holds a patent for stemoxidin. Using the tool allows you to increase the number of active bulbs. The shampoo contacts the scalp in a matter of minutes, but the hair becomes thicker. Some users do not believe in it until they try it themselves.

Concern "L'Oreal" produces a lot of money "Kerastaz" from hair loss. Reviews show that women prefer shampoos in this series. After applying them, the curls look great. Experienced users are advised not to wash off the shampoo immediately. Ladies recommend holding it on your head for a few minutes. The main disadvantage, according to users, is the high price of the product. This is written in almost all comments.

Means “Kerastaz” from hair loss, reviews of which mark a quick effect, like many women. Users write about the good condition of the hair after applying shampoo and oil. Curls are lush and well-groomed. However, some consumers have noted the lack of effect. After prolonged use of shampoo hair continues to fall. Perhaps women should hold the remedy longer on their heads.

Shampoo “Kerastaz”, reviews of which are simply enthusiastic, includes hyaluronic acid. She is famous for its moisturizing qualities and is part of many creams for dry skin.

Active ingredients for your hair

Mandatory component of restoring shampoos - ceramides. These substances are produced by our body. They protect the skin, forming a natural barrier layer. This substance is very important for the care of appearance.

Shampoo “Kerastaz”, reviews of which make it possible to be convinced of the high quality of this product, contains proteins. The tool also includes keratin. It is a strong protein that is part of the skin, hair and nails. Its main function is protection. He covers the hair along the entire length. This creates a barrier to negative environmental impacts. It is keratin that protects hair from frost and sun, and also protects curls with frequent use of a hair dryer and ironing. The natural barrier is also destroyed when dyeing or curling. Keratin makes curls soft and voluminous.

The kerastaz oily hair cleanser is very popular. Reviews note the cost effectiveness of shampoo. Packaging is equipped with a convenient lid with dispenser. The composition includes exfoliating particles. Therefore, the tool has the effect of scrub. It cleanses the scalp. Shampoo not only heals greasy roots, but also strengthens dry tips. It foams well and reliably cleans hair. The effect is quite long lasting. Users recommend alternating shampoo with natural products.

How to protect damaged curls?

The “Kerastaz” line for colored hair, reviews of which are rarely negative, includes a mask and oil. Many beauties say that after using them, the curls began to look just great. Shampoo "Chrome Rish" has a thick texture, consumed sparingly. The tool makes hair soft, shiny and docile. Consumers are not advised to use air conditioning after it. The hair becomes lush and voluminous. Shampoo transparent, light pink. His smell is faint, floral.

Very effective is a thermal protective agent “Kerastaz” for hair. Reviews indicate different ways to use it. The liquid should be applied to damp hair before styling. Drying hair dryer is harmful to the hair. Hot air damages the hair follicle and cuticle. Cold air does less harm. The tool is easy to apply and economical. To care for long hair, it is enough to squeeze a pea-sized paste out of a tube. Means perfectly protects the curls from the negative effects of hot air when laying a hairdryer.

More shine

Pearl cosmetic series - cream “Kerastaz”. Reviews note the presence in the composition of small, but very bright sparkles. They are almost invisible in the cream, but simply sparkle on the hair. Means is quickly absorbed. Curls become luxurious and radiant, without oily sheen. The cream can be applied in several ways:

  • on wet hair;
  • on washed dry strands;
  • to restore the effect throughout the day.

The tool facilitates styling, makes obedient tips. It can not be applied to the roots. The cream protects against the negative effects of sunlight, gives curls density and flexibility. Shining hair looks natural day and night. Looks gorgeous hairstyle with brilliance in bright electric light.

Ampoules - treatment and rehabilitation

A lot of effective tools are in the arsenal of the manufacturer Kerastas. Ampoules, reviews of which testify to their high efficiency, attract the attention of users with their original format. The tanks are equipped with a convenient dispenser. The liquid can be applied to the entire length of the hair or only to the problem areas:

Ampoules - a very powerful tool. They even restore hair that is in the worst condition. Users recommend using ampoules for drastically bleached curls.

Scrubs for the scalp

An effective remedy of the Kerastasz series is the intriguing nickname “Revitalizing gommage”. This is a mini scrub for the scalp. It is applied to wet hair before applying shampoo. The skin should be massaged for about five minutes. The tool not only cleanses the scalp, but also restores the hair follicles. As part of there are vitamins and oil complex:

The tool should be distributed over the entire length of the hair. It has a strengthening and nourishing effect. After applying the scrub long curls look well-groomed.

Volume Gel and Milk

The Kerastaz series demonstrates a wide variety of hair care products. Very popular among users of gel to create volume. It is applied to wet curls at the roots and spread over the hair for a length of about five centimeters. Then dry the strands with a hair dryer, simulating the volume with a round brush. Curls long retain their shape. But avoid frequent scratching.

Positive comments collects milk "Kerastaz". This gives volume rinse. It is applied to washed and dried towel. The manufacturer recommends to hold the rinse on the hair for several minutes, massaging the curls along the entire length, especially at the tips. Rinse off with plenty of water. Consumers are advised to use a rinse in a duet with Kerastaz shampoo. When using a tool from another brand, the effect will not be as pronounced.

Serum "Kerastaz" is designed to heal the scalp. The tool strengthens hair follicles, prevents the formation of dandruff. The skin is restored. Accelerated hair growth. The tool is applied to the roots and spread over the surface of the curls a few centimeters. In addition, the serum adds volume. Cosmetics "Kerastaz" very expensive. And this serum - especially. Packaging looks rich and luxurious. It is made of thick glass. The economical consumption of serum contributes to the pipette. It allows you to accurately measure the amount of funds for each use.

Feedback and Comments

Consumers often point out the excellent performance of brand products. Reviews are filled with positive emotions. Women do not spare epithets to convey their admiration. Kerastaz products are quite expensive. It is bought by women who truly need professional hair care. These ladies are the most loyal fans of the French brand.

Negative reviews are rare. They are left to the ladies who did not come up with this or that remedy. They note its inefficiency. However, in any comment there is no complaint about the harm of products. Hair does not get worse than they were. “Kerastaz” transforms even “tow” and “haystack” on the head.

Negative comments are often associated with the brand's product mix. The only natural ingredients of many products are vegetable oils. The main active ingredients are silicones. Oxygenated synthetic fats today are part of many cosmetics. Silicones protect the hair from the negative effects of the environment, make them soft and shiny. These synthetic fats are completely harmless.

Mode of use of professional cosmetics

Silicones have negative sides. They completely envelop the hair, preventing access to air. Silicones are poorly soluble in water. Therefore, wash such funds must be very carefully. Insoluble silicones are contained in cosmetic oils. Do not use them for too long.

The remains of non-washed substances pollute the scalp, making it difficult to breathe. It is very important to clean the roots with regular peeling. An effective scrub is easy to prepare yourself from sea salt and a few drops of essential oil. The consistency of the tool should be thick and resemble wet sand. With prolonged use of silicone shampoos, hair becomes dull, brittle and heavy. Professional tools must be alternated with natural cosmetics.

Some shampoos for enhancing hair growth include stem cells. From an ethical point of view, this is not always acceptable. But many ladies do not know about it, because the composition on the package is written in French.

Cosmetics "Kerastaz" very effective. It will be useful if you alternate it with natural hair care products.