What are you targeting when choosing a hair shampoo? On the price, packaging, flavor, advertising? The main thing to pay attention to is the quality of the shampoo, the type of hair and scalp for which they are intended.

Recently, professional hair care cosmetics have become available to everyone, but, unfortunately, the cost of it often bites. But what if you want to use a professional quality tool, and the desire to overpay has not yet appeared? Consider the funds from the professional brand Kapous - types of shampoos and customer reviews. And maybe you will find the answer to your question.

Kapous Professional

Domestic brand Kapous Professional was founded in 2001. All production is concentrated in Western Europe, which means that the brand meets the requirements of not only Russian, but also European quality standards.

Cosmetics has a full line of products for dyeing, care, hair restoration, as well as styling and perm. All tools are developed by leading technologists and trichologists, using natural ingredients: extracts of valuable plants, fruits, essential oils.

The professional product line is available not only to beauty salons and private master hairdressers, but to anyone who wishes to use high-quality hair care products at home. One of the most favorite products of the brand is Kapus shampoo. The choice is really great, everyone can choose for themselves a shampoo that perfectly matches the type of hair and scalp.

Another indisputable advantage of Kapus products is price. The brand does not "cheat" for complex packaging, fragrances, advertising, which does not affect the quality of funds.

How to choose shampoo

In pursuit of fashion on any shampoo, advertised in social networks, we forget that its main function is cleansing hair and scalp from impurities and sebum. Restore damaged strands and "solder" split ends, unfortunately, he can not. So what do you need to pay attention when choosing a shampoo?

The main thing to focus on is the type of scalp. The most common type is fat. Accordingly, the shampoo must be chosen “for oily hair” regardless of the condition of the ends. The same applies to normal and dry skin. Means marked "for all types of hair" can be used, but only if it suits you perfectly. For example, Kapus shampoo with menthol is suitable for any type of hair. It gently cleanses, nourishes, nourishes the skin and strands with nutrients. Menthol, which is a part, cools and refreshes pleasantly, which is ideal for the summer period.

A slightly different situation with dyed hair, especially in bright colors - red and copper. Ordinary shampoos tend to “wash out” the color, therefore, to preserve it, it is better to use “for colored hair” or tint. These shampoos can be used if there is no excessive greasy scalp, dandruff, hair loss or allergies.

Treatment of dandruff or hair loss is best accompanied by suitable therapeutic shampoos.

For colored hair

Professional Color Care shampoos for colored hair protect color at the molecular level, preventing it from "washing out." The tool not only cleans the scalp and hair, but also nourishes the roots. The composition includes vitamin E and biologically active elements contained in cereals, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and curls.

Active detergent components do not dry or irritate the skin, but, on the contrary, restore PH balance. Shampoo "Capus" for colored hair has another plus - a very tasty caramel aroma, leaving a light sweet veil on the strands.


Kapous Profilactic is an effective remedy to help fight dandruff, itching, irritation of the scalp. The active component of this tool is zinc pyrithionate. Due to its antimycotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it also fights fungal infections.

Also Kapus shampoo contains tea tree oil, rich in terpenoids. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The result becomes noticeable after the fourth application. Dandruff passes quickly and permanently.

Against falling out

If hair loss is not caused by a disease of internal organs, but is purely cosmetic in nature, associated with improper care, then Kapus remedy will help to cope with this problem - Treatment hair shampoo. This line is aimed at combating hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. Herbal extracts and an extract of hop cones enhance blood circulation, which strengthens the follicles. As a result, hair growth is accelerated and loss is prevented.

Shampoo, thanks to natural ingredients, does not dry or irritate the skin. Most effective in combination with other means from the Treatment line: lotion and ampoules against loss.

Sulphate free

It turns out that the lush, fragrant foam that we love so much when washing our hair is formed by means of completely unhealthy chemicals — sulphates. Sodium coconut sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate, magnesium laureth sulphate - compounds that are found in almost all detergents, ranging from dishwashing products to shower gels and shampoos. They do a good job with pollution, but, unfortunately, they are merciless to sensitive skin. Can cause allergic reactions, redness, irritation, itching. The good news is that there are sulphate-free shampoos. These compounds are replaced by others that are much more gentle wash off the pollution, without irritating and not overdrying the skin.

The Kapous line contains several such shampoos:

  • Kapus Magic Keratin sulphate-free shampoo is ideal for caring for strands after keratin straightening. Means very carefully cleans, and also nourishes and moisturizes the hair.
  • Profound Re contains valuable Moroccan oil that cares for curls and gently cleanses the skin without causing irritation and tightness.

Sulfate Free Reviews

What do customers say that have tried Capus shampoo? Feedback on sulfate-free remedies is mostly positive. First, they like their affordable price. Secondly, the result almost always pleases both owners of dry and damaged hair, for which the composition of the shampoo is of fundamental importance, and those who simply decided to refuse drugs with a sulfate content. Buyers like that after using the tools:

  • No itching and feeling of tightness.
  • Strands are not confused, easy to comb.
  • Sulfate-free shampoo “Kapus” smells very nice.

Color Aids

It is possible to maintain the brightness of the colored curls not only with the help of a shampoo that contributes to the durability of the color, but also thanks to the tint means that refreshes the coloring, making it brighter and richer. To help preserve the color, add shine and shampoo “Capus Life Color” to help add shine and depth to it.

Shampoos of this line contain mild detergent components, natural extracts and pigments, which give the curls a bright rich tint without ammonia and oxidizing agents. Pigments envelop every hair outside, without getting inside and without breaking their structure. The resulting shade is washed off gradually, so the boundaries between the growing roots and colored strands will not. Tint shampoos are presented in the following tones:

  • Pomegranate red. Suitable for maintaining dyed hair in shades of red and chestnut.
  • Brown. Suitable for chocolate and light brown tones.
  • Copper. Maintains the brightness of red strands.
  • Sand. Tinted warm blond.
  • Dark eggplant. Gives brightness to dark hair.
  • Violet. Neutralizes the yellowness of bleached curls.

Shampoo “Kapus” should be applied to wet hair, lather and hold for three to five minutes depending on the desired result. After rinse thoroughly with water.

Tint tools reviews

The Kapus shampoo has mostly positive reviews. Customers love:

  • Low price of the product.
  • Glitter, which give tints.
  • Neutralization of a yellow shade when using violet shampoo.
  • The ability to longer maintain a bright saturated color after dyeing.

Unfortunately, not everyone came to this tool. Some buyers have noted that:

  • Did not see the result. Most often this happens because of an improperly chosen shade to the original color.
  • Unhappy with the resulting shade. This can occur when toning heavily damaged hair, often bleached. Since this tool is not a permanent dye, the result can be unpredictable on porous and dried hair.

Any Kapus shampoo is worthy of attention as an inexpensive and high-quality product. But to choose your ideal tool, you need to try!