Each woman wants to not only feel attractive and beautiful, but also look appropriate, so that the senses of the soul itself fully correspond to the harmonious external image. Unfortunately, every day to visit beauty salons, where hairdressers use professional means for washing and styling hair, can not afford everything, but to make themselves a beauty under the power of each. All you need is to choose the right shampoo that suits your hair type. And how to do it, let's try to figure it out together.

History of the brand L`Oreal

Founded a little more than a hundred years ago, the company began its activity with the sale of what it seems today, an ordinary hair dye, invented by the chemist - the founder of the company, Jouen Schueller. Being originally a family business, the company for several decades has turned into one of the largest players in the cosmetic market. Today it produces a huge range of perfumes, shampoos, masks and skin care products and hair.

Production of L`Oreal company

Currently, among the many brands and represented lines of cosmetics for hair care is difficult to make an unambiguous choice. The market is so saturated that sometimes even a knowledgeable specialist is difficult to single out in it. Bright packaging, advertising brochures, opinions and advice from others sometimes cause so much doubt that it becomes impossible to choose a hair care product yourself.

Firm "Loreal" more than one decade pleases the buyers with novelties, and also well-proved shampoos and accompanying caring and medical goods. Therefore, it is worthwhile still to choose this particular company.

Choice of shampoo

To properly choose a shampoo for hair "Elsev", you must initially identify the main problems of hair and their type. If there are difficulties with self-determination of the condition of the hair and scalp, you can contact a specialist. In any case, a good result depends on the strategy of choice. So, if you have split and dull hair, this can mean not only their weakness and destruction from the influence of unfavorable environmental factors (scorching sun, wind) and mechanical exposure by a hair dryer or iron, but also have a more serious reason hiding directly in the roots of the hair or scalp. Therefore, before you go to the store for shampoo, decide what specifically you need (food, recovery, fluffiness, smoothness, etc.). In this case, the choice will be much easier, the result is guaranteed you will be pleased, and the products of the company "Loreal" in this will help.

The strength of arginine

Shampoo "Elsev Power of Arginine" is the best choice for weakened hair and prone to loss. Due to the arginine entering into its composition there is a triple effect on the hair: they are nourished, strengthened and restored.

Arginine is an indispensable amino acid that, when applied externally, has a binding effect on the exfoliated scales of hair and thus has not only a cosmetological effect, but also a therapeutic one in the first place.

After a few applications, you will feel the effect of using. Your hair will become more smooth, obedient, strong and healthy. The amount of hair falling out sharply decreases, and with regular use, especially in combination with a balm-rinse and a mask-mask from this series, and completely cease. You will finally forget what oily hair is, just a few hours after washing your head.

It is better to use shampoo in a complex with a strengthening express conditioner. It also contains arginine, so an even better, faster, and lasting result will be achieved.

Full recovery

Shampoo "Elsev Complete Recovery 5" is a universal remedy for all types of hair, successfully combating the main problems: fragility, weakness, hair loss, their dullness and lifelessness. It is this tool that can fully restore your hair and give them a new life, and you - the confidence in its irresistibility. Thanks to the innovative formula with ceramides and prokeratin, "Loreal Elsev" shampoo acts on the hair follicles from the inside, literally at the cellular level restores their structure.

Locks are transformed literally before our eyes, after only a few applications, the result not only becomes tangible, but also visible to the naked eye from the side. As the slogan of the company says: "Five problems are one solution!"

Shampoo "Elsev 6 oils"

After a hot summer or a sweltering winter, our hair, as never before, experiences unfavorable environmental influences. With improper care and daily mechanical damage, in case of malnutrition and poor ecology they become lifeless and unattractive. Hair starts to fall out, it's terribly split, dandruff appears, panic and confusion arise. But do not despair! You are able to help "Elsev" - shampoo, which includes floral oils. After its use, the hair becomes obedient, soft, smooth and silky to the touch, start to shine. And these are not advertising slogans or empty words. Those who used this shampoo "Elsev", reviews leave just such.

Despite its oily basis, the shampoo penetrates deeply into the hair structure and nourishes them from the inside. In addition, without problems, it is washed off and does not make the hair heavier. The head does not get fat the next day, and the need for a daily head wash disappears. Although "Elsev" - shampoo, which, if necessary, can be used every day.

Correct application

Buying a new shampoo, we, of course, carefully read into its composition and study the label. Unfortunately, there is not much information on how to correctly apply it on the package. All that the manufacturer recommends is to take a small amount of shampoo, foaming, applying and washing. But here there are many questions: how much to take, how long to wash, how thoroughly to wash off.

Products of the company "Loreal" dermatologically tested and approved, but still, in order to achieve maximum effect, you need to go to it correctly. In fact, the correct application depends primarily on the length of your hair, their type and the characteristics of the shampoo. If the hair is short, then, naturally, it will take less money than for long hair. It is necessary to wash the head itself, and not to work hard over the hair. If this is a cosmetic product, and not a therapeutic shampoo, then the duration of the procedure for washing the head should not exceed 2-3 minutes. But it is necessary to wash off really thoroughly, always with warm water, and not hot, and in the end you can rinse your hair with cool water, this will prevent fatness and make them more shiny.

User Reviews

If you once bought "Elsev" - shampoo firm "Loreal" - then be sure to come back for him again. And as customers testify, this will happen in no less than three months, since it is on such an average that these funds are sufficient. So we can say with certainty: the savings are guaranteed.

As a product, too, there is no doubt. Most girls who used shampoo "Elsev", reviews leave only positive. All celebrate its good organoleptic properties (light, fresh, unobtrusive smell), a pleasant consistency. It is well foamed and easily washed off without any effort. Hair after use seems to glow from the inside, gain vitality and shine, comb well and drop less.

Of course, there is always a percentage of people who are dissatisfied or disenchanted with their choices. But to be convinced of true efficiency and to make the objective conclusion, nevertheless it is necessary to try, and the result will not force long to wait.

What if the shampoo does not work?

If, after many long trials and mistakes, you still can not find the right "Elsev" (shampoo for hair), then do not despair. As a good alternative, nutrient masks can be used. These cosmetic tools not only saturate the hair with the necessary substances, but also stimulate the roots, providing them with a sufficient nutritional base.


Starting its activity with the production and sale of ordinary hair dye, today the company has a huge assortment of quality cosmetology products that can satisfy even the most sophisticated and demanding client. A wide variety of products offered will not leave anyone indifferent. So, no matter what shampoo you choose, a good result is guaranteed to you. The firm "Loreal" works not for sales, but for the consumer, making our hair healthy and beautiful.