Youth, unfortunately not eternal, and in the life of every woman comes a time, which doctors call a climax. Menopause usually occurs by age 50. At this time, the production of hormones decreases, metabolism slows down, and various autoimmune diseases appear. Very often women begin to worry about their health. With climax, there is anxiety and unpleasant sensations, which concern both physiology and psychological state. These are hot flashes, fits of weakness, dizziness and insomnia, as well as a number of individual manifestations.

However, there are also positive aspects. By the age of 50, children have already grown up, a career has taken place, and you can safely enjoy a well-deserved rest. And well-being can be corrected with the help of medicines. There are a lot of them, and every manufacturer promises to get rid of the main symptoms of menopause. However, most of them contain hormones, which also have quite a serious effect on the body.

But there is another option, to look for a treatment option for mother nature. The best option is sage with menopause and hot flashes. How to take this most effective tool, we will discuss in more detail today.Sage in menopause and hot flashes: how to take correct, indications and contraindications

Salvia officinalis is what constitutes

It is a medicinal perennial plant, which has long been used with great success in folk medicine. Sage's homeland is Italy. Medicinal raw materials are leaves. They are collected from the beginning of the period of flowering and until the middle of September. One of the first to use it was still the ancient Greeks and Romans. They understood how seriously the health effect of this plant on the body, and learned to use it. Of course, in those days no one knew that sage helps with menopause and hot flashes. How to take it for maximum effect, we'll find out today.

Instead of drugs

Why do we suggest first of all to pay attention to phytotherapy, and not seek help in pharmacies? Because the female organism is not sick during this period, it simply fulfills the nature program. Rough interference in the natural processes will result in serious consequences, and hormonal drugs adversely affect the pancreas and liver. In addition, every woman has a different manifestation of the menopause. Some practically do not notice it, others experience slight deterioration in their health. It turns out that only a few people need serious medical care. And even they can take advantage of natural medicines to relieve the symptoms that bring discomfort.

Healing properties

Of all the plants that medical professionals use for basic and auxiliary treatment, sage has proved to be the best in menopause and hot flashes. How to take, we still have to learn, but for now let's analyze the properties of this plant. With it, you can quickly normalize the functions of the sexual glands, strengthen the nervous system, and also rejuvenate the body. This, of course, is not a juvenile apple, but the renewal of the production of certain hormones helps to preserve the natural beauty of the skin, the mobility of the joints, and also the vigor and brilliance in the eyes.

Essential oils are your best helpers

It is their high content in the plant that explains the fact that it effectively facilitates the body's state of sage in menopause and hot flashes. How to take, your doctor will best tell you, which will assess the state of your body and the symptoms that worry you. In addition, in the leaves of sage are many highly active alkaloids, vitamins and tannins. Together with essential oils, they affect the whole body.

Essential medicinal properties are widely known in science. This anti-inflammatory property, disinfectant, antiphlogistic, thermoregulatory, spasmolytic and astringent. This is enough to alleviate the condition of a woman during menopause. In addition, all the natural components of this plant can not harm the female body, and therefore can be used even without a doctor's prescription. But this is an extreme measure. If you can get professional advice, you need to use it.

Help the garden doctor

Let's dwell on the effect of sage for menopause and hot flashes. How to take, indications and contraindications is extremely important information that should be studied before you begin treatment. First of all, remember that any treatment should take courses. That is, drink the grass two or three days, and then give up - it's like that and do not start. And since this is a natural product, not an extract or a pharmaceutical preparation, it will take several courses to make you feel real relief.

So, it is firmly decided to use sage for climax and tides. How to take the money made from it? It can be decoctions or tinctures, as well as drops. It is necessary course treatment. After a month of taking the same break. Otherwise, the effectiveness of treatment will be zero. Usually the persistent effect begins to be noticeable from the second, third month. A treatment conducted during the year, gives high efficiency.

Seven troubles - one answer

And this rule works perfectly if you are assigned a sage with climax and tides. How to take, the useful properties of this amazing plant, we are discussing today in the framework of our article, so that you can use it for your intended purpose. Very often, women during menopause indicate a frequent change of mood, as well as increased nervousness. Contained in the leaves of zinc and magnesium, potassium and calcium help to normalize the internal mechanisms of metabolism, and also to act soothingly on the nervous system. Therefore, if you do not know how to deal with hysteria and irritability, then start your course of treatment.

The second problem, which very much worries women in this difficult period is hot flushes and cold sweats at night. This greatly hinders to live, especially if the woman is still working. The ideal solution is sage for menopause and hot flashes. How to take (rules can vary, depending on the severity of the symptoms), we have already touched a little, it will take at least two months until your body gets used to mild effects, and the condition will begin to change for the better. Sage helps to alleviate the condition of a woman due to the substances that make it resemble female estrogen. This is practically hormone replacement therapy, but without harm to the body. With pain and uterine bleeding, with headache and dizziness, you can take sage, this will quickly normalize the condition.

Features of preparation of medicinal raw materials

And now let's talk about how to use sage in climax and tides (how to take, recipes and technological features). Home preparations based on sage improve blood circulation, stimulate vascular tone and eliminate excessive sweating. If a woman feels strong tides, then it is recommended to use medicinal tea with sage. You can drink it during the day, up to eight times.

Different dosage forms

Depending on the condition of the patient, doctors can offer to prepare the drug in different ways, but, despite some differences, it is possible in any form to take sage with climax and hot flashes. How to take, the instruction tells in detail. We will consider the basic dosage forms.

The simplest recipe is medicinal tea. To do this, you will need dry leaves (2 teaspoons), which are poured a glass of boiling water and give a little infusion. Take tea three times a day, one glass, if there is no other appointment of the treating doctor. You can add lemon juice and honey to the tea, if you do not like the taste.

Very effective is fresh juice from the leaves of sage. However, if in your region sage does not grow, then it will be difficult to obtain it. Take it you need courses, daily, up to two tablespoons. If you can not find the juice and dried leaves, then you can buy a tincture in the pharmacy. By its properties, it is stronger, so it is recommended to take it no more than three times a week, about 15-20 drops.

If you like the fresh fragrance, you can apply the essential oil of sage on your wrist. Breathing his fumes, you will also be able to normalize your condition. In addition, in pharmacies there is a sage extract called "Menoforse". Probably, this is the most convenient way to cope with the tides and night sweating.


We end our story about how to use sage for menopause and tides (how to take). There are also contraindications to this plant. Sage can not be used for fibroids and polycystosis, excessive dryness in the vagina and low blood pressure, as well as allergic reactions to plant raw materials. In addition, it is extremely important to comply with the dosage. When using sage in large doses, a decrease in blood sugar can be observed.

Peculiarities of influence on the female body

Even with the first doses 2-3 hours later a weak positive result is observed, which persists throughout the day. In this case, sage is perfectly combined with most herbs. Therefore, you can collect a herb collection that will be most effective for you. It can include Leonurus and hawthorn, thyme and lemon balm. In addition, you need to remember that in 2-3 weeks after the start of treatment, the effect of taking is reduced. Therefore it is recommended to take a break and repeat the course.