In ancient times man learned to process silver and make from it not only magnificent jewelry, but also various products needed in everyday life. In well-to-do families used dishes from this metal - plates and jugs, forks, knives and spoons.

The instrument of silver was considered more attractive than copper. It has been observed that this metal has an inexplicable effect on the water. She long remained fresh, and the people believed in its healing power, began to drink it as a medicine for many ailments.Silver water: benefit and harm, properties, application, reviews

The Benefits and Harms of Silver

It should be recognized that the impact of silver on the physiological processes that occur in the human body, and today are not fully understood. Some evidence suggests that this element of the periodic table at the cellular level blocks the processes of energy exchange. At the same time, other studies suggest that silver is important in the work of the brain. With water and food, a person consumes about seven micrograms of silver a day.

It is located in the periodic table in the group of heavy metals (tin, zinc, indium). His closest neighbor is cadmium – extremely poisonous metal, which is not recommended to work without protective gloves. According to existing sanitary rules and norms, the silver belongs to the second class of danger. In the same group with him side by side cobalt and lead, cyanide and arsenic.

Proceeding from this, the maximum permissible dose of silver for a person was established - no more than fifty micrograms per liter of water. Scientific research has confirmed that the inhibition or destruction of bacteria occurs at a concentration of silver ions exceeding two hundred and fifty micrograms per liter of water.

Bactericidal properties

Since ancient times noticed the disinfectant properties of this metal. Soldiers and sailors of antiquity used the cups and the vessels of it for the disinfection of water. Undoubtedly, at that time there were no scientific studies regarding this, but practical experience has confirmed that in the presence of silver stays fresh longer and its properties the water.

Swiss Nigeli in 1893 made a discovery: silver dissolved in water kills bacteria. Later this discovery was confirmed by many scientists with a worldwide reputation. It turned out that silver possesses more pronounced bactericidal properties than gold or copper. In this case, metallic silver and colloidal neutral particles have this property to a lesser extent. The strongest effect is possessed by silver ions.

Since 1930, LA Kulsky - an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR has created an institute engaged in studying the properties of silver ions. A group of scientists led by LA Kulsky established that silver binds to deoxyribonucleic acid, its nitrogenous bases. As a result of this process, the stability of DNA is violated and, as a consequence, the viability of fungi, viruses and bacteria.

The bactericidal properties of silver preparations are very effective. According to VA Uglov, they exceed by 1750 times the effect of carbolic acid at the same concentration and three and a half times more effective than that of mercury. According to scientists of the Institute LA Kulsky, this water is much more active than chlorine lime, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and many other common strong oxidants at the same concentrations.

Moreover, it was found that the use of silver water for external use gives an antibacterial effect exceeding the effects of penicillin salts by ninety times.

Silver water: application

The opinions of scientists and researchers regarding the effect of such water on the human body are quite contradictory. And, nevertheless, silver water, the benefits and harm of which has not been finally established, has been actively used in medicine in recent years, including in the people's medicine. It is used in the treatment of blepharitis, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the lacrimal sac, and even with some ophthalmic ailments. To do this, use a concentration of 10-20 mg / l for washes and lotions.

Treatment silver water is shown in diseases of the oral cavity, throat as a gargle. Lavage it easier to state when rhinitis. Folk healers recommend to take water, enriched with silver inside, for ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. This requires the silver water at a concentration of 20 mg/l. the recommended dosage is two scoops (tablespoons) for fifteen minutes before a meal.

The doctors say that using silver water will help ease the condition of patients with endocrine disorders, including diabetes. The properties of silver water are used in the treatment of serious infectious diseases (dysentery, paratyphoid, typhoid fever, diphtheria, etc.). In this case, the healing water is applied on a tablespoon every four hours. The required concentration is 10-20 mg / l.

Good results shows silver water in the treatment of skin diseases, fungi, boils, cracked, etc. is Possible on its basis to prepare gauze pads, to do irrigation. Small doses of silver are useful for blood and normalize for almost all processes in the body. The finished solution stored in a dark place. If you find it flakes – for use as external and internal it unusable.

How to make silver water at home?

Make it a snap. Silver water can be prepared in several ways. The easiest, and the most ancient, consists in the following. Coin or silver spoon in the water must lie at least three days. You can use a silver container in which the finished water will be stored. This method has the disadvantage that is associated with the duration of the manufacture of the solution. In addition, you will not be able to determine its concentration.

Water saturated with silver can be obtained with the help of an electric current. In this case, it is highly concentrated.

Devices for water preparation

You can use a more modern and progressive way. For this, a device is used to produce silver water - the ionator. People who are a little knowledgeable in technology can make it themselves. Prepare a DC source with a voltage of four to twelve volts. Silver object attach to the plus. Any stainless steel object is attached to the minus.

Lower the electrodes into the water and hold them until the cloudy cloud appears around the silver electrode. The constant current, acting on silver ions, quickly saturates the water. The disadvantage of this method is that you can not accurately determine the concentration of silver ions in a liquid. And this, you will agree, is important in the treatment of various diseases, because too high concentration can harm the health, and understated - will not give the desired result.

Can I buy such a device in the store?

Yes, today both domestic and foreign markets of cleaners offer the newest facilities for making silver water. Studies have shown that the most active are not silver atoms, but its Ag + ions. They quickly penetrate into the tissues of the body and circulate in the liquid media of tissues and in the bloodstream. And when encountering viruses, fungi and pathogenic microbes, they overcome their outer shell and kill them without affecting the useful microflora. Thus, a natural shield is formed, which can not be overcome by flu and colds, infectious diseases.

Folk healers recommend drinking this water in the morning. The devices use two electrodes, which are covered with sources of silver ions. One of them is made of high-quality silver, and the other is made of stainless steel. When an electric current affects the electrodes, a potential difference appears between them, and therefore the saturation of the water with silver occurs much faster.

The use of water in the country

Silver water is successfully used by many gardeners for soaking before planting seeds. This helps to improve their germination. In addition, it is good for watering plants in the garden and home flowers. Plants grown on such water are less prone to disease.

Mistresses for a note

Silver water is useful not only for the treatment of various ailments, but also will allow you to prepare many delicious drinks and dishes. It can be used for preserving vegetables and foods.

This water is well rinsed with vegetables and fruits, as well as cutlery. Once a month, it is recommended to conduct a wet cleaning in a house with silver water.

Bottled water

Today you can buy ready-made silver water in stores. This brand of "Silver key", which is extracted nearby from the resort, which is located in the raw water sources. We are talking about Bektemirovna Deposit in Altai region. The water here is enriched not only with silver but also silicic acid. This gives it anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It is recommended to people with diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys.

"Silver source" - is not medicinal water, it is a dining room. And the name only reflects the purity of the famous spring.


With prolonged, for several years, the admission of silver or in close contact with its vapors (for example, in jewelry production) a person can develop arginia - deposition on the walls of capillaries, spleen and bone marrow of silver sulphide.

Silver water is categorically contraindicated for lactating mothers and pregnant women. Without consulting a specialist, it is not recommended to use it in pediatrics.

Nowadays silver water is very popular. Reviews of people who used this tool in the treatment of some diseases are quite contradictory. Some believe that this water is a panacea, an effective, affordable means. Others believe that the beneficial properties of this water are greatly exaggerated. However, we did not find any sharply negative reviews.

There is no doubt about the disinfecting properties that silver water has. The benefits and harms of it, as we have already said, are not fully understood. It is likely that its effectiveness depends on the characteristics of each organism. In addition, it is important to consider and comply with the concentration of solutions and dosage. That is why most admirers of treatment with silver water are advised to consult a doctor before treatment.