Semen Varlamov was born on 04/27/1988. He is a professional hockey player. Currently in favor of the club "Colorado Avalanche" (NHL). Russian national team player. Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Semen Varlamov was born in the city of Kuibyshev (now Samara). In his hometown, he began to play hockey, attended sports school CSK VVS. In his youth, Semyon moved to the city of Yaroslavl, where, at a local club, he became the main goalkeeper (group 1988). Then in the 2004/05 season, he made his debut at the farm club Lokomotiv, replacing I. Kasutin. In the summer it was leased to Penza.Semen Varlamov: photo and biography

Moving to the States

The debut game in the NHL Semen spent in 2008 on December 13 against the Montreal Canadiens. In this meeting, victory was on the side of “Washington” 1: 2. Varlamov spoke brilliantly, reflecting 32 goals. What he was called the star of the game. The first game for Varlamov at the home stadium was five days later, on December 18th. The match was with St. Louis. In this game, the hosts won the guests 4-2. Here Varlamov was able to reflect 29 shots on his goal. Then he wasn’t shown up for a long time in the first team, and he continued to play for the farm club.

Adult career

In February 2009, Varlamov Semyon was called to the main team. The goalkeeper began to replace J. Theodore and B. Johnson, who suffered a hip injury. Semen until the end of the season was able to play only six games. In the first round of the 2008/09 playoffs, playing against the New York Rangers, Semyon became the main goalkeeper, because J. Theodore missed four goals in the first match of the series. The team lost to Washington with a score of 3: 4. In the second game of the series, Varlamov took to the ice from the first minutes, but his team still lost with a score of 0: 1.

Then the young Russian goalkeeper leadership team continued to protect a place in the frame of the gate. He justified the trust and defended two of the three matches to zero. His club was in the Ranger playoff series. In the series against the "Pittsburgh Penguins", "Washington" played ugly in defense. But thanks to the excellent performance of the Russian goalkeeper, the series stretched out for 7 matches. Unfortunately, the team Varlamov lost in the series with a score of 3: 4. Semyon Varlamov was marked the best save in this season.

After Varlamov’s contract with Washington ended, he moved to the Colorado Avalanche, signing a three-year contract. Then he earned the nickname Russian Avalanche for the ability to repel complex shots, saving the team. In 2012, the goalkeeper played for his native Lokomotiv. In the same year he was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation Semyon Varlamov. Hockey player extended his contract with the "Colorado" for five years.

Hockey player personal life

Semyon Varlamov hides information about his personal life, so little is known about her. Throughout his adult life, he plays hockey and tries not to stand out in scandals and doesn’t particularly promote himself. At the very beginning of his career, obsessive journalists tried to hunt for intimate details of his personal life, but they did not manage to get anything scandalous.

It is known about the hockey player’s parents that they made sure that their beloved son’s life was the way he wanted. His father once heard that there was a set of boys for hockey training at school, and decided to bring his son there. With this act, he marked the beginning of his career as a seed. When parents were asked to send their son to another city so that he could continue the game there, they decided to refuse.

The father and mother were afraid to let the 12-year-old boy go to a foreign city alone. They dropped fears a year later, when they got a call and offered Semyon to move to Yaroslavl. Parents with difficulty, but still released his son. And from then on, the growth of Varlamov as a hockey player began rapidly.

After Varlamov moved to the USA, he was noticed there in the company of the Russian girl Dasha. Cute blonde attracted the attention of others, but their romance did not last long. After some time, Simon met another girl. It turned out that she, like the hockey player, hails from Samara. Her name was E. Vavriniuk, but in the United States they knew her as Ivi, because she worked as a model, acting for glossy magazines.