Mobile banking – comfortable and modern service which attracts many citizens. It allows you to easily manage finances on the account. So many are interested in that offers the savings Bank. “Economy” package of mobile banking, which is not the highest demand, but takes place in practice. A personal study of this option have on. You also need to understand how, in principle, connected and disconnected Mobile Banking from Sberbank. It is actually easier than it seems. What useful information should be available to every customer prior to activation of the mentioned options?

First, it is important to realize what the principle is about. Almost every Bank in Russia has a Mobile Bank. It is proposed to connect to everyone. But what kind of service is this?Sberbank, Economical package mobile Bank

Mobile Bank is a service that allows you to manage the card and the account attached to the plastic, with the help of mobile devices. Through certain commands you can easily perform certain operations, as well as to obtain information about the balance on the account. Very convenient!

If this is caught, you should pay attention to the fact that the savings Bank there are several tariff plans to use. Connected, disconnected and they are used equally. But the functionality is slightly different in a particular case.

The company Sberbank “Economical” package of mobile banking. He invited the most active customers. Suitable for the connection, if mobile banking is not going to use often. Details of the proposals will be outlined next.

There is a proposal called the “Full package” of mobile banking. Ideal for connecting active users. Over time, this option will activate the clients of Sberbank.

What can we say about the first plan? What details will be useful for customers of a financial institution? What there comfortable in the Sberbank service “Mobile Bank” (“Economy” package)?

Fee subscription

The first advantage of this offer before the “Full” rate is the lack of a subscription fee. For connection and use “economical” mobile banking will not have to pay. But if you activate a different offer, then the subscriber will be additional spending on maintenance.

Today to pay for mobile banking will have:

  • 30 roubles to the cardholders of “Visa Electron” and “Sberbank-Maestro”
  • 60 roubles – all other customers
  • $ 0 – if you have a plastic “Visa gold”, “Master Card gold”.

Accordingly, to pay for connected Mobile Bank will be required only if the citizen is not the map “gold”. But such prices are relevant only to offer “Full package”. On “Economical” plastic does not require any payment for the use of banking on mobile phones.


But that's not all important information. What is included in the study? Why this offer is not in high demand?

The thing is that this option is considered to be “crippled” in mobile banking. It allows you to use the basic functions, but has some peculiarities.

What does “Economical” package of mobile Bank of the savings Bank? What is it in Russia? Among the operations that are offered to customers, noted:

  • money transfers
  • recharge telephones via mobile devices
  • informing about new offers of the savings Bank
  • obtaining information about transactions conducted with the card
  • management of the Bank with plastic (e.g., lock)
  • query access to the balance on the card.

In contrast to the “Full” package in the studied tariff plan is not supported by detail all actions that were carried out with a Bank card. You can only get information on 5-10 action.


Already known the value of mobile banking (Sberbank, “Economy” package). You should pay attention to the fact that the studied option will require additional costs. What are you talking about? Because of the subscription fee with “Economical” package!

It's very simple – the queries made by the client in this situation will require payment. Direct connection and maintenance of the mobile Bank in a healthy state does not require money, but some of the functions in the “Economical” rate of pay.

How much to pay in a particular case? To date, the savings Bank applies the following rates:

  • 5 rubles – request remaining balance on the map
  • 15 rubles – acquisition of extracts from the history of operations.

These are the prices set today. Other functions (available) free. This condition is not indifferent to savings Bank customers. In fact, if you do not need to make requests of the residue, and follow with mobile banking for operations, you can easily connect a “Thrifty” package of Mobile Banking.

Connection methods

Now a little about how to start using the service. This is an important point of interest to many customers of the company, the savings Bank. How to connect Mobile Bank? An “economy” package or a full – this is not so important. The principles of action remain the same.

There are several connection methods. How to use it? This should be solved by each client independently. A significant difference in the connection no. The rules apply to all types of mobile banking from Sberbank.

So how to begin using the services? What methods of activation offers savings? How to connect Mobile Bank (“Economy” package)? You can use the following methods of solving the tasks:

  • call the Sberbank call center;
  • personally, to write a statement in the office to connect the service
  • use any self-service terminal (payment terminal or ATM).

Important: the connection via the world wide web today has no place. This rule applies to the “Full” version, and on the tariff “Economy” (packet). Sberbank Mobile Bank, among other things, proposes to connect only to owners of a credit card. Strangers don't have that right.

A personal appeal

How to use one or another connection method? Just follow some instructions. And then a few minutes work to bring the idea to life. Everyone is able at any time go to an “economy” package. Mobile Bank (Sberbank) is connected, as has been said, by filing a personal appeal. What will it take?

A citizen must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. To come to the nearest office of Sberbank. With you need to take: passport, phone, Bank card.
  2. To write a standard application form for connection of the studied options.
  3. To wait for the approval of the application. The phone receives the message about successful activation of the service.

This method is not in demand or popular. It requires a long waiting time, which is not always convenient. And therefore it is possible to use other methods of solving this problem. How to implement them? What it offers savings? An “economy” package of mobile banking is activated not only through self-treatment office. There are other approaches to solving the problem. What? What they need?

ATM / cash machine/terminal

You can use to implement the ideas ATM of Sberbank. Service “Mobile Bank” (“Economy” package and not only) is connected in such a way quickly and easily. The client can cope with the task.

How to activate mobile banking in this way? It's enough to keep a certain algorithm of actions. Namely:

  1. Find an ATM or a payment terminal of the savings Bank. Such machines are usually found in the offices of a financial institution.
  2. Insert your Bank card into a special receiver. Dial on control panel pin-code.
  3. From the menu, choose “Mobile banking”. Sometimes in advance you just have to click on the screen of the ATM or terminal. It is necessary to get into the device menu.
  4. Use the “Connect”. Then press the button with plug-in tariff.
  5. Enter the mobile phone to which the service is connected.
  6. To confirm the operation.

Nothing more is required. The citizen will receive on-phone notification of a successful connection. You can use all services offered under options.

On the phone

How else allows you to activate the studied option in the savings Bank? An “economy” package of mobile banking connects sometimes via phone. Customer feedback suggests that using this method is not ideal. Because the operators are sometimes connected option is not on those phones.

However, this method has a place. To connect the Mobile Bank by phone, you need to:

  1. Call at any time by phone 8 800 555 55 50.
  2. Wait for a response operator.
  3. Report the intention to connect a mobile bank. It is advisable to immediately call the tariff.
  4. The requirement to provide information about the card and its owner. Will have to call the name of the citizen, as well as the card number and secret code word. Be sure to specify the room to which they bind, plastic, and connect the mobile Bank.
  5. Wait for the SMS-informing about the successful activation options.

Change of tariff plan is exactly the same. You can use any of the proposed methods. Customers said it is best to activate to resort to using ATMs or terminals of Sberbank. This is the most secure and accurate connection method of mobile banking. Now it is clear what constitutes an “economy” package of mobile Bank Sberbank. What's in it? Also no longer a secret!