Widespread outside the loyalty system finally reached us. Today, more and more banks and other financial institutions more often include in your marketing plan a variety of promotions and rewards program for their customers. It is a policy and holds one of the largest and most influential financial institutions – Sberbank. Bonus program "Thank you" is a unique loyalty program, which we'll talk further.

In short the essence of the program

In the "Thank you" serving Sberbank of Russia may participate all holders of plastic cards of this organization. Its essence is as follows: for each made by the owner of a credit card, the purchase of the savings Bank accrues a bonus. To pay for card purchase can not only in partner stores and outlets around the world.

One "Thank you" (i.e. bonus) is equivalent to 1 ruble. And when you shop in partner stores to your bonus account is credited with at least 0.5% of the amount spent. Accordingly, the more you shop, the higher the chances to get a nice sum for the reimbursement of your costs. How to connect the bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank", as well as its benefits, we will tell you more.

How to become a member?

In order to become a full participant in the bank's program, you need to pass a free and fast registration procedure in the system. You can do this in one of three ways:

  • using the card and any ATM or terminal of Sberbank
  • using remote service "Sberbank online"
  • using the mobile client and the phone.

"Thank you savings" (bonus program): register via ATM

If the option to register, you chose the ATM, then proceed in accordance with the following rules:

1) install the card into the slot of the ATM

2) enter valid code

3) navigate to "Main menu" and select "Bonus program"

4) enter your phone number and put a tick in the box "With the program rules agree"

5) wait for SMS with one-time password and use it to confirm their contact details.

This variant was one of the first offers Sberbank. Bonus program "Thank you" involves the use of customer cards. If you have before registering this card, you can access by contacting the nearest Bank branch.

How to register through Sberbank Online?

The main condition for registration service of remote banking – the account details. If not, you first need to create an account in Sberbank Online and then register for further participation in the bonus program. If you have an account in the system, perform the following steps:

Ready! That was a check. Now available bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank". Where to spend your accumulated points we will cover later.

How to register using the mobile app?

  • sMS sending to short number "900" with installation in the column "text" of the word "Thank you";
  • the indication sent in SMS the last four digits of your card on the lines of "Thank you xxxx"
  • receiving a one-time password "yyyyy" and sending it to the number "900";
  • receiving the return password to log in.

If everything is done correctly, the bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank" will work on your phone. The partner shops participating in the loyalty program can be found below.

What stores partners working within the program?

One of the most famous partners of Sberbank is the network of stores "Pyaterochka" and a trading network "Vivat". When shopping at these points, cardholders get a 2% bonus (of the amount of goods purchased). Cooperates with Sberbank and a large network of accessories and shoes as "Kari". By making a purchase in one of the stores, you can get from 2.5 to 4.5% bonus.

Going to dine at the restaurant chain "Burger King". Here you can get up to 10% bonus (depending on order total). Virtual boutiques also have a bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank". Shops-partners in this case are offered for purchases of 2 to 5% bonuses.

To find the stores-partners working in your area, you must go to the official website of the program "spasibosberbank.ru" and go to the Partners section, select your region and category, for example, cars, tickets, gas stations.

As you can see, the partners of the bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank" offer for purchase from 0,5 up to 50% bonuses.

How can you increase the bonuses from purchases?

To increase the amount of bonuses for a purchase, participating in additional shares. As a rule, they are satisfied with the stores themselves. Sometimes the savings Bank he increases the number of accumulated bonuses. This happens usually on certain holidays, for example, on students ' Day. So before making a purchase, ask if there are no current promotional offers.

How to spend the accumulated bonuses?

To spend accumulated bonuses at certain stores. In this case, I do not mean real cash compensation incentives, and providing discounts on subsequent purchases. For example, if your bonus account is 100 of your hard-earned bonuses, and the cost of your chosen purchase is only 300 rubles, the discount will be about 100 rubles. Therefore, you will be paid 200 rubles to buy any product.

In total, the discount bonus will be up to 99% of the value of a new product. It is so encouraging clients Sberbank. Bonus program "Thank you" annually updates a list of partner stores, and improving the conditions of receiving bonuses.

When can bonuses be canceled?

Under the current rules of the loyalty program, there are cases when it accumulated in the system, the bonuses may be cancelled. This happens in the following situations:

  • when not using card for more than a year
  • when the customers withdraw from the current agreement on the bank card;
  • in the event clients receive bonuses as a result of fraud.

In addition, there are cases when bonuses are subject to write-off. For example, if after the purchase of goods for which purchase bonuses were added, the client decided to return it to the store.

If there is a failure of the system, and at the expense of one of its clients was mistakenly credited bonuses, they should be written off. And finally, there will be a cancellation of the gift funds in that case, if the error was caused by the shop partner. This is how Sberbank. Bonus program "Thank you" operates within the framework of Russian legislation and personal regulation.

What are the advantages of the program?

Program "Thank you" has several following advantages:

  • the presence of remuneration for the purchase
  • the opportunity to receive incentive bonuses for purchases not only within the Russian Federation, but also abroad;
  • one bonus account for all cards in the hands of the client
  • the opportunity to participate in additional promotional loyalty programs organized by the shops
  • no need to create a separate card for bonuses;
  • the ability to pay utility bills for "Thank you"
  • availability of a convenient system for searching partner stores.

Today, the bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank" operates more than 350 retail outlets. It is supported and liked by the users worldwide. It is for this in June this year, its creators were awarded the international award "Loyalty Awards Russia 2015" in the category "best loyalty program".

Are there any negative aspects of the program?

Despite the positive trend of programs, it also has negative aspects. For example, bonuses will be awarded solely on those transactions that occur by Bank transfer. For cashing cards, virtual wallets, payment of fines and penalties, training, bonuses are not charged.

In addition, you have collected the bonuses cannot be spent for payment of mobile communication. The only exception is the operator.

In general, the program has a number of positive points and allows you to save.