Recently, a long skirt and a sundress have come into fashion on the floor, which have a variety of tailoring styles and patterns. Thanks to the modern style, women have the opportunity to dress in such a way as to completely hide the flaws and emphasize the invisible merits of the figure.

What is fashionable?

Sundress to the floor - a century-old drug for women

In the last 2-3 years, long styles of sundresses, skirts and dresses have become fashionable, these kinds of clothes began to attract more and more buyers due to the universality of sizes and a wide choice of colors. Thanks to such clothes, full women have the opportunity to dress beautifully, while hiding significant shortcomings in the form of extra pounds. Over the course of several years, the dressing to the floor does not change its cut at all; basically, only the fabrics from which the product is sewn, as well as the exterior trim, have suffered changes. The cost of such a product actually exceeds the limits of permissible, so some women resort to self-sewing.

Necessary materials

Having made the decision to independently sew a sundress to the floor, initially it is necessary to purchase all the necessary materials for this business:

  • Fashionable, bright and unique fabric: 4 meters with a width of 1,5 m.
  • Shade matching threads.
  • Lightning to match.
  • A sheet of paper on which the pattern will be drawn.

After buying all the necessary attributes, you can begin to measure, that is, you need to measure the shape - waist, chest and hips circumference. These measurements are basic, there are additional ones, these are the width and length of the back and the girth under the breast. All these data are needed so that the product can be sewn exactly on the figure, never hung and did not hang.

First, you need to draw a pattern of the upper part, taking into account all the data obtained during the measurements on the figure. Dress in the floor should sit well in the upper part, since the lower part freely falls down.

After drawing the corset, you can proceed to the skirt. It should be spacious, slightly assembled - in this case, you get a trendy dress to the floor. The pattern is executed with a simple pencil and ruler, so that in the case of incorrect lines they can be easily erased and drawn new ones without visible damage to the product itself.

Cutting parts

For the strapless and front top, you need to take 2 pieces of fabric, for the rear bodice - 4 parts. For the upper and lower tiers, you need to take 2 units of fabric, for frills - 4 more pieces.

Cutting parts must be carried out in accordance with their size, that is, for the straps need small segments, which then simply fold in half. The main size will be on the skirt, for the front and back of it. The bodice also does not require a large amount of fabric, but this is in view of the fact that it will be performed without elastic and additional assemblies. If you do everything correctly, you will get a long symmetrical product that will easily sit on the figure and will look beautiful. In general, sewing is simple: in accordance with the seams specified in the pattern, a sundress is sewn to the floor. Photos can be made after complete sewing and fitting of the product. Photos are mainly needed if the needlewoman puts her skills on the Internet or sends to the magazine.