At present, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation pay substantial attention to the sanatorium and resort provision of military pensioners. Vouchers are distributed by prior booking.

To improve the health status, there are specialized sanatoria of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners.

Terms of purchase

The direction in the sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners is carried out under the following three basic conditions:

  • Medical indications.
  • Absence of contraindications.
  • You can get the permit once a year.

Sanatoriums of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners: a list, permits, rest and treatment

Procedure for obtaining a tour

The application must be submitted for 60 calendar days before the day of the beginning of stay in the institution.

In addition to the application, the military pensioner also must obtain a certificate (form No. 077 / y-04) in the medical organization where he is provided with medical care.

The decision to satisfy the request or reject it is accepted within 20 working days from the date of submission of the application and documents.

If the decision is positive under Russian law, the citizen will be notified by mail.

Receipt of the permit is carried out in order of priority.

Locations of originals of certificates and applications for a permit in the sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners

  • Territorial reception.
  • The main military medical department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Documents are submitted in accordance with the established procedure by mail.
  • In the sanatorium of the Defense Ministry for military retirees and holiday homes by mail.
  • With the help of the GVMU MO RF website by sending documents to e-mail.

Before leaving an application for a voucher, it is mandatory to check the availability of unreserved seats in the chosen health facility.

To obtain a permit, you must provide the following documents:

  • Statement.
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • A certificate of retirement.
  • SnilS.
  • Document confirming the privilege.
  • The form reference is №070 / у-04.
  • Medical examination may also be required. This condition applies to people with disabilities who may have any contraindications to the methods of treatment used in the institution.

How often you can relax on preferential terms

In accordance with the law "On State Social Assistance" military pensioners can rest once a year. If there are certain medical indications, the voucher can be given more often.

Fringe benefits

In addition to the permit, the state pays for travel to rest in both directions with the help of railway transport.

Persons with disabilities of the first group can go to the sanatorium for free for the second time, as well as get a railway ticket for the person who will accompany them and carry out care during treatment.

Cost of tour

For military pensioners, there is a preferential payment procedure for vouchers: 25% of the total cost.

Children of military pensioners under the age of 3 can rest free of charge, 3-6 years without treatment pay 30% of the price, 6-18 years, and full-time students under 23 without treatment must pay 50% of the cost.

The spouse of a military pensioner also belongs to the preferential category. For them, the price will be 50% of the price.

The right to visit

The following categories of citizens are placed in the sanatorium:

  • Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia.
  • Full knights of the Order of Glory and Labor glory.
  • Heroes of Social Labor.

Widows of military pensioners who were Heroes and Knights of the Order of Glory and Labor Glory can rest at a price of 25% of the total cost of the voucher.

List of sanatoriums

  • The Gulf of Finland and the Karelian Isthmus: "Zelenogorsky", "Priozersky" and "Tarkhovsky" sanatoria.

These institutions are located near St. Petersburg. They specialize in respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases of the body. As the main methods of therapy are used: climatic, hydro- and physiotherapy, exercise therapy, a special diet, in "Tarhov" sanatorium - mud treatment.

  • The Baltic States. Svetlogorsk military sanatorium.

Military pensioners with diseases of the nervous, circulatory, endocrine, musculoskeletal systems, respiratory organs, and also in the presence of gynecological diseases and gastrointestinal problems are sent here. The main methods by which the treatment is performed are climatotherapy, peloidotherapy, exercise therapy, and a special diet. There are two mineral springs on the territory of the institution. Not far from the sanatorium is the Curonian Spit, a unique natural reserve. The air here is unusually clean thanks to the pine forest that adjoins the Baltic Sea and the Curonian freshwater bay.

Moscow and the center of European Russia

Specialization: diseases of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, bone systems. There is a department for recovery after a heart attack and severe operations on the heart and other organs.

  • "Borovoye", a recreation center for the military - an excellent place for lovers of excursions and recreational activities.
  • Zvenigorodsky sanatorium, which deals with the treatment of the circulatory system, central nervous system, respiration.
  • "Kosmodrom", rest home. Rehabilitation methods: massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic baths.
  • "Marfinsky".

The institution offers the same treatment methods as other sanatoriums of the Defense Ministry for military retirees. "Marfinsky" (sanatorium) is engaged in rehabilitation of diseases of the circulatory, respiratory, genital, endocrine and urinary systems, as well as with problems with the spine and bone system.

  • Mozhaisk holiday home, where a relaxing holiday is combined with active activities.
  • The suburbs, a holiday home, where you can also take a medical course, which includes physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, speleotherapy and other procedures.
  • Sanatorium "Slobodka", where they are engaged in treatment of circulatory, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.
  • Solnechnogorsk military sanatorium.

Indications are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, digestive and nervous systems, respiratory organs.

Black Sea coast

  • YBC, sanatorium "Yalta" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners.

Here you can improve your health in diseases of the circulatory system, GIT, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Methods of therapy: climatic, hydro-, physiotherapy, mud therapy, special diet, exercise therapy. The sanatorium "Yalta" of the RF Ministry of Defense for military pensioners has been very popular in recent years due to the unique climate and the unusually beautiful terrain in which it is located.

  • Anapa: "Paratrooper" and "Gold Coast".

It treats diseases of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous systems, problems with the spine. Sanatorium "Gold Coast" also deals with the treatment of patients with gastrointestinal problems. Rehabilitation methods: climatotherapy, mud therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, special diet.

  • Gelendzhik: military holiday homes "Barguzin" and "Betta", military sanatorium Divnomorskoe.

In the latter, special attention is paid to the therapy of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the lungs and the nervous system. "Barguzin" is in an incredibly picturesque place: a low chain of mountains, surrounding the village of Divnomorsk, in which it is located, provides a unique mild climate. There are many vineyards and orchards here.

  • Sochi sanatoriums of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners.

"Aurora" is a place with an unusual nature, where the main methods of treatment are: climatic, hydro- and physiotherapy, exercise therapy, proper nutrition, hydrogen sulphide baths.

Sanatorium "Adler" is recognized as one of the best recreation facilities of the Ministry of Defense.

In the sanatorium "Cote d'Azur" you can use such procedures as thalasso, balneo-, hydro-, peloid- and physiotherapy, exercise therapy and proper nutrition.

Sanatorium "Sochi" The RF Ministry of Defense for military pensioners practices, among other things, mud cure and sulphide Matsesta baths.

In the sanatorium "Chemitokvadzhe" there is a pump room for the release of the mineral water, which is useful for drinking, given by the Lazarevsky spring.

Sanatorium "Yantar" is distinguished by its location in a beautiful park.

In Sochi sanatoriums, attention is paid to the treatment of heart and vascular diseases, respiratory, nervous and bone systems. The sanatorium "Sochi" also treats gynecological and skin diseases. And the specialization of the sanatorium "Aurora" includes urology. In all listed institutions regular excursions are organized.

  • Sanatoriums of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military retirees (Abkhazia): Gagra, Gudautsky, Sukhum.

The therapeutic program "Gagry" and "Sukhum" means the therapy of diseases of the circulatory, musculoskeletal, nervous and digestive systems. Gudautsky military sanatorium specializes in diseases of the central nervous system and circulatory system. In the city of Gagra you can admire a subtropical park with many fountains and ponds.

Caucasian mineral waters

  • Kislovodsk sanatorium, engaged in the therapy of heart disease, blood vessels, lungs.

The main methods: climatic, balneo-, hydro-, physiotherapy, exercise therapy.

  • Yessentuki and Pyatigorsk central military sanatoriums.

Specialization: diseases of the nervous, endocrine, digestive, musculoskeletal, gynecology and urology.

  • Volga and the Urals: "Volga" and Chebarkul sanatorium, which specialize in diseases of the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.

Pensioners with spine diseases, skin, urological and gynecological problems can also improve health in the sanatorium "Volga".

The sanatorium is located on the bank of the Ob river. Here military pensioners with diseases of the spine, heart and vessels, respiratory and nervous systems can improve their health. Rehabilitation is carried out after a heart attack and severe operations.

  • Darasunsky and Molokovsky military motels

The institutions are located in Eastern Siberia, specialize in the therapy of circulatory organs, respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems, gynecological and skin diseases.

Far East

Kuldur sanatorium is located in the valley of the Kuldur river. The mountains are covered with deciduous and coniferous forests. The Ocean Sanatorium is located in a beautiful and well-equipped park. Particularly beneficial for the health condition is affected by the mixed forest, where the Khabarovsk sanatorium is located. A beautiful view of the Amur-Ussuri floodplain opens from the bank of the Amur River.

The Shmakovsky Sanatorium is surrounded by the Sikhote-Alin Range.

Holiday House "Sokol" will be especially interesting for fans of outdoor activities. There is a sports complex here, various excursions are constantly organized.

  • Military sanatorium "Paratunka", Kamchatka.

The main specialization is diseases of the spine and central nervous system, skin and gynecological problems. "Paratunka" is surrounded on all sides by hills. The main therapeutic factor is the thermal springs.

Thus, before submitting an application for rest, it is necessary to study the proposed list without fail. The sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for military pensioners in each specific case is chosen on the basis of the availability of places, specialization, therapies and personal wishes of each patient. Rest in picturesque places with a pleasant climate and clean air will help enrich the body with vital energy for a whole year, and various therapy options will restore health. In addition, a diverse excursion program will help you acquire new knowledge and visit the most beautiful places in Russia. All military sanatoriums have a specially developed diet, and there are courses of physical therapy that will help to keep the body in shape.