In the modern beauty industry, shampoo is the basic hair care product of various types. It is on how correctly and correctly the shampoo is chosen, the appearance, beauty and health of the hair and often the scalp depends to a large extent.

What are the criteria for choosing your ideal hair conditioner?

Basic principles of classification of shampoos

One of the main indicators on which to orient yourself, choosing the best hair shampoo, is actually the type of hair. A remedy that does not match the type that is available can not only not improve the condition of the head of hear, but also significantly damage.

Specialists distinguish several basic types of cover, each of which has its own physiological characteristics and requires an individual approach. Initially, healthy hair can be dry, normal, oily or combination. In this case, each of these types has its own best hair shampoo.

One should also take into account the fact that the owner of any of these types can have certain problems with the hair, pursue the goal of increasing their growth, maintaining their color or strengthening the weakened roots. All these factors are taken into account by the manufacturers of shampoos and hair care products, which is reflected in the huge number of different cosmetics in the modern market. That's why in trying to find the best shampoo and balm for hair, you often have to try countless different means.

Physiological aspects of chic hair

Often both clients of beauty salons, and ordinary men and women in hair care, set their goal, in addition to giving hair shine and health, improving their growth. And then the question arises, which shampoo for hair growth is the best?

In pursuit of long silky curls, modern beauties are willing to spend a considerable amount of effort and money. However, often all efforts remain vain, and the hair continues to break down, fall out, and growth is not stimulated. In order to understand the causes of failure, you need to understand the main aspects of hair growth and decide what criteria should be met by cosmetics aimed at solving such problems.

The main factors contributing to the negative processes in the hair follicles are hereditary predisposition, inadequate nutrition, the presence of bad habits, lack of quality hair care, abuse of hair dryers, gels, lacquers, styling pens, chronic diseases, nervous overexertion, lack of vitamins and other external causes . All these factors dramatically slow down natural growth.

That is why before deciding which shampoo for hair growth is the best, all these external damaging factors should be leveled.

Choose a means for hair growth

Shampoo for hair growth should perform a number of basic functions. First of all, its task is to clean hair and scalp from dust, dirt, harmful microbes and excess sebum, which settle on the roots, preventing their normal growth. Additional options for such products are an increase in the growth rate, giving volume and additional healthy shine to the hair.

Proceeding from this, it becomes clear that the means for hair growth should have a balanced composition with enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Among the first in this list, experts voice the tea tree oil, red pepper, extracts of rosemary, nettle, burdock, horse chestnut, caffeine. A qualitative hair growth shampoo should contain liposomal components, biotin, and also strengthening factors, including keratin and beta-carotene. Proceeding from these criteria, it becomes obvious that it is not an easy task to find the best hair shampoo.

Basic classification of shampoos

In general, all the means for hair growth can be divided into professional shampoos for care and medications. The modern market is full of similar means of various brands and manufacturers.

Medicinal products for hair growth are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients and medicinal substances. These funds are distributed through the pharmacy network or through specialized stores. The therapeutic effect of these drugs is due to the presence in them of caffeine, grapefruit, pepper, lotus, castor oil, which activate blood circulation in the vessels of the scalp and improve the penetration of nutrients into hair follicles.

Professional shampoos are aimed at strengthening hair follicles, preventing stratification of the hairy stem, improving blood flow. Both types of means for enhancing hair growth can be used in combination or applied separately. Ideally, do this after consulting a trichologist. Often, only a qualified specialist can assess the extent of the problem and help choose the best shampoo for hair growth.

Color and save the color

In cases where the condition and length of the hair is quite comfortable with their owner, often the shampoo is responsible for the preservation of shine and hair color. When it is required to impart color to hair with artificial paints and tonics, care products are required to preserve and enhance the existing color. And then the fair sex wonder how to find the best shampoo for colored hair.

Manufacturers of any quality shampoo, including those intended for dyed hair, must indicate on their product a detailed composition and shelf life. This is one of the main criteria for good quality goods.

It is worth noting that trying to choose the best shampoo for hair, including stained, you need to focus on the sequence of enumeration of the components that make up the product. They are usually indicated in order to reduce their concentration in the shampoo.

It is worth noting that a specialized agent is necessary in the case of hair coloring with agents with oxidants and other chemical agents. When using natural dyes or shading shampoos, you can choose the means that correspond to the main type of your hair.

Shampoo for colored hair: the basic criteria

Dyed hair is characterized by a modified structure of the hair shaft. Often, coloring leads to the fact that the hair becomes more sensitive to various effects, they are more easily traumatized and subject to various deformations. All this requires a choice of a means that can additionally protect and restore the hair changed by coloring.

In such situations, special attention should be paid to the means, which include components that can preserve color, improve nutrition and additionally protect the hair shaft from external traumatic factors. Such substances are wheat extracts, natural proteins, keratin and glycerin. It will not be superfluous and the use of shampoos with an ultraviolet filter.

In the modern beauty industry, the most actual means for colored hair are shampoos of the brands Syoss, Gliss Kur, Pantine Pro-V, Clear Vita Abe. As practice shows, the cosmetics of these manufacturers perfectly solves many problems of dyed and other types of hair, perfectly performs the functions of nutrition, color preservation and hair structure improvement. All these factors cause a lot of positive feedback from consumers of these funds.

Oily hair: choose the perfect remedy

For owners of fatty hair, the task of choosing the best shampoo for hair becomes especially relevant. This type of hair is characterized by increased tendency to contamination, the allocation of surplus sebum. This entails the appearance of seborrhea and often an unpleasant specific odor. Proceeding from this, shampoos for oily hair should be characterized by high cleansing capabilities, have in its composition components that can have a soothing effect on the skin of the head. In addition, for hair with a fatty structure, the normalization of metabolic processes and the antimicrobial action of care products are important.

Only with all these criteria you can choose a shampoo, best suited for solving the problem of oily hair.

Optimum choice for owners of thin hair

Choosing the best shampoo for fine hair, you should also focus on the physiological characteristics of this type. The hair shaft structure of the owners of such hair is such that they constantly need additional compaction and volume. It is these functions that must perform the perfect shampoo for fine hair. Therefore, sealing shampoos that can increase the overall diameter of the hair shaft, are the means of choice for solving similar problems.

In addition, it is important to have in the shampoo components such as sea proteins, silk fiber proteins, calcium preparations, pectin, keratin, almond milk extracts, wheat germ extracts.

It is important to remember that shampoos with air conditioning, which can cause weighting of hair and a decrease in their volume, in such cases should not be used.

How to solve the problem of dry and damaged hair

Owners of dry hair face problems of increased brittleness, cross-section of tips, difficulties in combing and inability to put hair in hair. Often, all these problems - the result of chemical wave, discoloration or aggressive staining of hair, which results in the removal of a natural fatty grease.

That is why the best shampoo for dry and damaged hair should have in its composition of components that have health and nutritional properties. The most relevant in this regard are extracts of turn, chamomile, hops, vitamins, lipids, purifying components.

However, remember that whatever the best shampoo for damaged hair you choose, it is important to eliminate the influence of those factors that initially caused damage to the hair. Otherwise, counting on a wonderful hair restoration with the help of cosmetics does not make sense.

How to improve your ideal remedy?

It is rather difficult to find a means that would fulfill all the tasks assigned to it. However, it is possible to supplement your best hair shampoo. To achieve the maximum effect from the chosen product, it is enough to perform a scalp massage several times a week, supplementing it with the use of special oils. Especially relevant are coconut oil, tea tree oil, argan. It is important to maintain the purity of the scalp and strengthen the body's defenses in general.

Who will help in solving problems?

It is important to remember that sometimes problems with hair require a serious approach, and the simple use of cosmetics is not able to solve the problem. In such situations, there is no need to consult a doctor - trichologist or dermatologist. The specialist will determine the cause of the problems and prescribe a qualified treatment with the use of the necessary medicines. And already based on the experience, will recommend a shampoo, suitable for a specific type of hair.