Never underestimate the Word that was and remains the first and according to the biblical canons, and the laws of love. Even if numb from the beauty and spiritual purity of the beloved, will have to recover the gift of speech – the kind words girlfriend play a dominant role in the relationship.

The warmest words to his girlfriend: the secrets of relationships

Women, justifying the truth of the ancient proverb, do not change their traditions and preferences – and continue to love ears. However, besides the pompous eloquence of the elect, they still appreciate the sincerity of what he has said. And God forbid, compliments will be just a standard set of stock phrases...

How to fall in love with a woman. Mini-coaching

In one of the old vaudeville story line is based on the fact that ugly outside, but very eloquent man writes letters and serenading for your lady his companion, a very attractive person who, nevertheless, are not able to connect two words.

Interchange – the lady in the result of a preference for romantic, able to Express himself, not handsome.

Conclusion - a woman can not live without warm and tender words.

Century floating above the planet, but it has no power to change the main law of a woman's soul: the word enters the heart. The word love makes. The word makes you fly of happiness. But only when it's said sincerely and to the point.

A simple recipe for the boys, preparing a surprise to his girlfriend: the kind words you have to include in the program. Gifts gifts, bouquets bouquets, but if they are not accompanied by a gentle word – it cost a penny. Even the most expensive.

If you have the perseverance and desire to conquer a girl, a man needs to be observant to notice all the nuances of appearance and inner world of his lady. This will help in developing a very individual and very sincere compliments that a friend will appreciate.

Constantly listening to the compliments, she will get used to the fact that she is needed, loved and priceless, and at some point will realize that she needs this man, who so subtly notices all her dignity.

The word you need, find!

Very problematic at the right time to pick up the necessary words or phrases. That was short and succinct, precisely characterized traits or qualities of the beloved, and (this is important) that were real.

Find kind words to his girlfriend – a science that you can understand yourself, every minute of every day, flipping through the primer to your soul (everything is written). But a lot of guys prefer specific training programs, developed by experienced psychologists.

It works, too. But, no psychologist in the world knows where your favorite are located a birthmark in the shape of a heart, the smell of her hair as dawn reflected in her eyes, which she has a strawberry breath.

Know such details – the prerogative of only the closest person. So look for the right words is necessary in himself and in her. Beyond the boundaries outlined by two hearts, and walk is optional – there's nothing your.

Sorts of compliments

Compliment-a comparison. Need to increase self-esteem girls. It would be nice to hear that it is similar to a beautiful actress, or that she's way prettier than miss Universe, or that her voice was more pleasant than the famous singer. Beautiful words to your loved one is necessary and has a huge effect.

Compliment-praise. Intends to mention the most positive qualities in a person, both external and internal in an open form. "You have always such a good girl"

Indirect compliment. Usually guys use this move in the beginning of acquaintance, or directly in front of him and the praise of those who are dear girl: mom, dad, cat, dog. You can praise the comfort and cleanliness in the apartment, if the young lady decided to invite a guy home and you can celebrate its achievement in school or at work, if sympathetic classmate or colleague and we hope for reciprocity.

The words he or she needs to choose with great care and accuracy, instead of the expected effect was not to unexpected.

Pleasant banal trivia

Entering the stage of a romantic relationship with a member of the opposite sex, it is good to remember a simple truth: warm, tender words to his girlfriend necessary as air. And this is no exaggeration. Women's nature is such that she should feel the center of the universe, to be in the eyes of a loved one special and know that it is so.

And how do you find out about your irresistible, not hearing from the guy either admiration, no compliments, or even a banal wish of good night or good morning?

Warmest beloved may at first glance seem insignificant and ordinary. But believe me, she will appreciate them, and all the relations will evolve as it should.

If you are close with his lover (live together), it will be useful every morning to wish her the best and a good start to the day, weaving in the phrase some personal, only you two known formulas, cute nicknames.

If you are divided by the distance - call, write, get in touch on Skype, but just do not be silent, just do not regret the good, good daily wishes to your loved ones. They appreciate these trivial things.

Known cases when, while staying with the beloved in the same apartment, the young man chose his way to send his girlfriend the kind words – SMS sent. Though she didn't understand such tactics: if you have the opportunity to say "live".

How can you hurt a warm word?

It would seem that if the word affectionate, how it can hurt a person? Very easily! There is a category of diminutive-hypocoristic words, which humiliates the girl's dignity.

It is not necessary to say to the girl: "You're my little fool" if she did something wrong. Or to focus on what she considers the shortcomings, even if you absolutely disagree with this statement. Girls do not like to be "my baby", "my God", "rolls".

Beautiful warm words to his girlfriend sound a bit wrong.

The best compliments

The main secret that makes the kind words girlfriend a good compliment permanence. You cannot make a deficit and not to waste early in the relationship, leaving nothing for the subsequent many years of their life together.

Beautiful words to a loved one must always be given, in any circumstances and at any stage of the relationship.

As for the structure of a good compliment, it is not as complicated as it may seem.

First, it must not contain a single gram of falsehood. The girl is very feel. Second, it must be in the form of suggestion. The young lady, after your words must unconditionally believe in their exclusivity. Thirdly, the main components of the compliment should be an adjective in the superlative degree: "the most amazing", "absolutely unpredictable", "beautiful", "naidunia".

It may sound a bit old-fashioned – women love such style.


There are a number of win-win phrases that can not leave indifferent neither one of the women.

So if you are going to compliment his girlfriend, kind words dedicate:

  1. Her impeccable appearance (even in the morning, awake beloved person looks lovely).
  2. Her huge role in maintaining your relationship (even if she prepared a romantic dinner just once in all the time).
  3. Her success in work, study or hobby (even brand favorite person collects amazing).
  4. Her spiritual qualities.

You can pick the right words for your loved one with or without a reason. There would be a desire.

She is always waiting for these words.

Even light-hearted, even a strong, independent girls can't get by in life without a warm gentle words and without support. They always need them every day, even if they pretend that they can handle themselves.

The girl got a new job, she's happy and seems nothing to her at this point is not necessary. Wrong! Need! The most valuable for it now will praise the beloved.

She was sad, no one wants to see... Too true. She is now most needed is the presence of a loved one and words of comfort from him.

The couple walks together and feels at the top of happiness. So good that words are inappropriate. But at this moment you can say about your strong and bright love. And it will be very useful.

You need to feel as his girlfriend to find words to your loved one appropriate to the situation and mood.

A declaration of love never bothers

What could be better than true love? It is present in everything, even in a joint washing dishes and going to the cottage. It is possible to demonstrate by deeds, and it is possible for it to repeat every day. But here, for a moment, words alone may not be enough, if they are not confirmed.

Declaration of love is the most necessary and warm words to his girlfriend, who don't get bored ever. She is ready to listen to them every day, for her they are a kind of battery that fuels the best quality girls and forces to be active, beautiful, divine, irresistible, the best. That is such as you imagine it and in their compliments.

Samples of phrases that want to hear girls

Sometimes, even emotion can not awaken in the kid the necessary eloquence, and then, to give beautiful words to your loved one, you have to resort to the crib. And since girls are very particular about compliments and in their absence can be regarded gentleman as indifferent or "which only one should be", and simply to break off relations, they need to talk-to speak-to speak of tenderness.

For greater certainty, it is recommended to take note of a few standard expressions that can be independently refined, improved and applied to a specific case with specific lady. But to follow the main rule: warm, tender words to his girlfriend should come from the heart.

I really don't care what happens in the outside world because you are my world, you're the most important thing in my life.

I found the meaning of my life. It's you.

Yes, you understand: I like the way you look in the morning, afternoon, evening, how you smile, get angry and offended. You arrange me for what it is.

Do you know what is most valuable in you? Your realness.

When you say that you are happy with me, I take off to the seventh heaven.

I like it when you fall asleep in my arms.