Each girl dreams of long, thick and beautiful eyelashes. Young ladies spend a lot of time and money to grow them to the highest possible level. Among this mass of admirers of standards of beauty there are people whom the nature from birth has awarded with such generous and smart gift. And, strangely enough, most of them are representatives of the stronger sex.

World record

It was the man who was able to wipe the nose of all women, without exception, on the planet, having grown the longest eyelashes in the world. Guinness record belongs to the Indian Phuto Rav Mauli, who lives near the capital of Delhi. It's amazing, but the length of his eyelashes is 4 centimeters and 7 millimeters! When a man closes his eyes, the hairs that frame the eyelid touch the lower lip. He claims that he never cared for them, using special means for growth. Such appearance he has as much as he remembers.

As a child, Phuto was very ashamed of his half female appearance. Boys often teased him "girl", why he grew up a little complex and lonely. Interestingly, the agents of the Book of Records found the man by accident. In the province, they arrived in 2004 to register another achievement. As a result, found a 52-year-old Phuto, who has the longest eyelashes in the world (record). Unfortunately, there is no photo of this man in the Guinness book.

Russia's record holder

You, probably, will be surprised, but it too the representative of the stronger sex, only while small. Seven-year-old boy from Moscow, Mouin Buchonaev, can boast of this achievement. Already at such a young age, his eyelashes grew to 3.6 centimeters. The most interesting is that they continue to increase actively in size. If this goes on, it is the Russian who will own the longest eyelashes in the world: the record of an Indian can be broken after a decade.

Parents of the baby tell that with such a feature their son was born. His amazing eyelashes were noticed in the maternity ward, which made him famous for the whole hospital. By the way, the boy's eyebrows are also very long. Others often think that they are artificial. The family is very surprised by this anomaly kid. They say that in their family this is the first such case.

The longest "Ukrainian" eyelashes

Oksana Shikalyuk - the girl with the longest eyelashes. In the world, she did not significantly reach the record, but in her homeland she became very famous. Such a smart, thick and, most importantly, long hairline of the eyes can not boast of any of her compatriots. The achievement was recorded by representatives of the "National Record Register" on December 7, 2010. Exactly at 8:35 they pulled out one cilia from Oksana and measured it. It was 18.5 millimeters in length.

The procedure was conducted live - in the morning program of the "New Channel". The trichologist, who was invited to the studio, gently removed the girl's eyelash and placed it between two glasses, moistened with droplets of purified water. Only so the hair could fully straighten out. By the way, for comparison, the hair from the eye of the leading program was also withdrawn - the speaker's eyelash was half as much as that of Oksana Shikalyuk.

Record Animals

Mother Nature took care of our lesser brothers, also endowing them with this wealth. And she did it selectively, giving only those who need it because of the climate or living conditions. It is not surprising that the camel had the longest eyelashes in the world. The photo of this animal, found in any zoological encyclopedia, demonstrates the achievement. In the pictures with the unaided eye you can see that the "humpbacked" eyelashes are very long and dense.

In fact, its eyelids grow only 5-centimeter hairs. But the eyelashes of the beast are very hard and shaggy, that's why they seem so huge. They are necessary for the camels in order to protect the visual organ from the sand in the desert. The sight of these animals is simply magnificent: they see a person a kilometer away, and the car is noticed as much as 5 km, which is just amazing.

Are they always real?

To see if the longest eyelashes are in front of us, the photo of a particular person is sometimes not enough. Therefore, representatives of the Guinness Book of Records always go to the site to personally verify, record the achievement and draw up an appropriate protocol. As for the girl, which will be discussed later, the agents never saw this young lady. What to say, even her name nobody knows. Accordingly, her long eyelashes can be an ordinary fake. If you look at the picture of an Asian beauty, it becomes clear: it's not even the cilia, but the hair that frames the eyes. They are so long that from them you can absolutely calmly whip the pigtails.

Experts have repeatedly analyzed the pictures of this woman and came to the conclusion: she can not be called a person who has the longest eyelashes in the world. Photos - these, but the hairs on the century - the purest fake. If you look closely, then on the line of the eye there are white spots, which, most likely, are glue. Therefore, the young lady can not be considered a record holder. Maybe she just joked, having published such unusual pictures. But it became famous and drew the attention of the whole world society.

How to grow long eyelashes?

For this purpose, oils such as castor, burdock, sea buckthorn, almond and peach are ideal. The old brush from the carcass should be washed very carefully, dipped in liquid and applied to the cilia. This mask should be left for the whole night. They say that with regular procedures you will eventually get a chic result. No, it will not be the longest eyelashes in the world, but the fact that they will increase significantly is a fact.

To the oils, you can add vitamin solutions and aloe juice - these components also stimulate the growth of hairs. Such masks are well stored in the refrigerator, but only before use they should be heated in a water bath. Fashion designers recommend using special compresses for eyelash growth. To do this, buy in the pharmacy a variety of herbs - chamomile, calendula, nettle - and make equal proportions of broth. Then moisten cotton balls in the liquid and put them on your eyes. Keep the compress for 20 minutes, then wash and apply a special cream on your eyelids.

Why are long eyelashes dangerous?

It turns out that the dream of having the longest eyelashes in the world has its dark side. Scientists have done a lot of research and found that they can provoke the development of ophthalmic diseases - conjunctivitis and "dry eye syndrome." Evolution has determined for an individual the optimal length of eyelashes - one-third of the width of the eye. Hairs of this size we need to prevent the visual organ from drying up, they protect it from small insects and dust. The shadow from the hairs forms a special microclimate, in which the stable humidity and temperature are preserved, as well as other conditions for the normal functioning of the cornea and retina.

The scientists found that if the length of the eyelashes exceeds the optimal size, the microclimate of the eye is disturbed: more dust settles on it, the moisture evaporates. Therefore, they are sure that the longest eyelashes in the world bring more problems than pleasure. In addition, they are uncomfortable and do not always have an aesthetic appearance. Fashionable women are also advised not to get involved in false eyelashes, giving preference to natural and natural appearance.

Interesting Facts

To grow the longest eyelashes in the world you can not get if heredity is disappointing. After all, their splendor, density and length directly depend on genetics. The life span of each hair on the eyelid is three months. In this case, they begin to grow in humans even when he is in the mother's womb - the eighth week of pregnancy. The upper eyelid contains 200 cilia, the lower eyelid - about 100. They never grow in a continuous, even line - only uneven, irregular rows. Some drugs significantly slow down the growth of eyelashes, aspirin, for example.

Experts believe that by the hairs on the eyelid one can judge the character of a person. A small number of them speak about aggression, anger. By the way, women began to paint eyelashes even in the time of Cleopatra, using lead or antimony crushed in water for these purposes. It was believed that the hair-covered hairs in front of eyes can scare away evil spirits and evil spirits. Nowadays, mascara lashes make a woman attractive: cosmetics emphasize the beauty of the eyes and makes the look expressive and sexy.