Our article is devoted to the longest Russian words. In it, we will try to present you with various options and opinions, as well as some interesting facts about the unusual lexical composition of the Russian language.

The longest words in Russian

Lack of consensus

Answering the question about what there are the longest words in the Russian language, it should be said that for a number of reasons they can not be called unequivocally. One of those theoretically can be considered as an adjective "tetrahydropyranylcyclopentyltetrahydropyridopyridine" consisting of 55 letters. However, such a choice can hardly be called fair, since, for example, in analytical chemistry the names of substances are built according to a certain scheme and at the same time they can reach huge values.

An example that is often cited is also a construction using the prefix rule, which can be added to the words denoting the kinship of words an infinite number of times. Also popular are the various word-formations, which contain numerals that denote a certain amount. An example can be given the following: "one thousand and nine hundred and fifty-six centimeters". One can also mention the longest words in the Russian language, which are built on the type "sixty-five years old" and are used, for example, to indicate the age of our planet.

Variants using numbers

So, as you can see, there are plenty of possibilities for creating long words in Russian. Variants can be combined for a very long time, since, as is known, there are many different natural numbers. For example, you can set yourself the goal of expressing the diameter of the Earth in millimeters. Just imagine how many letters will contain the resulting education!

Therefore, the problem of finding the answer to the question of what are the longest words in the Russian language, with such a statement, alas, will not succeed. Moreover, the resulting connections are for the most part never used by us in everyday speech. They are used only occasionally (on a local scale). Thus, one can aim to find the longest word among various parts of speech, for example, nouns and verbs. Such a statement of the problem will be more just and interesting.

Disputes and difficulties in determining the longest words

Certain difficulties arise from the lack of any agreement as to whether it is possible to use certain word forms. In 1993, in the Guinness Book of Records, for example, the following word was named the longest, consisting of 33 letters: "X-ray electrocardiographic", and in the 2003 edition it was already recognized as "over-looking", with 35 letters in it. The analogue of 42 letters could also be used in the first case: "enterohaematogepohaematopulmonenteral". Naturally, there were numerous disputes about the fact that in the first case, as you could see, the word was used in the genitive case, and in the second case the writing was thus longer than one more letter. In short, the words-record holders have not yet received universal recognition, since their opinions are subjective, difficult to confirm or disprove.

The longest abbreviation

The longest abbreviation is the following, having in its composition 56 characters: NIIOMTPLABOPARMBETZHELBETRABSBORMONIMONKONOTDTEHSTROMONT. Imagine now how the staff of this organization answered the question of where they work. Let us now talk about the longest words among the various parts of speech.

The longest words belonging to different parts of speech

The longest existing adjective, which is written through a hyphen, is a 38-character "agricultural-engineering" concept.

The longest Russian word-noun, which has a hyphen in its composition, is "animate-inanimation" (30 characters in symbols), as well as a "bulldozer-bulldozer" (29 characters in all).

Among the adjectives that do not have a hyphen in their composition, let us note the concept of 28 symbols "electro-photomultiplier". The data we used are taken from the spelling dictionary created by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Published in 2003, the grammar dictionary under the editorship of A. A. Zaliznyak stated that the longest in the dictionary form of a common noun is the adjective of 25 characters and its word forms “them” and “wow” of the 26 letters: “private business”.

The longest words in Russian among the nouns: "Excellency" and "misanthropy". They have in their composition 24 letters each, and if we count the word forms on the "-am", then by 26 characters.

The longest noun that is animate is the eleventh-grader (the word consisting of 20 characters), the "clerk" (the letters in the composition are 21). They also include their word forms on the "-ami" - respectively 22 and 23 characters.

The longest word of the Russian language, which is an adverb, is "unsatisfactory" (lit. 19). However, one should not forget that from qualitative adjectives in the majority, which end in "-y" and "-y", it is possible to form adverbs with the ending on "-е", "-о" or "-и". The dictionary does not always fix these longest words in Russian. Therefore, this list could be continued.

The longest Russian word-interjection included in the dictionary is "physical education", consisting of 14 letters.

A word from the same number of symbols "respectively" is simultaneously the longest pretext. Among the particles, the longest is "exclusively", which is shorter by one letter.

The word that occurs in the work of Nikolai Leskov

Champions among words that have additional properties

The longest words from monosyllables are "casually" (consisting of 8 letters), and also having 7 symbols "splash", "full power", "exclamation", "dissect", "vstryat", "float", " passion".

The most voluminous in alphabetic composition anagrams include "salt industry" (including 18 letters) and "timber industry" (also 18 characters), as well as words from 15 letters "indissolubility" and "old regime".

Non-existent words

The notion of "hippopotomonstostesquippedalophobia" (of 37 letters), meaning "fear of long words" is often mentioned in various sources along with its Latin translation, sounding like hippopotomomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (the longest word in the world).

An artificially constructed legendary concept is also a "automotor photographic and radio operator", consisting of 31 symbols, as well as a longer form of 34 letters "automotor photoconductor and radiomonitors".


As you can see, our language hides a lot of interesting things, the number of record holders among words by the number of characters, it's over, does not affect in any way the beauty and power of native Russian speech. Language, as you know, does not remain static, it is replenished daily with various neologisms. Russian speech is reborn, lives its own life, so it is not known how long a new word-champion can become in the future. Perhaps this will be the longest word in the world. Although, given the trend of the current generation to limiting the reduction in the speech of various names, this can be argued.