Domestic carbine "Saiga MK-107" was developed by Izhevsk gunsmiths. It is designed as a civilian self-loading modification of the AK-108. The weapon was created and released in 1997-1998. based on the hundredth version of the famous "Kalashnikov." The main difference between the model was the use of balanced automation. It was made in the image of the AL-7 ("Abakan"). The main purpose of the weapon: sports use, hunting for game, protection of possessions.

Self-loading carbine

Concept and dynamics

The main device of the carbine "Saiga MK-107" includes a balanced automation. This design implies the neutralization of the impulse of heavy moving elements of the weapon by equipping it with a balance weight (anti-mass). The device moves opposite to the direction of the bolt block, minimizing its recoil and reverse pulses, which affect the stability of the carabiner when firing. At the same time, dynamics and targeting are improved when working on moving targets from an uncomfortable position.

Due to the introduction of the balancing structure, the recoil, vibration of the gun and the instability of the stem part are reduced, which is particularly appropriate for high-speed shooting. The Saiga MK-107 carbine with balanced automatics went into mass production in 2016. Starting modification offered in the caliber "Remington-223."

Operating principle

The weapon in question is equipped with automatic equipment with a pair of pistons, which serve to divert exhaust gases. They are installed one against the other, enter into a common cylinder, which is located in the center above the barrel. The rear gas piston interacts with the bolt through the rod. After firing, it returns, while reloading the weapon.

The front element is connected to an elongated balance bar located above the gas cylinder and the gate section. It moves along the "back and forth" trajectory. The synchronous interaction of the balancer and the frame is ensured by two gears placed in a special compartment, which, when fired, remains immovable. Also called elements interact with holes in the rod, piston and balancer.

Carabiner "Saiga MK-107": device

In the case of partial disassembly, the carriage with gears is detached from the kit as a whole unit. The balance weight with a returnable spring enters it. The last element is in the receiver box, made by stamping. From the axis of the weapon mechanism is shifted to the left.

Closing the barrel is carried out according to the standard principle characteristic of AK machines. There are butterfly valves with a pair of lugs. Cocking levers are made on both sides of the bolt carrier; they move when fired with it in combination. The binding of the barrel box is equipped with a special guide element for installing additional optics.

Above the trigger box is a fuse in the form of a transverse key. In addition, the construction of the Saiga MK-107 carbine includes a slide delay, a shop shaft, which accelerates recharging. The holder itself is in most cases taken from the rifles of the AR-15 or M-16 line. Folding butt telescopic type adjustable in length.

Main characteristics

Domestic self-loading carbine "Saiga MK-107" has the following technical parameters:

  • serial caliber - the 223rd Remington (5.56x45);
  • the total length of the weapon is 98 centimeters;
  • the same indicator with the butt spread out - 1.03 meters;
  • trunk length is 41.5 centimeters;
  • weight - four and a half kilograms;
  • the capacity of the store is ten charges.

With all the advantages of the carbine in question, it has one major drawback - it is a significant mass, which is 900 grams more than the standard "Saiga".

History of creation

Since the AK-107/108 model calibers 5.45 / 39 and 5.56 / 45 did not find widespread use in the market for various reasons, Izhevsk gunsmiths decided to make a clever marketing move. They developed and released a civil modification called "Saiga MK-107".

This weapon is intended for target athletes involved in practical shooting. The background of the idea was the creation of a sports carbine, focused on IPS. However, it should be cheaper and more accurate counterparts. The indisputable advantage of the new weapon was the absence of shaking of the barrel when making doublets, since a special mechanism is provided to correct the moving elements of the weapon in the extreme stops.

Thanks to this solution, the bolts of the slide frame are canceled by compensating impulses of the balancing compartment, which reduces tossing when firing. In comparison with classical modifications, the version with balanced automatics has a accuracy of almost twice as high.

Special features

Presumably, the only possible semi-automatic mode for this civilian carbine prevents weapons from jumping from the hands of an inexperienced shooter. A copy of the MK-107 is equipped with a telescopic butt, ergonomic pistol grip type, a set of “Picatini” slats, which make it possible to use various additional attachments. These include:

  • optical sights;
  • collimators;
  • handles of a different type;
  • night-vision devices.


There are all the prerequisites for the self-loading carbine “Saiga MK isp. 107 ”became a sensation on the arms market in its category. This is due to the excellent design, unpretentious service and great accuracy, which provides a balanced automation. Moreover, the popularity of the weapons in question, which can be used for self-defense and hunting, will not take long to wait, both in Russia and abroad.